Sweetwater - iOS Update Vol. 6

This week Mitch takes a look at IK Multimedia's new iRig STOMP and pairs it with Amplitube. He gets some nice tones in Amplitube!

Caustic Modular Prototype for iOS

Caustic, a popular Android Acid App, may be coming to iOS as an entirely different beast! Developer Single Cell Software has announced Caustic Modular. This is a full feature modular synth designed for the touch screen... and you can play with a prototype! It is available now on Mac or Windows.

I've been playing with it this morning and it is off to a great start. You can add and remove a lot of different modules that are already programmed. You play with their knobs on the front, but the back is where the magic happens!

It is a lot like Propellerheads' Reason, as you flip back and forth between the panel and a whole bunch of wires! Knobs! Wires! Either way you look, you can't lose. The last panel is a global effects rack which adds a lot to the raw sound.

You can help Rej by poking around and giving him presets, bug reports, and module component ideas.

I've been working on and off on this prototype since February, bits and pieces in between "serious" coding sessions for the app itself. The plan for this thing is to create a new machine to add to your rack in Caustic, but I'm also thinking of releasing it as a stand-alone iPad app to test the iOS waters.

But first I'd like to gather some feedback with a stand-alone PC/Mac version.

Be sure to read all of the blog post announcing it. No additional documentation is available, and this is serious business.

iFretless Bass Tutorial: Playing Chords

Hans Anderson, one of the developers for iFretless Bass has recorded a simple explanation on playing chords.

Buy iFretless Bass on iTunes: $2.99

Jordan Rudess jams on Tachyon & Piano

Jordan just posted a new video on his YouTube channel showing off Tachyon, but I think his Grand Piano steals the show!

Buy Tachyon on iTunes: $1.99

ShapeSeq now Universal and Useful

One of the weirder apps on iPhone is now available for iPad, with retina graphics, recording and Audio Copy (Pasteboard). This is kind of surprising, as the last update for the app was over 2 years ago!

Choose from four sound shapes and move them around the screen to change pitch and volume. All movements are instantly played back on a loop. Change the size and number of steps in the loop while it is playing. Various techniques are possible: for example, try recording at different loop resolutions on the same loop to get interleaving patterns.

  • four oscillators
  • easy to play
  • instantly resize each loop
  • change the numbers of steps in each loop
  • record your performances - transfer wav files using iTunes file sharing
  • copy-paste recordings to other apps like Garageband

Buy ShapeSeq on iTunes: $3.99

Here is a preview video of the 2.0 features:

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