iOS Update Vol. 21: Addictive & HyperPad

This week Mitch has a great looking leather blazer, Addictive Synth, and a HyperPad support stand for the iPad.

Buy Addictive Synth on iTunes: $5.99


Buy Addictive Micro on iTunes: $3.99

Free Layout for TB MIDI Stuff

TB Stuff have released free iPad and iPhone layouts for Arturia MiniV, the virtual Minimoog for PC and Mac.

The included note on this release seems to be a deliberate: "Fuck you, 4LittleFonzies!"

Some sell it… Us, we give it to you !!!

It looks really good though, so this is certainly worth checking out. Someone else piss these guys off so we get more freebies!

Buy TB MIDI Stuff on iTunes: $4.99

Sonic Touch #17: Gestrument, iDensity & iPulsaret

Nick Batt and Gaz Williams return in Sonic Touch #17, covering the new Gestrument, along with both of apeSoft's grain synths.

Buy iPulsaret on iTunes: $8.99


Buy iDensity on iTunes: $8.99

Buy Gestrument on iTunes: $7.99 (On Sale, until January 10th 2013)

JamUp to Support AudioBus

This morning Positive Grid posted the following to their Facebook page.

JamUp - AudioBus - Coming in early Dec.

The Audiobus team immediately responded to this release date window on the official Audiobus Tumblr.

There’s been speculation about the launch date of Audiobus.

One of our initial third-party developers misunderstood the nature of our unofficial and private timeframe, and posted the information. We have not announced an official launch date as it involves a number of factors beyond our control, due to the scope of the launch. In particular, Apple App Review for each for the participating apps may take longer given the proximity to the end of the year.

A side note: the Positive Grid team who posted this information have greatly impressed us with their work - they took just a day to integrate Audiobus into their app, and have had some great suggestions. We’re very pleased to have them joining us for launch.

Check out their apps at

Samplr meets SampleWiz

Jordan Rudess has put together a great video of Samplr and his own SampleWiz, living in harmony.

Video Description:

Samplr and SampleWiz. Both really cool iOS apps based on sampling. In this video I explore some of the differences between the two apps. SampleWiz is a Wizdom Music universal app for iPad and iPhone and Samplr is created by Marcos Alonso and is an iPad app. They have some similarities, but the differences are enough that if you like sampling and sound, you should have both!

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $4.99


Buy SampleWiz on iTunes: $9.99

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