G-Stomper for Android

I haven't posted any Android apps before, but not for lack of interest. I'd love to see some competition in the tablet space! G-Stomper is the first app to really warrant a post though, and thanks to Matrixsynth for bringing it to my attention.

This drum machine looks like a minimalist-Electribe. It might not be quite as pretty as Korg's iElectribe, but I really like the way all of the pertinent controls are nice big sliders.

Buy G-Stomper DEMO on Google play: Free

Buy G-Stomper - Drum Machine on Google play: $5.50

Meteor Multitrack Recorder updates Dropbox support

One of the most impressive DAWs on iOS just got support for the new Dropbox SDK, with integrated login. A handy feature for any app that has lots of stuff you'd want to get on to your computer, without the use of iTunes' file-sharing or jailbreaks!

I haven't had a chance to play with this. Have any of you? It seems pretty feature rich, beyond the simple recorder suggested by the name. The inclusion of virtual instruments and racks of effects makes this a full-on DAW.

Buy Meteor Multitrack Recorder on iTunes: $19.99

4Pockets Audio have produced a bunch of video tutorials, available on their website. Embedded below is their introductory video that gets into the features.

ChordMapMIDI for iPhone

A new VirtualMIDI app has arrived for iPhone. ChordMapMIDI offers a simple screen for quickly trying out different chord progressions, on anything you're sending MIDI at... well, anything that is polyphonic!

Although the graphic design is appalling, the actual layout looks well thought out. It could be a lot of fun to plug this into one of the Guitarish Animoog patches, and then bring up the Music Theory Cheat Sheet on your computer.

Buy ChordMapMIDI for iPhone on iTunes: $2.99

For more information, and equally unappealing graphics, visit the developer's site where they've got lots more and a PDF manual.

On a total tangent: while researching this I came across an interesting article by Anthony over on the Ableton Cookbook, Music Theory for Electronic Music? Don't waste your time. I'm in total agreement, and this is one of the reasons I try to avoid theory in ECPM. It seemed like the more I learned about theory the more stale my music got. Intervals and Chords are about all you really need to know, and with apps like this you don't even need to know those either!

Werkbench update

The innovative sampler-sequencer, Werkbench, now has the ability to set custom tunings and scales. Developer, Bolasol, has put together a nice demo of that in action!

Reader Richarius has done a whole song in it! I was quite impressed with it, so I'm including that here as well.

Buy WerkBench on iTunes: $6.99


HyperTunes is an interesting looking iPhone app. It is a MIDI sequencer, but not for driving external MIDI sound sources. Instead it is sort of a sketch pad for arrangements, which will drive an internal General MIDI sampler. And I do mean arrangements, there is no way to actually input any notes at this time, so it is just for shifting around bits of MIDI into new patterns. This can then be exported as MIDI or even HTML files.

The developer, Exploded Views Media, brought it to my attention and I was fairly impressed with their demo video. It isn't for everyone, but if you want to try rearranging your MIDI compositions on your phone this looks like a slick way to do it.

You can find more information and videos on their site here.

Buy HyperTunes on iTunes: $9.99

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