CPUs Now Have Primary Control Of Critical Vehicle Functions

YouTuber jonny capes put together a fun ditty with his guitar, an iPad, and NASA recordings!

Video Description:

By Kong Audio. Guitar and GarageBand on iPad
: quick little ditty off’v a sunny Sunday.

n-Track 9 Pro Update

DAW app n-Track 9 Pro got a major update with new guitar and bass amp simulation plugins! There is even a VocalTune plugin for pitch correction. All of which seems to be included in the base price of the app, because there are no In-App Purchases listed on iTunes!

What's new in n-Track 9 Pro v1.3:

n-Track Studio 9 is here!

That's what we added in this version:
• Guitar & Bass Amp simulation plugins
• VocalTune - pitch correction and manipulation plugin
• Stereo image analyzer
• New quick presets for audio effects
• MIDI keyboard support for touch position velocity
• Channel phase inversion
• Bypass all bands control in the EQ
• Save and delete custom effect presets
• Single track bounce
• Time format menu (MBT, Seconds, Samples)
• Optimized for iPhone X screen

If you have comments or bug reports please contact us at support@ntrack.com
If you like the app please remember to leave a review on the App Store. Good reviews will allow us to keep making n-Track better.
Thanks for using n-Track!

Subject Sound: Modular Synthesis with Moog Model 15

Subject Sound released a 17 lesson course on modular synthesis. They're using Model 15 as the example synth. The course is presented in over 3 hours of video, and is available from their website for $20.

Embedded here is Part 9 from the series, focusing on the filter.

BIAS FX Update

BIAS FX, from Positive Grid Inc, was updated with Audiobus Remote support and a way to use loops from their X Drummer app.

What's new in BIAS FX v1.5.14:

Hi there,

The latest update introduces X Drummer Looper Tracks, letting you jam with drum loops of six different genres from X Drummer! Also new is the added support for Audiobus Remote Triggers!

Minor bug fixes have also been implemented to improve the overall stability of the app.

Rock On!
The Positive Grid Team

Positive Grid have also announced the imminent arrival of BIAS MINI Guitar and BIAS MINI Bass heads. These $800 hardware amps focus specifically on guitar or bass tones, at a slightly reduced price from the $1,300 BIAS Rack which does both guitar, and bass.

There are several demos on the official Positive Grid YouTube Channel. Here is one on creating a Dirty tone.

Electronisounds: Moondust - Live Jam + Tutorial

Dean from Electronisounds produced an excellent new track using Groove Rider and BeatMaker 3. The jam happens in the first 5 minutes of the video, and then Dean breaks it all down to explain how he put it together.

Video Description:

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