Tutorial: Audiobus in Auria (with Animoog)

Reader Maria has put together a video to help explain some of the less obvious steps necessary to get Auria working with Audiobus!

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99


Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $24.99

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

NAMM2013: Mackie DL806 - iPad Integrated Mixer

Some of you may remember last year's Mackie DL1608 with covetous salivation. This year Mackie has announced a little brother which is closer to the reach of the average musician.

Though still expensive at $800 (Street, MSRP $999), this iPad dock features 8 Onyx preamps! Mackie make some very nice things, and their Onyx preamps are among them.

In addition to the 8 input channels, this mixer has a dedicated channel just for music generated by the iPad, for a real integration of iPad apps into the mix. Sadly the outputs are limited to 1/4" headphone and 2 XLRs, with no digital I/O.

The DL1608 is now down to $1000 (Street) so the price on the DL806 has not halved like the inputs.

American Musical Supply has got a nice drool worthy presentation from NAMM!

Mee Zanook - iMS-20 Pattern 5

Mee Zanook is back with another well produced jam video for his beloved iMS-20!

Although this is almost entirely off-topic for the site, I'd like to also point out that Korg has officially announced the MS-20 mini!

This is a complete recreation of the original MS-20, but slightly smaller and with some new improvements like MIDI and USB-MIDI. At $600/€600 it is around the cost of an iPad, so kind of a hard sell, but that is about a third of the price you'd pay for an original. I imagine my iMS-20 videos have made some fans of this analog beast, so I'm including excellent over-view from Sonic State.

Watch Sonic Touch co-host Nick Batt show Korg how to use their synth!

Guitarism Updated with Audiobus

Reader Simon White alterted me to an Audiobus update for Guitarism, a pocket acoustic guitar app.

What's new in 2.2:

Audiobus, AudioCopy and local export!

  • Introducing Audiobus support!
    Now you can use guitarism as an Audiobus input and send live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps. E.g. use Audiobus to connect guitarism to JamUp and get live guitar effects in guitarism!
  • AudioCopy support - finally!
    Now you can export your guitarism recordings to dozens of AudioPaste-enabled apps and integrate them into your main recording environment. No login required
  • Send recordings to iTunes File Sharing & Garageband
  • Faster sharing of compressed audio-only recordings
  • Support for "blanking out" a chord box
  • Added "madd9" and "madd2" chord types

Buy Guitarism on iTunes: $1.99 (iPhone)

Here is a little introduction from the developer.

Auria LE gets Audiobus!

Update: The full version of Auria now has Audiobus. The same rules below apply. Launch Audiobus first to set the right buffer size!

Wavemachine Labs have updated the lite version of Auria, with Audiobus! All is not well however, read below for details from the Audiobus Team on how to actually get it working.

What's new in 1.06:

  • Audiobus support
  • New optional plug-in available: PSP SpringVerb
  • Various bug fixes.
    Please see our forum for more information.

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99

Buy Auria LE on iTunes: $24.99

Unfortunately this is another instance of a developer trying to be so secretive, that they kept it a secret from Audiobus! It will not appear in Audiobus automatically, because it is not yet in the Audiobus database.

Here are the details from the Audiobus Tumblr they have all the details to get you going.

We strongly recommend that Auria only be used with Audiobus on the iPad 3 or 4.

Image courtesy of Audiobus

Unfortunately, Auria LE has not yet been registered with our database, which means until WaveMachine Labs do so, Auria LE won’t be able to be used with Audiobus.

Here’s a workaround for that:

  1. Close all audio apps (see http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5137)
  2. Launch the Audiobus app
  3. Launch Auria LE
  4. Switch back to Audiobus, then you will see Auria LE in the list.

Its default buffer size is incompatible for use with Audiobus.
Launching Audiobus first avoids this problem.

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