BASSalicious 2 Update

BASSalicious 2, from Gospel Musicians, was updated with support for storing the app's large sample library on External SSD storage! We saw this feature late last year in Gospel Musicians flagship app Neo-Soul Keys 2.

What's new in BASSalicious 2 v2.3.1:

- Added External SSD Storage for Samples
- Major CPU, RAM, Graphics, and Loading Optimizations
- Added two options for MIDI Program change
- Added iCloud Backup, which would include sharing presets
- Fixed Crashing with Focusrite Drivers
- Dynamically Resizable Preset and Oscillator Browser
- Expand Preset Option to pin at the top of the interface
- Support for BlueTooth MIDI
- Added ability for MIDI Global Learn
- Added Mute/Solo to main interface
- Added modulation smoothing for popular modulation sources.
- Added Global Tuning, Transpose, and Velocity Curve
- Full interface view in AUv3
- Full view for the iPad 11 Pro

Imaginando: Something New is Coming

Imaginando, developer of DRC, seem to be teasing a new granular synth!

Video Description:

A brand new product is coming. Stay tuned!

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Bram Bos: Mononoke with FAC Alteza Shimmer Reverb

Fred Corvest's new FAC Alteza shimmer effect is now available, and Bram Bos tested it out with his Mononoke soundscape generator. The video is oriented incorrectly, so you'll need to tilt your head or close your eyes. Either way, the main feature here is how amazing these two sound together!

Video Description:

Trying out the new FAC Alteza shimmer reverb effect on my iPhone. A match made in heaven!

AudioKit Synth One Update

AudioKit Synth One, from AudioKit Pro, was updated with adjustable velocity on MIDI input.

What's new in AudioKit Synth One Synthesizer v1.6:

HEY EVERYONE! Thanks for being super awesome!
+ Do you have to pound your midi keyboard to get a note to play loudly? Do you barely press a key and have it play too loud? Well now you can adjust S1's sensitivity to MIDI Velocity in the Settings pop-over. Enable “Velocity-sensitive MIDI” and adjust the sensitivity knob to make your performance as expressive as possible for your keyboard. Also great with ROLI keyboards.
+ Fixed a bug that broke reordering your presets
+ Fixed a bug that hid the text of the name when saving presets.
+ Playing the Arp in down mode now plays keys in the order pressed (thanks to Francis Preve for this idea)
+ We are all volunteer musicians & coders. Thanks for your help!
+ Special thanks to volunteer coder Marcus Hobbs who added most of these features!

Synth one is getting better every day! That's the power of open-source.
Please note that we all are volunteers. AudioKit does not have any sponsors or investors.
We are all musician/developers who love making apps.

Together we can change the world.

We love hearing your music! Send it to us. For friendly conversation or to say hello, please email

The full & complete source code is available:

Bram Bos Scatterbrain with WoodStepper

WoodStepper is among the limited number of apps that presently offer multi-output via AUv3. YouTuber Fingolfinz got some funky results from running WoodStepper into Scatterbrain, the latest app from Bram Bos!

Video Description:

running a couple samples through the new scatterbrain app for iPad

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