Decent Samples by Decidedly, LLC

Decidedly, LLC released Decent Samples. This passable freemium sample player hopes to sell you some okayish samples for $10 a pop in IAPs. The unobjectionable app arrives with adequate features, like AUv3.

Decent Samples App Store Description:

This is both an AUv3 plugin and stand-alone app. Do you ever wish you could use professional-grade multisamples on your mobile device? Now you can! The Decent Samples plugin is a sample player that allows you to use your favorite Decent Samples sample libraries on the go. Many of the most popular Decent Samples releases are available through the app with more being added every week.

Because it's also an AUv3 plugin, you can use it from within GarageBand or with AUM.

Decent Samples has been doing fair to middling Kontakt instruments for a while now. Here's a promo for one of them that explains their satisfactory creative sampling process.

Jamie Mallender: Workflow for Cubasis 3 + AUV3's

YouTuber Jamie Mallender shows off his Cubasis 3 workflow while going deep with BLEASS Alpha!

Video Description:

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Perplex On: Volca Drum + iPad In The Woods (Ambient Jam)

YouTuber Perplex On is getting filthy out in the woods with his iPad and Volca Drum.

Video Description:

Please enjoy this little ambient electronic jam in the woods using Korg‘s Volca Drum and an iPad loaded with Aparillo, Continua, Borderlands granular, ScaleBud and Mozaic. Mozaic is loaded with a patch called Chordial which is modulated by Rozeta LFOs for changing inversion and voicing of the chords throughout the song.

Drambo Update

Drambo, from BeepStreet, was updated with even more modules!

What's new in Drambo v1.25:

- Added 1-N and N-1 Switch modules with optional crossfade between multiple inputs and outputs.
- Added Linear frequency modulation module
- Added Pitch ratio scaler module
- Added Swtich button module
- Added MIDI Bluetooth connection panel
- Fixed: unintended project overwriting, when saving a new template project
- Cycle conditional components are processed on muted tracks.
- Minor bug fixes

maspaunk: LoFi Hip Hop Koala Sampler iPhone

YouTuber maspaunk did a groovy hip hop jam on his KORG NanoPad 2 with Koala Sampler!

Video Description:

Hello..! In this video I tried to do a lofi hip hop jam in Koala Sampler with Korg Nanopad2 controller.

The guitar samples are from an acoustic guitar tutorial in youtube..

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