DJ Player Mega Update!

DJ Player got a massive update today, with improvements all across the board! Thanks to Anonymouse for this news!

What's new in DJ Player v6.0:

New user interface and workflows

  • Most important performance controls are always visible for two decks.
  • Portrait mode.
  • Shift button secondary features everywhere.
  • Pitch bend, fine pitch adjust, frame-precise step and backspin directly on the waveform.
  • Two panes per deck: tempo and cue/loop points.
  • One tap to display mixer + effects.
  • Rarely used controls under More.
  • Four deck mode on the iPad: available from the iPad 2 without any limitation in features, smoothness, stability or audio quality.
  • Four deck mode on the latest iPhones/iPod touch generation.

Quantize and sync

  • Both styles available: quantize+sync or classic beat-matching. Switch them per deck, or set defaults in the Settings app.
  • Greatly improved and made for "Traktor"-style DJing. Enabled by default.
  • Auto master sync: the master deck is automatically set according to the mixer controls. The status bar (top) background color shows the current master deck. Double-tap on Sync to adjust manually.
  • Tempo pane is divided between both styles. Very easy live grid adjustment controls.
  • Beatgrids are stored in the database (if you remove a track, it will not be lost).

Cues and loops

  • A slot is a cue point or loop now, not both.
  • Loops automatically enter looping mode.
  • Press Cue to exit a loop.
  • In and Out points live editable. Hold shift to snap/unsnap to beat.
  • Shift + empty slot for instant 4-beats loops.
  • "Performance looping" is moved to the Roll effect.
  • Trap loop: if the 8th slot is a loop, then it becomes a "trap". When the track reaches the 8th loop's beginning, it automatically goes to looping mode and never ends.


  • Auto-pfl with unique switching characteristics for headphone mixing without monitor speakers.
  • Crossfader settings moved under More, because they become "performance" tools.
  • Constant-power curve improved and renamed to Smooth Mix.
  • Cross-bass: adjusts bass EQs automatically with crossfader. Curve depends on the current crossfader-curve, optimized for different genres (Beatmix for hip-hop/funky, Smooth Mix for house).


  • Roll effect.
  • Five simultaneous effects per deck: time (roll) + filter + color (flanger/lofi) + space (echo/reverb) + low/highpass.
  • Tap with a second finger on the effect field to turn it on permanently.


  • New default mappings for the Numark N4/Mixtrack Pro/iDJ Live, iON iDJ2GO, Vestax VCI-400/Spin 2.
  • Four decks mapped where available, including proper deck switching.
  • Replace existing mappings to the new ones: remove the existing mapping files in iTunes File Sharing, then relaunch DJ Player.
  • Experimental plug-and-play support for Reloop Terminal Mix 2.

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StringMaster - Free For a Limited Time

For the first time ever, StringMaster is free for today only. This app is a whole suite of helpful guitarist tools for iPad!

StringMaster iTunes Description:

StringMaster is an advanced iPad application suitable for beginner through to advanced Guitarists and other fretted instrument Musicians. With its beautiful, natural sound, StringMaster supports a wide range of instruments.

The chord building and detection, comparison between instruments, fretboard learning system, scales and advanced song writing tools are all supported with any instrument in any orientation, and with tremendously flexible alternate tuning and capo support.

Key Features:

  • Play and discover a wide range of chords and fingering, all with beautiful natural tone.
  • Display and play scales, including scale runs up the fretboard
  • Display chord notes or suggested fingering
  • Using a set of complex musical algorithms, StringMaster will show you the name of a chord based on the finger positions you define!
  • StringMaster's easy-to-use Song Writer recommends which chords sound best together making it easy to write and store killer songs and progressions, including individual notes
  • Explore and learn the fretboard, Chords & sounds of a range of instruments
  • Learn to play a new instrument by comparing it with one you already know. Select a chord on one instrument, then display the equivalent chord pattern and fingering on any of the many other instruments.

Buy StringMaster on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $3.99)

(Feels Like) Heaven - GarageBand Cover

Francis Kiko Navarro did a nice cover of (Feels Like) Heaven using GarageBand and the little EarPods microphone.

Buy Garageband on iTunes: $4.99

iOS Update Vol. 41: Antelope Audio Orion 32

If you need some more inputs and outputs you could go with the silly little 2-in/2-out boxes for around $100-300, but that's rookie shit. Sweetwater iOS Update shows off the $3000 with the Antelope Audio Orion which gives you 32 ins and 32 outs!

Buy Songsterr Guitar Tabs on iTunes: $19.99


Buy Tips & Tricks - iPad Secrets on iTunes: $0.99

Live Guitar Update

Secret Base Design's Live Guitar got an updated to the audio engine and a new demo video.

What's new in Live Guitar v1.5:

  • Replaced a guitar sample to remove fret buzz.
  • Expanded the strum detection region.
  • Fixed a MIDI issue that prevented the app from working with Chordion.
  • Improvements to the audio engine.

Buy Live Guitar on iTunes: $4.99

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