Red Sky Lullaby: Against The Clock - Sound Design

Reader Red Sky Lullaby did another Against the Clock video in which he challenges himself to create a synth patch in only 2 minutes! For this one he's using the new BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer.

Video Description:
Gave myself 2 minutes to try and design a sound for the excellent Alpha Virtual Analog Synth by Bleass

Samplr Update

Samplr was updated for the second time in a single month! Holy shit! Marcos Alonso is on fire right now!

What's new in Samplr v1.4.3:

• Bluetooth audio support
• Improved MIDI Sync from hardware devices
• Fixed file import from Loopy HD
• Audiobus recording at any sample rate

haQ attaQ: 4x Figure Jam

Jakob Haq has 4 instances of Figure running on 4 iPads, which are all being fed into a single elaborate AUM setup! The results are amazing! Damn I want to do this now. I'm going to have to charge up my old iPad 2.

Video Description:

If only Figure by Reason Studios had support for multi-output through AUv3! Setting up four instances of Figure spread out on four different iDevices, isn't too hard. However it feels like overdoing it when only recording four tracks. Either way, I made this project so that I would have something proper to use in a future AUM production tricks video. The upcoming video will handle mixing inside AUM, use cases for side-chaining and also how to think about using EQ creatively. Hope you like the result and stay tuned!


Logan J. Smith - Fugue No. 14 in F#-minor

YouTuber Logan J. Smith did an incredible piece using Fugue Machine to drive a variety of synths, including the new Magellan 2! I feel like sequencing Mononoke isn't really in the spirit of the app, but I'll allow it. This time.

Video Description:

Fugue No. 14 in F#-minor by logan.jacob
from 24 Fugues for Fugue Machine

For this fugue, I wanted to start with a simple four whole-note pattern running through Mononoke, then build arpeggios from there in the new Magellan 2. I just bought Magellan 2 yesterday, so I'm still new to it, but I'm having a blast discovering new sounds and ways to evolve them. The bass drum from Ruismaker Noir lined up with the subject really adds to the dark, brooding feel of the track. As always, I love the polyrhythms provided by Axon 2, and I can't help but to mangle the sound with effects. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Recorded 2/25/2020 on iPad Pro 1st Gen 12.9"

Synths (Sequenced by Fugue Machine at 5:1):
Channel 1 (Playhead 1): Mononoke, processed by BLEASS Reverb and Kosmonaut

Channel 2 (Playhead 2): Yonac Magellan 2

Channel 3 (Playhead 3): Yonac Magellan 2, processed by Kosmonaut

Channel 4 (Playhead 4): Yonac Magellan 2

Channel 6: Ruismaker Noir, processed by BLEASS Reverb, sequenced by Fugue Machine Playhead 1

Channel 7: Axon 2, processed by BLEASS Reverb, BLEASS Filter and Blamsoft DC-9 Overdrive

Channel 8: Main mix bus, processed by Final Touch

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Electronisounds: iPad Synthesizers - Talking About CPU

Dean from Electronisounds explores how the complexity of synth patches, and their voicing, can impact CPU.

Video Description:

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"iPad Synthesizers - Talking About CPU"

Just a quick geek talk about virtual synthesizers and CPU consumption!

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