Microsoft Kinect controlling Korg iMS-20

Josué Palma has a neat tech demo of a Max For Live (Ableton Live) device he's developed; using the Microsoft Kinect to manipulate MIDI messages. In the example video his hand position changes cutoff frequency for the low and high pass filters in iMS-20!

Video Description:

Another simple experiment...

I use synapse to control devices on Ableton Live, but i wanted to control another midi hardware from live, like my boss gt8 guitar processor, on this example the Y and Z positions of my right hand are changing the cutoff frecuency of the vc highpass and lowpass filter of my iMS20 respectively, the messages are routed with maxforlive devices (to avoid osculator and have automation with live) and sent via midi over wifi.

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SampleTank with Virtual Drums

In a first for YouTube, hannaby has run iRig MIDI into his VDrum kit to play with Sample Tank for a really nice drum performance!

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Borderlands Synthpop Remix

Oliver Chesler was making some Synth Pop yesterday with a Moog Slim Phatty, Ensoniq ESQ-1, and some modular modules.

He followed this up by throwing the resulting tracks into Borderlands Granular for some Scary Pop!


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Arctic Pro with Geo Synth

Rob Fielding, developer of Mugician, Cantor, and Geo Synth, has been playing with One Red Dog's Arctic Pro; now in beta! Rob has been a leading voice in the community for pushing MIDI's potential and One Red Dog has always been part of the OMAC developer community that tries to facilitate apps working together. In a demonstration of both of these facts, Rob played Geo Synth's special "polyphonic fretlessness" MIDI mode into Arctic Pro for a masterpiece of violinish-synthish jamming in his jammies!

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FunkBox 3.0 Update!

Thanks to reader ChrisG for alerting me to this major update for FunkBox!

What's new:

  • iOS 6 compatible
  • Retina graphics support for iPad and iPhone 5

  • Five new classic vintage drum machines:
    DX, Drumulator, TOM, KR55, and RX11
  • New pattern presets, including a bonus bank inspired by classic drum machine presets
  • Support for 3/4 time signature

  • New box and pattern storage menus
  • Custom drum box and sample management menu
  • Improved Audio/MIDI settings menu 
  • Share your custom patterns and boxes through email
  • Edit pattern names
  • Closed hat chokes open hat
  • MIDI bass line sequencer
  • MIDI CC control of volume, pan, mute
  • MIDI start/stop control
  • OMAC fast switch support, to quickly switch between apps

  • PDF manual included with app for offline reading Misc improvements and bug fixes

If you have custom patterns or boxes saved, they will be automatically converted to use with 3.0, but we recommend backing them up to iTunes before upgrading.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy this big upgrade!

Buy FunkBox on iTunes: $3.99

Very nice! FunkBox is one of the apps supporting Audiobus at launch. I've been playing with it a lot in testing. I'm warming up to it, and this update sure packs a lot of goodies, so I may have to revisit my Buyer's Guide review.

Developer Synthetic Bits has a great video of it with MoDrum, BassLine and an Electribe EMX. All following FunkBox's MIDI clock!

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