Sampletank Continuous Controller Demo

Last week IK Multimedia's Sampletank gained support for Continuous MIDI Controllers, such as Thumbjam or Cantor, and today one of SampleTank's most prolific fans posted a demo of it in action! YouTuber efectism has SampleTank running on both an iPhone and an iPad. The iPad has Thumbjam acting as controller for that instance of SampleTank, playing the sorrowful sax.

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MIDI Fretboard gets a major update

MIDI Fretboard, for iPhone, offers MIDI control with a guitar/banjo/uke style interface. This update greatly expands on its MIDI capabilities!

Core-MIDI over WIFI. Control iOS Core-MIDI music apps in addition to Mac/PC software. For example, use MIDI Fretboard on your iPhone to control the sounds of Thumbjam/Garageband/etc on your iPad or iPod Touch.

New MIDI connection setup page. Just enter the IP address of the device you wish to control. Watch online tutorial for detail setup steps for both Windows and Mac.[Embedded below]

Choose between single MIDI channel mode or Multi-channel mode (OMNI mode). Animoog only supports single channel.

That's a pretty solid update! Now that iPhones are rocking a lot of processor cores and memory, it is nice to see more iPhone apps supporting elaborate MIDI connections!

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Here is the 2.0 video manual. At around the 3 minute mark he starts to play with it on an iPhone to control NLog running on an iPad. Later he gets into all of the new features in this version. This seems like a really well thought out app for MIDI on the iPhone.

VCVCBC song sketch pad is 50% off!

There are several apps that try to be a mobile song sketch pad, but I think Okee Doke have finally nailed it with VCVCBC for iPad. This app has a lot of clever design, in both functionality and appearance. You can figure out chord progressions with the on-screen, scale selectable, guitar as you hum along to the lyrics you've plugged in. It even has a built in rhyming dictionary to help with the lyric writing process, and some other useful features for working out melody and rhythm. It is also now on sale for $5!

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Okee Doke has put together a series of tutorials, and participated in a 30 Songs in 30 Days challenge. They finished the challenge quite strong, with an amusing music video. The tutorials are really well done, Ben has a natural personality for these!

DIY Wireless iOS Page Turner

There are a couple of peripherals that can be used as wireless Sheet Music page turners, but both cost around $80. YouTuber dsmp89 put together a DIY version that only cost $35 AUD (USD$36). I like the results! This looks pretty solid.

For complete technical details on how to do this yourself, check out this forum post. I spoke to dsmp89 and he had this to add:

"This Logitech K230 wireless keyboard [That he modified to make the Page Turner] can have like 2 years of battery life from alkaline batteries! That's why I went with Logitech, rather than other brands, and for $12 this keyboard was a super awesome bargain not to pass up."

Musaico adds AudioPaste on iPhone

When Musaico went Universal last month, the only feature missing on the iPhone was AudioPaste. This has been been added in today's patch, along with some minor bug fixes. There is also now a Musaico Mini, specifically for the iPhone.

It looks pretty cool. Has anyone played with it yet?

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