Chorion Updated with Audiobus, Arps, and Drum Machines

Chordion, a unique instrument for iPad, just got a massive update with Audiobus, arpeggiators, and even drum machines!

What's new in 1.2:

  • Drum Machine & Arpeggiator
    Easy to use sequencer with 4 drum machines. Customizable Arpeggiator patterns.
  • New Layout Editor
    Now you can set up custom chord voicings, create your own scales, and change the range of the keyboard in the new layout editor.
  • New Synthesis Parameters
    The envelope can now be set to modulate the filter cutoff for extra punch. Added Vibrato effect. Vibrato, Tremolo and Wah effects all have fade-in times for creating delayed modulation. New detuning makes your oscillators thick and juicy!
  • Performance Optimizations
    Audio engine has been optimized. MIDI mode now completely disengages the audio engine. Graphics engine has been optimized to be extra fast.
  • New Chord Types
    minMaj7, m7/9, 11, m11, maj7#11, m#11, 6, b6, m6, m#6, and more!
  • Record
    Record your audio and upload to SoundCloud, Dropbox, or iTunes.
  • Share your songs on Noise:Cloud
    Noise:Cloud is a new feature for sharing and downloading Chordion presets made by other users. Feeling un-inspired? Check out what others are making with Chordion.
  • Audiobus
    Stream Chordion's audio output to other iOS apps with Audiobus.

Buy Chordion on iTunes: $3.99

Here is a demo video from the last update, which added MIDI.

Live Guitar Updated with Audiobus and More!

Secret Base Design has updated Live Guitar with lots of new features including Audiobus and interesting Twitter integration!

What's new in 1.3:

  • Introducing Audiobus support
  • Improved support for Virtual and Core MIDI
  • Import/Export chord progressions through Twitter

Buy Live Guitar on iTunes: $1.99

Update: The free version was also updated over the weekend. Developer Fessaboy posted about it in a comment here:

No Audiobus, limited numbers of chord sets, and only one sample, but it's got all the MIDI goodness, and is probably useful to folks. If you dig it, please buy me a cup of coffee by going to the full version. If not, that's ok too!

Buy Live Guitar Free on iTunes: Free

You may recall my video from last week where I used Live Guitar's MIDI and Audiobus support to do some interesting iPolysix jamming. Another feature I was using was the ability to import whole chord progressions from songs via Twitter. This was really handy for me, because I don't have a fucking clue how to read guitar tabs. x03256? 330111?

Fortunately if you search Twitter for the #sbdlg tag, which you can do from inside of the app, you'll find a ton of tabs for many popular songs. You don't need a Twitter account to grab them either, but you will need one to tweet out your own.

Here is a demo of the new features!

Echo Pad Updated with yet more Effects!

Echo Pad's development continues to impress me, with ever more goodies added to this $4 app!

What's new in 1.3.3:

More user requested features:

  • New Decimator effect = lo-fi destruction!
  • New "FX" toggle button on Audiobus sidebar lets you toggle wet/dry signal, like an effect send.
  • supports Audiobus v1.0.2


  • fixed a bug when interrupted by phone call, Echo Pad's audio would not recover properly.
  • minor bugfixes

Buy Echo Pad on iTunes: $3.99

Here is a demo of the new decimator effect!

Audanika Harmony Theory: Lesson 3

Audanika continue their Harmony Theory Blog with Lesson 3, explaining where we get the names for notes and why we need them.

Read the whole thing, complete with pictures, on their website. Here is a little video exploring the circular relationship of the notes.

Loopseque Updated with Audiobus

Just a couple of weeks ago Loopseque was updated with MIDI, and today they've added Audiobus support!

What's new in 2.6:

  • Audiobus support.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Buy Loopseque on iTunes: $5.99

Unfortunately there is a known bug in Loopseque's Audiobus URL scheme. This is the way Audiobus launches other apps, so you'll have to launch Loopseque manually.

A fix has been submitted to Apple. In the mean time you can use Loopseque with Audiobus, just make sure you launch Loopseque before trying to connect to it!

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