Feed for iPad Introduction

Jordan Rudess brought Feed to my attention. This dynamic looper from Incidental is available now and looks slick as hell.

Buy Feed on iTunes: $1.99

DrumJam VirtualMIDI Demo

Sonosaurus have posted a series of new DrumJam videos. These include a IntroJam, Recording and Export, and External MIDI. Embedded below is a video demoing a couple of uses for DrumJam in a VirtualMIDI setting, with Finger's Bassline and MoDrum.

Possible BeepStreet Impakton Demo

Back in June, Sunrizer developer BeepStreet announced Impakton; a semi-modular percussive synthesizer that uses your iOS mic to drive acoustics through synthesis. Today Apps4iDevices posted a video that is demonstrating a "secret app", that seems to be doing the same thing. This could be the first video of Impakton in action!

Official Unofficial Animoog Timbres, Plus How-To DIY

Early this morning reader DSWO sent me an email linking over to an interesting post on Moog's official forum. After poking around in Animoog to recover his presets, craig8128 found a bunch of samples and started to opine on how to add user timbres. This was pretty exciting stuff so I got into a full-on hackathon today!

Adding files to the directory suggested by craig8128 didn't yield any results. I was encouraged though and started looking around on my own. I realized I didn't see any of the Richard Devine or B.A.S.E. timbres in that directory, so I figured that wasn't the right place. I found both in the cache directory, and poked around in their for a while. I wasn't able to add new timbres there, but I was able to make the first 2 octaves of any factory timbre do interesting noises.

After about 4 hours I found the right directory! As you see by this screenshot here, I am now able to add my own Timbres!

I proudly present the first Official Unofficial discchord Animoog Timbre Pack! This pack includes 10 timbres, all on the general theme of abusing electronics. These are samples from a Reaktor project of mine that models a circuit bent TB-303. Here's how to get these, or any of your own, into Animoog!

  1. Download The Pack!
  2. Extract the .zip file somewhere you'll be able to find it.
  3. Using i-Funbox (jailbreak is not required!) find your Animoog directory.
  4. Under the Animoog directory look for: [Animoog Directory]/Documents/.data/samples/
  5. Copy all of the .wav files into there.

That's it! If Animoog was running you will have to force restart it, and they should all show up at the bottom of your Timbres list. If you want to make your own, just make .wavs that are 0.371 seconds long. They should also be 44.1, 16-bit MONO. If you give it anything else they will crash when you load them. Interestingly it will not crash Animoog just from having them, only when you load them up.

I've also included in the zip a little .preset that uses some of my timbres. You can import this in the usual way, through iTunes file-sharing and then under Setup tell it to import. Here is a preview of what that sounds like!

Update: The first reader Timbre Pack is out! bbcb has sampled a Waldorf Microwave II. You can grab his pack with 8 timbres and 1 preset here: http://www.mediafire.com/?4ps283a9v65z909

Rheyne Live Jam #51

Rheyne has posted a new live jam. From his videos I got the impression that he was Persian, or maybe Mediterranean. I have no idea where I got that impression from, maybe his music takes me to some exotic locale. I always thought he was recording in a lavish location full of rich culture, like an ancient Byzantine Palace full of gear and DJ lighting.

According to his YouTube channel though, he's just in fucking New Jersey!

A live looping improvised jam using analog keyboards, USB controllers, and Lemur on iPads. All loops are recorded live, nothing is pre-recorded.

Download or stream the audio at SoundCloud: http://snd.sc/TY0EtW

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

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