iMoov - Free for the first 5,000 downloads!

Lee over at TangibleFX wrote in to tell me about their new iMoov app, for iPhone, which is free for the first 5,000 users. This customizable MIDI app can send multiple effects parameters to your computer wirelessly. It is making use of the gyroscopes to send motion data as MIDI, and making me want an iPhone.

I'd seen it a few days ago strapped to a guitar and was unimpressed. This video of it in Traktor is really inspiring though!

Buy iMoov on iTunes: Free (for the first 5,000 downloads!)

NLogSynth Pro is 50% off!

The venerated NLogSynth Pro is now on sale for 50% off! With 4 oscillators, 4 LFOs and 4 Envelopes you can make some seriously deep sounds in this. I'll warn that if you're the kind of guy who sticks to the factory presets, you might be disappointed with the offering. However, if you're a synthesist that likes to design your own sounds you'll have a lot of territory for rich exploration. At 50% off, now is a good time to find out why so many people love it!

The fact that Rolf Wöhrmann crammed so much into this, while still being compatible with iPad 1s, is probably why Waldorf decided to partner him to make their upcoming app.

Buy NLogSynth Pro on iTunes: $7.99 (On Sale, $14.99)

Epic Jam from the Future!

YouTuber Rheyne posted an epic ensemble jam with 3 iPads, 1 iPhone, 1 iPod, and a computer running Ableton Live. I expect we'll be seeing more of this in the near future, as people upgrade their iDevices and try to find uses for the old ones.

Clearly, Rheyne has found a worthwhile use for them all, as this sounds great!

Details from the video:
A 100% live improvised jam using only iOS devices and Ableton Live. Lemur is running on two iPads, AniMoog is on a third iPad, Geo Synthesizer is on an iPhone and Griid is running on an iPod Touch. This is a combination of live audio input, wireless MIDI, and wired MIDI through an iConnectMIDI on the lower right iPad. All effects and filters are from Ableton Live, remotely controlled by the custom Lemur templates.
via iOS Musician

GlitchBreaks is out!

Musician Alex Matheu, active in the iOS community as distraub, has made his own app, GlitchBreaks.

I've been looking forward to this! I'm going to going to keep this short so I can go play with it, watch the video!

Buy GlitchBreaks on iTunes: $4.99

Parallel Galaxy on Animoog

YouTuber Las Redes de Nadie posted an interesting video of Animoog playing Emmett Chapman's Parallel Galaxy. All of the sequencing was done in Genome. It sounds fucking wild, almost like a Nintendo game (not just because he's got the bit crusher on).

I don't know why I bother putting these links here, I'm pretty sure you all already have both of these.

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Buy Genome on iTunes: $5.99 (On sale, from $12.99)

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