iYM2151 Update

The fearsome iYM2151 got a little update today. This update adds new demo songs and some preset tones.

Despite my own reservations about this synth, people are putting it to very good use. Here is an amazing cover song by YouTuber Gm7add9, from PC-8801 game The Scheme, composed by Yuzo Koshiro.

Buy iYM2151 Sequencer on iTunes: $34.99

Synthy iPhone Cover

Marcus over at MusicApps.com.br found this great little gem on Amazon. Popkiller Synthesizer Phone Case for iPhone 4 / 4S.


MIDI Designer 1.3.7 update is live!

We've been getting lots of great details, over the last couple of weeks, about this update and it is finally approved!

New in this version:
• Now with MIDI Designer 1.3.7, you can now control other iPad apps via Virtual MIDI.
• Snap to Value: Building on snap-to-default, snap to value lets a supercontrol button snap a subcontrol to a certain value in a certain amount of time, or at a fixed rate.
• Rolling over buttons reverses state: multiple buttons can be reversed or activated with a single swipe.
• Configuring hardware MIDI connections has been completely revamped (along with virtual MIDI endpoints).

Here is a tutorial on setting up Virtual MIDI.

Buy MIDI Designer Lite on iTunes: Free

Buy MIDI Designer Pro on iTunes: $18.99

Sweetwater - iOS Update Vol. 5

This week's Sweetwater iOS Update is out! This week Mitch is looking at iReal B and Apogee MiC. This mic looks super slick, and connects directly to the iPad!

Buy iReal b on iTunes: $7.99

Mac OS preview of Tachyon

Synthtopia is reporting that a Mac version of Tachyon has been made available on the Wizdom Music website. Here is a nice, free, opportunity to preview the app before it comes to iOS. This version lacks the multi-touch support offered by the iPad, so only one note at a time here! There is no mention of a Windows version forthcoming.

Here is the iPad preview video from Jordan Rudess last week.

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