Electric Party of Doom

Khantipol Kasemsant has a new video up rocking on his Ultranova with BeatMaker 2 and a couple of Korg Kaossilators.

Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $19.99

Dave Stafford - Branches Splaying, Flying Outward

Dave Stafford, known on YouTube as synthesizerHD, is an ambient guitarist who has been exploring apps a lot lately. He's got a whole channel dedicated to playing with Scape, one of the apps from Brian Eno. Today he was getting his ambiance on with NLog and iTabla Pro in a neat sounding quasi-Eastern trip.

Buy NLogSynth Pro on iTunes: $14.99


Buy iTabla Pro on iTunes: $24.99

textsound Sale!

Puredata hacker's app, textsound, is down to $1! This is the lowest price ever! I haven't gotten around to playing with it yet, has anyone else? I think I'm going to at least grab it now, but I'll wait to hear your reviews for a change!

Buy textsound on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

I think it would be a great way to learn Pd. Just plop in front of your TV and watch Pd tutorials while following along on your iPad! Here is a huge series of Pd tutorials to do just that!

Stage for EigenD

The Eigenharp is an interesting electronic instrument that ranges in price from £459.00, for little more than a Korg NanoKey with poly-aftertouch, all the way up to £4950.00 for a staggering amount of beautiful buttons.

If you have one, you can now use it with your iOS devices!

Buy Stage for EigenD on iTunes: $29.99

MIDI Control and Secret Base Design Sales!

Secret Base Design have released the new Universal app MIDI Control, along with a $1 sale on VoxKit and Audio MIDI Connect!

iTunes Description:

If you have more than one iOS synthesizer app, MIDI Control will change how you make music. By using Virtual MIDI, you can play more than one app at at time; play a bass line with one app using the lower keyboard, while you play a lead with a different app on the upper keyboard.

MIDI control allows you to mix and match, with the whole range of iOS music apps at once. Play Animoog with Magellan, Sunrizer with BS-16i, or Cassini, Arctic Keys, and Thumbjam, all at once. You can even take advantage of the synths and samples from GarageBand and SampleTank.

The keyboards also rotate around, allowing two people to play using one device.

In addition to the iOS synths, you can also connect to external equipment using CoreMIDI or DSMI.

For musicians who use sheet music, the app allows you to import PDF files. Keep track of music, transcriptions, song lyrics and set lists, right under your finger tips while you play.

Buy MIDI Control on iTunes: $0.99

Buy Audio Midi Connect on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale)


Buy VoxKit! on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale)

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