Redesigning some site code, please ignore weirdness.

On Thursday I received two different suggestions for the site, and I was thinking the side bar needed a redesign anyhow!

Saturday is my slowest traffic day, so I'll be poking around at the code a bunch today. As someone who spends a lot of time criticizing other people's work, I actually welcome criticism. Feel free to take this opportunity to make any other suggestions or let me know about anything you don't like.

Things I'm adding:

  • Search - Rene wrote in with this suggestion, and I agree this is a great idea. Fortunately SquareSpace has a really good module for that, so I'll add a search bar above below the menu, because it looks bad above.
  • Recent Comments - Not only did Will suggest this feature, he helped me with some style and jQuery code to make it look pretty!
  • Space - I'm moving things around to make space and that won't be entirely done until Monday or Tuesday, when I plan to announce something developers will be interested in.

Incidentally, Will's pretty clever with webcode. If you use NanoStudio and want to make custom .TRG files he has a great little web app to make them easily:

Update: Alright my changes for the weekend are done. Which means if anything weird happens from now on it isn't me doing it and I probably don't know about it, so let me know in the comments! Thanks!

Advanced Tutorial: PPG WaveGenerator

There were a lot of requests for a WaveGenerator tutorial, so instead of a review here is a tutorial!

The app is really way too complex to do in my typical style, so this is more like general advice and tips. I hope it helps!

Buy PPG WaveGenerator on iTunes: $19.99

Derek Buddemeyer JamUp Pro XT

Derek Buddemeyer has a new video showing off the Phrase Sampler in JamUp, along with his Rock Addict presets.

For reasons not fully explained JamUp Lite and Pro have XT added to the end of their names, but they are the same old apps.

Buy JamUp Lite XT on iTunes: Free

Buy JamUp Pro XT on iTunes: $9.99

Synare and WerkBench wake up the neighbors!

I'm pretty sure WerkBench is now featured in as many videos as Animoog! Here's a new one from the developer.

Video Description:

Here we are using WerkBench to make a groove using sounds from a late-1970's analog drum synth known as the Synare 3.

The Star Instruments Synare is most famous for its use on disco records as a simple 'tom-tom' sound (the first sound I play in this video). Despite its cheesy historical use, the Synare actually a beastly little analog synth with two oscillators (with noise and LFO modes respectively), a self oscilating low-pass filter, and envelopes for filter and volume. I only scratch the surface in this video.

WerkBench is a tool for crafting rhythmic loops from any source material in real-time. WerkBench is great for grabbing sounds on the fly from analog synths that lack patch memory (like the Synare, Monotron, or any modular rig).

Buy WerkBench on iTunes: $4.99

iRig Stomp

I gave IK Multimedia a lot of shit for their iRig Keys marketing nonsense, but the iRig Stomp looks genuinely innovative.

In stores now for about $60, this little box let's you mix iOS apps into a more traditional signal path, like guitar pedals.

For the first time, guitar and bass players can now integrate their favorite iOS signal processing apps into their existing live pedalboard setup for enhanced tone shaping and effects processing using an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad.

iRig STOMP is based on the wildly popular AmpliTube iRig interface and is compatible with any iOS (dare we say decent sounding?) guitar / amp / instrument app. With its compact, standard stompbox shape, iRig STOMP is packed with many smart features found here for the first time in an iOS audio accessory.

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