allthemidi by Sergi Miral

Sergi Miral released allthemidi, along with 4 other custom MIDI apps. The whole package is a bit confusing, and the website is useless. The App Store description for each of these says that they, "work in combination with Audio Unit apps that listen for MIDI." I think they're AUv3, but it does not explicitly state that they are themselves Audio Units. It looks like allthemidi includes all of the controllers available in the other offerings.


Design your own custom MIDI controllers and send MIDI messages to other apps & hardware.

This app works in combination with Audio Unit apps that listen for MIDI events. A great free app that allows sending MIDI messages to other apps & devices via Bluetooth or USB cable is Midimittr

The main MIDI properties for each component (channel, note, cc) as well as the customisation options (color, direction, text) can be changed using the controllers shown in the screen.

Inspecting the underlying data structure in json format will give you access to more tweaks. Check the existing templates to know more about some of the possibilities.

If you need support with your layouts or have any feedback or ideas to improve the app just go ahead and get in touch (

PlayPM: Replaced Novation Circuit & SP404 with 3-App Combo

YouTuber playpm talks about how Koala Sampler and Groovebox have completely replaced hardware in his workflow. I really dig the music in this one too. It sounds a little psychotic, while being fun and uplifting.

Video Description:

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Koala Sampler - Spaghetti Western Jam

YouTuber Loopingstar Music is making use of the latest Koala Sampler update that added new MIDI options.

SoundForMore: Elf Audio Koala FX - Tutorials

Leo from SoundForMore has started a tutorial series for Elf Audio's new Koala FX!

Video Description:

Elf Audio Koala FX - Tutorial: Exploring the App Part 1, Getting Started - Free codes

Release your creativity...

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Tetris Theme A on 4 Nintendo DSes with KORG DS-10

YouTuber michael nervous recreated the original Tetris theme on 4 Nintendo DSes running KORG DS-10!

Video Description:

The original theme “A” from the game boy version of Tetris that came with DMG in 1989.
My favorite version version of the classic game was always in my game boy and this theme was always in my head.

A little about the process:
I started by making two versions of the theme on one korg ds-10 plus on a dsi xl but had some pattern issues.
Then added a second dsi synced through WiFi and ran into some issues with song mode and patterns.
I added a 3rd dsi xl and all was good. I spent a day recording and had a great recreation of the theme. For some reason all of my recordings were of my mic and not of the line audio so that was a lesson learned.
The next day I started again and it just didn’t have the same feel, plus clicking on 3 ds screens at 120bpm was almost impossible to keep in time.
There was some slightly off pitch sounds using vibrato at the end of notes that were legato on other channels.
I transferred the sav files to my Mac the next day after refining my synth and drum noises.
I performed the 64 ds patterns separately and used that in the bottom screen of the 4 ds units in the video.
The top screens are actual plays on the original Tetris that I timed the length of the song so the blocks would pile up at about 1.34.
In total 8 synths, 3 bass channels (drum1), 6 noise channel (drums 2&3), 3 arp channels (drum4).

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