iPadLoops: How To Make Drums In Synth One

Jason from iPadLoops shows us how he designs drums in Synth One. He's also giving away a free drum kit that you can use in Patterning 1, or the upcoming Patterning 2.

Video Description:

Drums immediately came to mind when asked to make presets for Audiokit Synth One. I just had to make a kit for folks who like to use synth drums like I do. The following sound design tutorial will get you started designing your own drums in a synthesizer in this case Synth One. This information works across the board so you can use this information on your favorite synth. I also formatted the kit for Patterning 1 and Patterning 2 so go ahead and grab that kit from the Patterning kit cloud. I highly recommend getting Patterning if you don't have it already. I hope you learn something from my video! Thanks for watching and please check out my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/djpuzzle

Already have Patterning? Here is a link to the kit! http://olympianoiseco.com/apps/patter...

Get loops from my site http://www.soundtrackloops.com

The Mobile Music Minstrel: apeMatrix Parte Due

Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel continues his tutorials for apeSoft's wildly complicated apeMatrix. If you missed the first video you should definitely watch it first, because this one gets into advanced routing.

Video Description:



This is a deeper dive into apeSoft's apeMatrix, with a focus on routing audio & MIDI and building a groove. This is a very long video,so please watch the 10 minute intro above before diving in here.

Here's more information on AudioKit and the wonderful things they're doing over there:


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Lastly - don't forget to preview the opening track from my new project with Doug Woods & Colin Powell, Lily's Gone Mad


Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: AudioKit Synth One Review

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy did a detailed review of the new AudioKit Synth One!

Video Description:

For more than 3 years Audio Kit did a labor of love and commitment dedicated to creating Synth One, a great FREE iPad Synth. Check out my review of it's synth engine and presets demo!

Learning More About Audio Kit:

Get into the code:

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Physicles by Rodrigo Roman

Rodrigo Roman, developer of the totally free sequencer app sequencism, has released Physicles! This is a free AUv3 MIDI plugin to generate MIDI messages using physics modeling! This may develop into a suite of similar MIDI plugins down the line, like Rozeta, but presently you can play with Physicle Bouncy. Whenever the Bouncy ball collides with the side of a polygon it generates a new MIDI message. There's a demo of this below!

Physicles iTunes Description:

Physicles is a container of physics-based MIDI Audio Unit plugins. These AU MIDI plugins generate MIDI messages through the use of an underlying physics engine, which models the physical interactions between various entities.

In this version, the following plugin is included:

1) Physicle Bouncy: In this playground, multiple balls bounce inside a polygon. MIDI messages are generated whenever a ball collides with the side of the polygon.

- The plugin requires a compatible AU Host such as AUM, AudioBus 3, apeMatrix, Beatmaker, Cubasis 2, or Sequencism.
- The plugin do not generate any sound, only MIDI messages.

TheAudioDabbler: Getting the XY Pads Back in Turnado as AU

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler points out a key flaw in Sugar Byte's recent AU-only update to Turnado. The X/Y controllers are not displayed in Turnado when run as an AU. Since it can only be run as an AU now, that means you're kind of fucked. Here he walks through the process of recreating the X/Y controllers using Rozeta!

Video Description:

In this video, I go over how to map Rozeta XY to Turnado in order to get the XY pads back since they are not present in the AU version of the App.

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