LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer Update

LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer, from Living Memory Software, was updated to make use of Multi-out AUv3 in the new AUM update.

What's new in LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer v1.4:

v1.4 release notes
- New: A new Multi-out Audio Unit!! (same configuration as IAA version)
- New: Added the 12 Macro controls to AUv3 automation parameter tree.
- Fixed: Crash on iOS 13 when selecting MIDI over Bluetooth for the first time.
- Fixed: Incorrect width for Middle C chooser in Settings panel.
- Fixed keyboard view redrawn too often
- Fixed: Per AU settings (Performance channel & Bend range) not persisting.
- Fixed: some annoying colour clashes with system colour theme on iOS 13.
- CHANGED for AU & IAA: If LayR’s multi out option is set to “FX only”, LayR will now route all audio to the stereo/main output iff all Instruments are routed to main. That is if no instruments are routed to outputs 1-8 then the entire mix is played though the stereo out regardless of the “FX Out” settings.

Chris Lody - Robots (2x KORG DS-10)

Chris Lody continues to impress me with his DS-10 performances. It really is amazing just how good this ancient app can sound, and Chris is demonstrating that marvelously.

Video Description:

This is something I've been wanting to try for ages, well nearly this. I've had two copies of Korg Ds-10 for a while since I found an extra on on a carboot sale so I've been meaning to get a second DS so I can Sync them together.

So after the red DS arrived I had to calibrate the screen and clean the cartridge port before I could get it to do anything which was a bit annoying! My intention was to use the 'Multiplayer' feature that Ds-10 has which mean you can load a couple of projects a play them totally in sync. But it turns out Multiplayer Korg Ds-10 is horrible! I didn't realise until I got them synced up that Start and Stop can only be triggered by the master DS, BPM, Swing, Step, Song, drum sound edit, synth presets cannot be accessed but worst of all the audio will constantly glitch on one of the DS's seemingly randomly. Arrrggh. No.

Turns out though running identical code on identical devices means that as long as I hit play in time on each DS they will stay in time nicely even when not in multiplayer. At least enough not to be too obvious by ear.

So here is a scifi soundtack inspired Synthwave kind of track. The red DS is being used in a kind of duophonic manner playing a deep swirling sound that switches between synths as the patterns are changed while the black DS plays a simple arpeggiated pattern. End is a bit messy. I really needed to copy the synths sounds into pattern 15 so as not to loose the release tale. Next time.

I'll probably try this again with something a bit more adventurous.

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EG Pulse Update

EG Pulse, the drum machine from Elliott Garage, was updated with support for Multi-Output in AUv3!

You can now route the drum parts to 16 discrete tracks, thanks to the latest AUM update! This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to see when I heard about Multi-Output, but I didn't expect to see it this soon!

What's new in EG Pulse v1.15:

- AU3 Multi output - Route up to 16 separate stems to any daw supporting multi-output AU (*currently supported by AUM only)
- Sample Latch mode - Switch sample play mode from one shot, to hold or latch

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Free Effectrix Preset Pack & How to load Effectrix Presets on iOS

Beat Maker Is The Squad is giving away a pack of Effectrix presets, and you don't even need give an email!

Video Description:

This is just my way of saying thanks to everyone who follows, subscribes, comments or support in whatever way possible. I hope these Effectrix presets inspire you all to make some music and keep you away from the eerie monster known as "Beat Block" To download the preset pack go to the following page:

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Studio Live Today: Analog Rack Delay

Pete Johns shows off Analog Rack Delay, another of the free plugins from Nembrini!

Video Description:

Free Analog Rack Delay audio unit plugin for iOS from Nembrini Audio brings excellent delay control to your iPad or iPhone via an AUv3 plugin.

⏰ Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:57 Drums delay demo
05:12 Guitar delay demo
07:30 Keys delay demo
09:45 Vocals delay demo

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