Rigby plays their new single live on iPads

Rigby, a pop band from the Nederlands, likes to travel light. So when they had a radio appearance to do they just showed up with iPads! It's impressive to watch a whole band getting down like this, as they perform their new single (in English)!

In attendance are a couple of instances of Sunrizer, but I can't make out the rest. Any guesses on the other apps?

via iPad Creative

Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $4.99

AmenBreak Generator price-drop, Free - Bonus history lesson!

The AmenBreak Generator, from the developer of Loop Twister, is now free for a limited time!

The Amen Break is easily the most sampled drum loop in history (scroll down for the complete history), and the AmenBreak Generator lets you flip-the-fuck-out with it. It lacks audio recording/exporting, but it is fun! You could probably use it to practice your breaks leading up to the release of GlitchBreaks!

Buy AmenBreak Generator on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

The demo video features a nice performance:

If you haven't already studied the history of the Amen Break, you owe it to yourself to watch this 18 minute lesson on the most important 6 second recording in music. It gives a lot of insights into sampling, copyrights, and who really makes money on those sample CDs.

Video: Cassini playing in NanoStudio

Nakanosyun, my Japanese counterpart, had a clever idea for playing with Cassini in NanoStudio! Since Cassini allows recordings, and NanoStudio has a decent sampler in the Pads instrument, he combined these two to make his own MPC-Style loop player.

This is more of a proof of concept, than a full on jam, but it is a worthwhile concept for proofing!

via iOS Musician

Buy CASSINI Synth on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $14.99

Video: How-to set up Orphion for Live Performances

Bastus Trump, developer of Orphion, has put together a short tutorial video for setting up Orphion to play in various scales for live performances. He gets an interesting Asian-Blues sound going on!

I haven't played with Orphion yet, but it looks really interesting in this video. Quite expressive!

via Synthtopia

Buy Orphion on iTunes: $4.99

Interview with Jordan Rudess

iOS Musician got a great interview with Jordan Rudess of SampleWiz, MorphWiz, and Dream Theater.

It is has some very juicy details about future developments for Wizdom Music:

"The other app we're working on is a utility for SampleWiz. It will allow you to get very deep into the sonics of a sample. You can do things like get a hundred thousand points of automation inside of a ten second sample. You can freely draw your automation, you can put in points and you can put in steps. In addition to all that, you can also convert one kind of automation to another. You've got things like formant filters in it to get vowel-type sounds. It's got bit crushers and ring modulaters and other types of filters and ways to change the pitch. Basically you're just drawing everything. The end result can be moved into anything that will play a .wav file or an .aiff file. You can put it directly into SampleWiz so you can play it in SampleWiz or GeoSynth.”

Awesome! Read the whole interview here.
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