ShapeSynth Updated with Audiobus

humbleTUNE has updated their ShapeSynth drawable-wavetable synth with support for Audiobus.

Here is a demo of it in action with their other app Nils, Audiobus update coming soon, and a Sphero Bluetooth controller.

Buy Shapesynth on iTunes: $1.99

MobMuPlat (Mobile Music Platform)

Daniel Inglesia has released a new app that will allow you to make your own music apps, without a lot of programming knowledge.

iTunes Description:

MobMuPlat (short for Mobile Music Platform) lets you create your own custom audio software for iOS. MobMuPlat hosts a list of user-created documents, each of which defines a user interface and audio engine.

Creating your own work consists of two parts, both done on your laptop/desktop. First, create a graphical user interface (GUI) with the MobMuPlat Editor (OSX only). Second, create the audio engine using the graphical programming language Pure Data (PD). With both of these applications open, and data sent between the two, you can simulate the app behavior on your laptop/desktop. Once development is complete, just drag the two saved files into the "Documents" folder of iTunes, and they are uploaded to your device and can be opened in the MobMuPlat app.

Download these tools from

MobMuPlat can do synthesis, sampling, networking via local wifi, OSC messaging, query and set hardware characteristics, display images/graphical scores, and much more.

Buy MobMuPlat on iTunes: Free

We've seen other apps that bring Pure Data (PD) to iOS, but this is the first to offer interface design as well. It is a shame that the editor is Mac only. Everyone can make use of user-created files though, as YouTuber weekendbrain demonstrates in this video.

oneString Ribbon MIDI Controller vs Animoog

Centric Music took a look at controlling Animoog from a physical ribbon controller. The oneString Ribbon MIDI Controller was successfully funded by a KickStarter campaign last year, and is available now as a DIY kit ($98) or fully assembled ($150).

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Novation Impulse & Lemur Jam

YouTuber Josué Palma has an intense Jam on his new Novation Impulse, with additional control from Lemur for iPad and two Novation Launchpads. This is quite squelchy and audio is coming from a camera mic, but the performance is very impressive!

If you can stomach seriously aggressive leads this is phenomenal!

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

Audulus Updated with More Modulation!

The already impressive modular synth app, Audulus, just got updated with even more modulation and is on sale for $5 off!

What's new in 1.10

  • Make connections to ANY KNOB!
  • Update algorithms to handle new connections
  • Support for Polyphonic Sub-Patches!
  • Fix zippering when turning knobs
  • Various other fixes

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $14.99 (On Sale)

Developer Taylor Holliday, seen here being handsome on his Vimeo page, shows off the new knob modulation in this demo.

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