echo opera - monuments of memory

Reader echo opera created this beautiful piece with the new Module update and Maschine+. If you missed it, check out his video from Monday on how he's sequencing iPad apps from the Maschine+.

Video Description:

exploring the Korg Module Pro Cinematic and Hybrid patches in the latest AUv3 release. the entire piece was composed and sequenced with the Maschine+ connected to the iPad.

Tonality: Piano/Guitar Chords Update

Bryce Hostetler released a huge update to Tonality: Piano/Guitar Chords. Among the many features in here you'll find MIDI input and output, along with some impressive iOS multi-tasking support. Check out the demo video to see the drag-and-drop action!

What's new in Tonality: Piano/Guitar Chords v8.0:

One of the biggest updates yet! As always, if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions feel free to contact me at

+ Split layout for iPad
+ Option to view piano, guitar charts, or piano & guitar on the chord search page
+ Move chord charts to chord info page (one less click to get there)
+ Improved chord/scale recognition algorithms
+ Improved interaction with chord and scale results (piano views now act like chord pads in the results table and highlight the currently playing note)
+ MIDI input and output from the standalone app (in addition to previous support for AUv3)
+ Updated UI, better dark mode
+ Update for iOS 14

+ Guitar support for scales
+ Extremely fast guitar voicing generation, improved default results
+ Barre chord support
+ New fret range selector
+ View note names or intervals on chord charts if desired
+ Choose to view movable voicings only
+ Export chord charts as .png files
+ Chord chart palette – save your favorite voicings for easy access
+ Improved fretboard reverse search
+ Drag and drop support for chords and chord charts – even between main app and AUv3 extensions and vice versa! For example, you can drag chords from the ID audio unit directly onto a chord pad in the Chord Pads audio unit.

Chord Pads:
+ Strum bar: easily play or strum individual notes from a chord pad
+ Quickly alter/extend existing pads in edit mode (swipe down to alter, right to extend)
+ Ability to import/export pad sets
+ Quickly choose chords from suggestions, catalog, or fretboard
+ Ability to set the key for a pad set
+ Multiple velocity modes and curves
+ CC mapping in audio unit - assign a continuous controller to the X and Y axes of each pad
+ Patchstorage integration (download patches directly from the presets menu!)
+ Randomize note on/attack for a more natural sound
+ Drag and drop guitar voicings onto pads directly from palette
+ Use ^ in custom labels to add superscripts
+ Updated GUI
+ Easier scrolling in edit mode
- Fix bug where locked sustain would be deactivated when app is restarted from background
- Stability improvements, especially in AU

Chord/scale AU:
+ Ability to record detected chords and export as .txt/.mid
+ Guitar charts, scale info, and more from standalone accessible in AU
+ Improved lock mode
+ Fullscreen mode
- Stability improvements

+ Much faster response time
+ Improved lock mode
- Fix occasional display glitches on iPad

Circle of Fifths:
+ Better layout
- Fix lags

iPad Beat Making: Chomplr is a Vibe 🌊

iPad Beat Making got an instant hit out of Chomplr in his first 15 minutes with it.

Video Description:

📲 This is my 1st beat using Chomplr in 15 minutes with NanoStudio 2. 🔥 or 🗑 ?
🙏 Thanks for watching! | Please Like, Subscribe & Share!

⭐️ Chomplr!!⭐️
It’s a vibe!!! It’s special!! And it’s on sale!!!
Also used:

Trap Kit 2


This has everything! Over 700 trap sounds! Over 400 drums, over 90 808’s & over 100 instruments!

✅ Social Media

Dan Baker: Roxsyn - iOS Guitar Synth!

Dan Baker shows off the guitar synth Roxsyn. I need to include a couple of corrections to his blurb in the description. It's spelt Yonac, and it isn't new. The app hasn't even had an update since its release in July 2019.

Video Description:

Here’s the fantastic new guitar synth, the “Roxsyn” by Yonak.

It’s utterly fantastic and there is literally no delay, or lack of tracking - bends and chords are handled with ease, and you get many features, most of which I’ve describe here, but you’ll see more at

In this video, I talk about the main features of the synth, and with demos along the way. There is also AUV3 support here, for use in other apps such as iOS GarageBand. There are memory locations where you can store your sounds, much like you would use on a modern keyboard synth. There’s also a recorder function built in.

The filters sound musical and in no way “digital” or clinical - it does make full use of the sound capabilities of iOS, in addition to supporting many sample rates if audio interfaces are connected.

This app really does bring the amazing invention of the 1950s (solid body electric guitars and basses) into a whole new arena. No longer is it the pretend keyboardist synth for guitars - this is the real deal.

Apologies for the iPad screen recording not working towards the end, but you can hear the results perfectly!

At £0.99, this was a bargain, and (shh....keep it quiet from Yonak), I’d pay ten times this for the app. Very, very good...

10/10 from me, and I hope you’d score it highly too...

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Thank you!

The Sound Test Room: Shaka by Klevgränd - Shaken Percussion

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a live stream exploring the newest Klevgränd app!

Video Description:

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