Ain TheMachine: PlayTheCity Hamburg

YouTuber Ain TheMachine did some creative field recording, and even more creative editing, in Hamburg!

Video Description:

This is the episode of the series PlayTheCity recorded at Hamburg Germany.

Create Exciting Melodic Rhythms using Aphelian as MIDI Plugin

YouTuber [sic] shows off how he likes to use Aphelian to discover interesting rhythms in NanoStudio 2.

Video Description:

Coming up with interesting melodic ideas can be hard sometimes. In this video I show you how to use Aphelian (£11.99 on the app store) inside Nanostudio 2 to generate some fantastically unique rhythmic melodies, all based on geometric shapes. It is LOTS of fun.

SoundForMore: Playbeat Tutorials

YouTuber SoundForMore has started another tutorial series! This time diving into Playbeat by AudioModern! I've embedded the playlist here, but at the time of this post there is only 1 video so far.

Video Description:

Playbeat - Tutorial: Exploring the app Part 1, Navigation


Groovebox for iOS | Horizon in action.

An unidentified employee of Ampify, Novation, or possibly even Focusrite, did a fantastic job of demonstrating an impressively versatile range of sounds from the new Horizon synth IAP in Groovebox!

Video Description:

Horizon is the new ambient polyphonic synth for Groovebox. With lush pads, dreamy melodies and analogue organs, Horizon is a versatile instrument to add depth to your music.
Select LFO shapes, utilise a Dry/Wet reverb and explore new wavetables. Unlock the full instrument to take full control of your soundtracks.

The Cult of Remute | An Album on SNES Cart

YouTuber onaretrotip reviews Remute's new album that is available on a Super Nintendo cartridge! I'm impressed by the diversity of songs found here. It isn't just generic "chiptune" sounds. In fact quite a lot of it sounds very different from that expectation.

This serves as an excellent example of how Nintendo's 16-bit console distinguished itself from its peers. While NEC had wavetables, and Sega had Yamaha's classic FM, Nintendo had Sony build them a whole "sub-system" like a professional sampler. Albeit with tiny snippets for samples, since it only had 64k RAM. Here's a video that dissects the sample set used on Super Star Wars.

Hearing the classic Star Wars theme like this gave me a greater appreciation for Remute's work here.

Video Description:

What's this, an album on SNES cart? Yes, Remute's new album, The Cult of Remute, is available on Super Nintendo cartridge!

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