Sweetwater - iOS Update Vol. 7

This week Mitch starts off pretty weak with a tip on how to make folders, but then he gets into Auria!

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99

DJ Mix Fix Impressions

I've been playing with DJ Mix Fix, a simple app for adding interesting elements into a DJ Mix. This was featured as Stuff.tv's Best iPhone app last week, so I thought it deserved some inspection.

At its heart this is just a sampler with a few loops and 1 knob for tweaking the playback speed, but the provided loop samples are really excellent and offer a lot of variety. Although you cannot import your own, the factory samples are designed to play well with the playback knob. You'll find a lot of texture in there, with things like vocal recordings that take on new life when pitchshifted by changes to playback speed. Playback can also be reversed when given a negative speed value!

I was using DJ Mix Fix standalone, and not as part of a DJ set, but still had some fun exploring the sounds. This is a very limited use though and will quickly bore when you've gone through them all.

DJ Mix Fix is much more useful as a bridge between tracks in a set, or to add more excitement to a slow part of song. There are no percussive elements in the loops, so they will not clash with what is already playing. You don't need to worry about tempo or anything, just fade in and out as needed.

I spoke briefly with the developer about his samples and he seems to really enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ones. Perhaps there will be more on the way!

Buy DJ Mix Fix on iTunes: $0.99

Here is an overview from the developer. It does a good job of demonstrating DJ Mix Fix glueing together some wildly different tracks.

More DrumJam Teasing

There is a lot of excitement for the upcoming DrumJam app, from the makers of ThumbJam! Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess is also excited, because he has a beta version to play with and make videos! Here is a glimpse at how it is played.

Alright that is mostly SampleWiz, but eh, at least we get to see more DrumJam!

Buy SampleWiz on iTunes: $9.99

Vjay update adds 1080p and more MIDI

Vjay's first update claimes to boost performance and adds more MIDI control.

  • Added support for 1080p videos (up to 30 FPS)
  • Added setting: Play Automatically
  • Added setting: Auto Repeat
  • Improved overall performance
  • Fixed compatibility with VoiceOver
  • Added MIDI support for Numark Mixdeck Quad and ION iDJ 2 Go

Buy Vjay on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

The introductory sale is still on it would seem!

There are a lot of videos on YouTube using Vjay, but most of them are just using the stock stuff and I'm sure you're all tired of seeing the same guy dancing in the parking lot. Instead here is an example of truly excellent video remixing. This should be your goal!

You can find more great video remixes on Pogo's YouTube channel.

Werkbench 1.1.0 Preview

Werkbench developer Bolasol has released a little ambient piece using the upcoming 1.1.0 update.

Here is some ambient music generated from a single sample in real-time. The combination of pitch shifting and feedback makes for giant percolating pads. Enjoy!

All of the sounds are being sampled with the internal mic and speaker. I live in a noisy place so there is a lot of texture added with each level of feedback.

This video features WerkBench 1.1.0 which should be out in the first few weeks of August. I am making use of panning, high-pass filters, and decay settings for each step. These will be available soon!

Buy WerkBench on iTunes: $6.99

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