Free Effectrix Preset Pack & How to load Effectrix Presets on iOS

Beat Maker Is The Squad is giving away a pack of Effectrix presets, and you don't even need give an email!

Video Description:

This is just my way of saying thanks to everyone who follows, subscribes, comments or support in whatever way possible. I hope these Effectrix presets inspire you all to make some music and keep you away from the eerie monster known as "Beat Block" To download the preset pack go to the following page:

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Studio Live Today: Analog Rack Delay

Pete Johns shows off Analog Rack Delay, another of the free plugins from Nembrini!

Video Description:

Free Analog Rack Delay audio unit plugin for iOS from Nembrini Audio brings excellent delay control to your iPad or iPhone via an AUv3 plugin.

⏰ Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:57 Drums delay demo
05:12 Guitar delay demo
07:30 Keys delay demo
09:45 Vocals delay demo

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LVXLQGiC - Making Boom Bap / Trap in AUM

YouTuber LVXLQGiC produced an excellent sounding Boom Bap beat in this live session with effects in AUM.

Video Description:

Made a boom bap trap type beat. I made the loops and used AUM to do a live session. The drum loop I borrowed this time.

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Scatterbrain Audio Splitter by Bram Bos

Today Bram Bos released Scatterbrain Audio Splitter! This is an AUv3 effect that lets you chop up incoming audio, sending out the slices to different outputs. This allows you to apply different effects to different slices. There's a built-in sequencer to keep it all sounding groovy with rhythmic patterns.

Right now AUM is the only AUv3 host that can support multiple outputs, and you will need to make sure you download today's AUM Update.

Scatterbrain Audio Splitter

Scatterbrain is a plugin audio effect (AUv3, Audio Unit), which chops up incoming audio into rhythmical steps and sends these slices out to multiple outputs in your plugin host.

You can sequence how the steps are scattered over the (maximum 4) different outputs, or leave that up to chance.

Scatterbrain records the incoming audio onto a hidden internal tapeloop. Using the buffer effects you can specify the probability of randomly triggering slicer or stutter effects for an extra seasoning of chaos and mayhem.

Note: to use the multi-out effect, this AUv3 plugin requires an AU host which supports multiple outputs. If the host does not support multi-out, only the first channel will work.

Also note that due to the multi-out nature of the plugin there is no meaningful standalone functionality. You will need a plugin host to make use of this plugin.

YouTube Found Sound did a wild demo, and here's an official demo by Bram Bos.

AUM - Audio Mixer Update

AUM - Audio Mixer, from Kymatica AB, was updated with side-chaining support! The new Multi-bus AUv3 functionality opens up a whole new world of app interaction. There's already a few apps that make use of it. Audio Damage's RoughRider3, FabFilter's Pro-C 2, and now Scatterbrain Audio Splitter by Bram Bos, all support Multi-bus AUv3!

What's new in AUM - Audio Mixer v1.3.4:

•Multi-bus AUv3 support! This means side-chaining for plugins like FabFilter Pro-C2 and Audio Damage RoughRider3, as well as multiple outputs for plugins that implements it.
• Add separate play and stop MIDI trigger actions.
• Support AUv3 user presets shared across hosts in iOS 13.
• Node bypass can now be MIDI controlled.
• Persistent MIDI endpoints: disconnected/crashed stuff are restored when reconnected.
• Restore AUv3 plugin window position, size and visibility when loading session.
• Double tap on background to close all plugin windows.
• Ensure audio component register updates at launch and are sorted correctly.
• Include polyphonic aftertouch in MIDI transpose and note range filter.
• Include fx node dependencies when sorting channels.
• Don't send MIDI or Param events to bypassed AUv3s.
• Restore midi mappings if AUv3 parameterTree is replaced.
• AUv3: rescue MIDI mappings when reloading crashed plugin.
• Improve error reporting for AUv3 plugins that fails to load.
• MIDI control param view: fix layout bug since iOS 13.
• Show plugin via MIDI: also scroll to channel.
• Don't apply custom AUM appearance and dark mode on hosted plugin views.
• Various fixes and improvements (as always!).
• Update users guide.

Developer Jonatan Liljedahl shows off the update with FabFilter Pro-C 2.

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