MIDIProbe - Universal MIDI Debugger

Synthodeon have released MIDI Prob, a Universal app for debugging MIDI events. It claims to support all CoreMIDI hardware and apps. These sorts of tools can be really handy for tracking down problems in the esoteric realms of the aged MIDI protocol.

Is an app sending velocity information? Now you can find out! Also handy if you want to look at SysEx dumps from hardware.

  • View up to 300,000 MIDI events on-screen.
  • Fast scrolling.
  • Unique sounds for event arrival, matched MIDI events and port changes.
  • Track four or more MIDI events per millisecond.
  • Track and log MIDI activity while in the background.
  • Activity color coded on screen by user-controlled colors.
  • Hex, decimal, text, and SysEx display formats.
  • Regular expressions for matching and excluding MIDI events.
  • Event matching while port on- or off-line.
  • Supports full, unlimited event logging to text file.
  • Works with all iOS supported MIDI hardware and apps.
  • Remembers settings across port disconnections.

Buy MIDIProbe on iTunes: $2.99

BeepSteet Impaktion Preview

Sunrizer developer, BeepStreet, has been working and hinting at a new app. Finally we're getting some details and a bunch of audio examples, thanks to Synthtopia! Impakton is a semi-modular percussive synthesizer that uses your iOS mic to drive acoustics through the synthesis bits. The results end up sounding like a cross between Stomp and Nine Inch Nails!

BeepStreet describes its use:

You just slap your desk like a real drum, the transient acoustic signal is fed into the physical modeling engine and turned into the desired sound. That makes Impakton an extremely expressive instrument. Drop a coin on the desk, select any of the membramophones presets and you will hear the sound of the coin dancing on a membrane.

You can hear what that sounds like for yourself here:

So far the feature list includes:

  • Semi modular architecture
  • Physical modeling + frequency modulation + noise shaping synthesis.
  • Multimode filter
  • LFO and input velocity can modulate any parameter
  • 4×4 loop recorder
  • Recording quantization and metronome
  • Reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and phaser effects available on the send bus
  • Looking forward to it this July. It will be available on iPhone 4,4s and iPad 2,3 devices.

    Correction: The name of this new app is Impakton, not Impaktion. Oops. I pulled the spelling from Synthtopia, where they got it wrong in the title!

    BitWiz update adds more presets, helpful help text!

    I've been playing with this quite a lot, while reviewing it for the Buyer's Guide. It is so scary complicated, but sonically rich. I've spent a lot of time programming in my life, but I fear Bitwise operators. Still, I love the app! I even made a new "Experimental" category just for BitWiz, since it wouldn't fit neatly into any of the other ratings. At $3 it is worth it just as a rich source of samples for use in other apps, like Grain Science, but only nerds need apply.

    Today's update aims to make the help text more helpful. They've included a bunch of new presets and some organizational features for managing presets. Also worth noting is support for older devices; now even old iPhones and iPods can play as long as they are running iOS 4.2!

    Here's a mad bit of fun from YouTuber Spiritual Tazer. I swear you can make music with this thing too, but no one has done an example of that yet.

    Buy BitWiz on iTunes: $2.99

    Music App Buyer's Guide: You're doing it wrong.

    One of the most popular features on the site has always been the Music App Buyer's Guide. It gets thousands of views on its own every month, but it has had about 2 comments since it started back in September. This is unfortunate, because I made it as a means for you guys to give your opinions instead of this just being a site about mine. I'm not that egotistical!

    As the header says, iTunes reviews are full of ignorance and fail. This is a place for you to share your thoughts among the elite few who frequent the iOS blogs. You guys are much more informed than some random guy who found an app on iTunes and couldn't figure it out.

    To help get you guys involved, I've added a introductory post at the top of the guide. This explains how the ratings work and how apps get listed, as well as encouraging your own criticisms of everything... Including me!

    You can start criticizing me by reading over the intro and letting me know if there is anything unclear. Or is it too wordy? I'm also open to suggestions if there is anything I can do to make the guide more inviting to comments. Thanks!

    Rheyne's massive iOS Jam

    Rheyne saves us from a surprisingly slow news day! He does so in style, with 3 iPads, an iPhone ,and an iPhone.

    Video details:
    A live looping improv jam performed with iOS devices and USB controllers. The top left iPad is running Physynth, and the top right iPad is running lemur which is wirelessly controlling filters and effects in Ableton Live. The bottom iPad is running Geo, which is sending MIDI (via an iConnectMIDI) to a monophonic instance of NI's Massive. An iTouch running Lemur is controlling the filter. SoundPrism Pro is running on an iPhone and is wirelessly controlling a polyphonic instance of NI's Massive. The MIDI Fighter 3D is controlling a custom kit from NI's Kontakt. An Akai APC20 is controlling the recording and playback of loops. All audio's passed through a PreSonus 1818VSL connected to a Macbook Pro running Ableton Live.

    Download or stream the audio at SoundCloud: http://snd.sc/LP21G9

    Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

    Buy Physynth on iTunes: $0.99

    Buy Geo Synthesizer on iTunes: $9.99

    Buy SoundPrism Pro on iTunes: $15.99

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