Review: CASSINI Synth for iPad

One of the best iPhone synths is now available in a large iPad version! I take a deep look at what you're getting, in this video review.

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Details on recording a band with Auria

WaveMachine Labs have posted a detailed article on recording a band with Auria. They get into all of the nitty gritty technical details!

Using the PreSonus 1818VSL and a Behringer ADA8000 (connected via the ADAT input on the PreSonus), we had up to 16 inputs to work with. The 1818VSL was connected to the iPad using the Apple Camera Connection Kit and a powered USB hub, though the hub is actually no longer necessary now that PreSonus has released a new firmware update for their VSL line.

We started with the largest portion of the song that could be recorded simultaneously—drums, bass, and lead guitar. There was a total of seven microphones on the drum kit: an AKG D112 on the kick, a Shure SM57 on the snare, Audix D4s on both the rack and floor toms, a Shure SM81 on the hi-hat and another two SM81s as stereo overheads.

You can read it all on the Auria Blog.

There is also a "Making Of" video that documents how they set up the recording for the promo video.

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Jim McLaren Jams, Invents ProgTronica

Multi-instrumentalist Jim McLaren, of Prog Metal band Incura, shows us what it means to be truly proficient with multiple instruments as he jams on an iPhone running Geo Synth, an iPad connected to a MIDI keyboard and a Korg Monotribe. He even has a couple of great tips for playing the Monotribe with greater control. This is good, stick with it; shit gets real at 2:00!

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Audiobus defeats the last major technical hurdle!

Today Audiobus developer Michael Tyson announced on Twitter that the last major technical hurdle for Audiobus has been solved.

Michael to Sebastian - Audiobus development has finished.

I spoke with Michael and, co-developer, Sebastian Dittmann, on Skype about what this actually means.

"In terms of what we've got infront of us; it is done and it works. Everything else is just testing and approval."

- Michael Tyson

They both want to emphasize that this does not mean Audiobus is coming out on iTunes tomorrow. There is still a lot of testing ahead of them, but the development stage is done!

There is no ETA on when it will become available. First they need to submit it to Apple in it's current form for approval, before sending out Audiobus to developers. Next the Developer Beta begins, to make sure it is actually working with all of the apps it is trying to connect together.

Once the Developer Beta is concluded they will flip the switch on iTunes to make it available for everyone!

Tic Tac Beatz Electro Updated

Recent Buyer's Guide inductee, Tic Tac Beatz Electro, has gained some new functionality and samples.

What's New:

• Freestyle keyboard for real-time transposing of all patterns.
• Added guitar stab sounds.
• Added rate-me button.
• Unnecessary exit button removed

Unfortunately the "Unnecessary exit button" has been replaced with an "Unnecessary Rate Me button". The new freestyle keyboard is a great idea though, for quickly adding life to your sequences.

Buy Tic Tac Beatz Electro on iTunes: $1.99

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