Ambient Summer Jam

YouTuber Taskent99 uploaded an ambient piece, using app theresAholeInThePan, with the seriously cool Mixtape Alpha.

Really moving stuff! If more ambient was like this, there would be more ambient fans.

Buy theresAholeInThePan on iTunes: $0.99

Sunsine Audio releases Animation Vol 2 - Emulation

Sunsine Audio has a new preset pack for Animoog, it is on sale now for $3.99, or buy the subscription pack to get it and others!

Animation Vol 2 - Emulation

124 presets designed to emulate the classic sounds of yesteryear. You heard us, we've almost completely ignored the fundamental tool in Animoog; the Anisotropic engine. While it provides for amazing complexity and beautiful, wild sounds, it also tends to lend a certain flavor to everything. That flavor is decidedly un-moog-ish most of the time. What happens when you ignore it? We ended up with some the most squelchy, thick analog sounding tones to come out of an iPhone or iPad ever.

In fact, you'll swear you have a Model 55 in front of you! We can safely say this having spent considerable time in front of a real Model 55 ourselves. If you're seeking classic Moog tones, search no further. Grab this follow up to our bestselling pack ever, fool your friends, neighbors and audience for less than the price of a set of patch cables!

That all sounds good, but wait until you hear how this demo sounds!

Don Monnet - Orion

iOS Musician Don Monnet, featured here before for his Animoog jamming, is back with a new original tune using just iPad apps.

This song was created entirely with the Ipad 2. It is recorded in Logic Pro. I used following apps:
  1. Nanostudio (Kick)
  2. Improvox (Vocal Parts/ Pads)
  3. Awesome Xylophone (Lead Sound)
  4. Orphion (Pad / Bass)
  5. Madpad (Drums / Percussions)
  6. iRig Mic (Vocal Recording / Improvox)
You can find this song and more music here:

NanoStudio for Mac - Now 50% more Maccy!

NanoStudio is now available on the Mac App Store. It has always been available for free on their website, but this should make it easier to keep updated.

NanoStudio for Windows and Mac are both fully compatible with projects you make on the iOS app. You can flip back and forth as you work! It would be nice to have integrated Dropbox support for accomplishing this task, but you can do a little work around.

NanoStudio for iOS will "Open In..." NSP files. To get projects from your computer to your iOS device you just need to use DropBox as normal and open the files with DropBox for iOS. To get them back to your computer you can use a free service like Send To Dropbox. This allows you to email yourself attachments for adding to your Dropbox storage. NanoStudio for iOS already has an export NSP to email option, so that is easy to do!

Buy NanoStudio on Mac App Store: Free

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $14.99

Muza released!

After a couple of teaser videos, Muza is here!

Muza in a beautiful and easy to use musical instrument and MIDI controller. It works in a selectable musical scale, featuring unique harmonizing tool, user friendly side keyboard and a pitch wheel.

You can use it stand alone, or as a MIDI controller.


• 2 octave Side keyboard "Stripe" plays notes in scale
• 2 extra pads to load one-shot or looped samples
• Pitch wheel
• 200+ samples
• Each instrument can be set to one of 16 MIDI channels
• 26 musical scales including Pentatonic, and Hexatonic
• Universal iOS

Buy Muza on iTunes: $2.99

This is quite similar to both PolyChord and SoundPrism Pro, but at a fraction of the price.

Here is the most recent preview, with Muza controlling a Nord Rack 3 and an MFB Nanozwerg.

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