Radio Imaging With Auria Pro and Basic Tips

Reader Nic Nice has recently launched a YouTube channel. This Auria tutorial on Radio Imaging is the first one he's using his voice on, and wow, he definitely sounds like someone to listen to for radio stuff. He's got the perfect radio voice! He also works in the industry, so that's probably helpful too, but damn that's a great voice.

Video Description:

This audio was made for the radio show I produce in Las Vegas, The Mac Attack on 920 The Game (KBAD). I figured why not make a video showing how I use Auria to make my show intros. If you’re not familiar with Auria then this video should give you some of the very basics and maybe even teach some of you pros something too =)

Link to reverse intro tutorial:

haQ attaQ: BLEASS Music Apps are made by Friends

Jakob Haq features the BLEASS apps in a showcase that includes an interview with the developers. For even more BLEASSness there's a goofy promo from the team for their new sidekick.

Video Description:

The French BLEASS apps team are relatively new on the iOS scene but has managed to put out four awesome music apps, including a Groovebox type DAW and four AUv3 effect plugins for both iPad and iPhone. It’s time to hear their story!


Dan Baker - A Few Things

Dan Baker created some custom loops which he then used in GarageBand's live loops for this original song. The video does a great job of showing off the loop recording process, and includes his skillful singing.

Video Description:

In this, my composition, "A Few Things", I use the live loops function of iOS GarageBand to create original loops, created using fists on wooden panels for bass drums, finger clicks for snares, and bass/guitar and vocal loops...then it's play time! All live sounds can be processed, effected, looped, reversed, you name it. I have used no loops pre-loaded on GarageBand, only my own.

You can see my other live loops demos and tutorials here:

GarageBand for iOS allows complete creativity for your ideas - only one's imagination limits what's possible.

In this tune, Electric Piano, Hammond, Alchemy synth and lead vocal parts are recorded as takes over the live loops mix...

All vocals recorded using the Zoom iQ6 microphone, but all drum samples collected using the internal mic of my 5th Generation iPad 2017. Long live the internal mic...

Enjoy and Share!

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How to Live Stretch | Time Stretch Samples On BeatMaker 3

YouTuber Bolo Da Producer did a tutorial on live time stretching with BeatMaker 3. This starts with a lengthy preamble, but the tutorial is excellent and begins at 1:23.

Video Description:

1:22 Tutorial

Beatmaker 3, in my opinion, is the best beat making app on IPad. Very Simple to use with a ton of options and features to make professional beats. Its only 24.99! And, Yes I do use it a lot! Hope you enjoy the Video/ Tutorial.

Velocity Keyboard: Volt - Make Any Patch Velocity Sensitive

There are a bunch of new tutorial videos for Velocity Keyboard on the official Blue Mangoo YouTube channel. Here is one on configuring Numerical Audio's Volt to make it respond to velocity from Velocity Keyboard.

Video Description:

In this video we show how to make any patch in Numerical Audio Volt Synth for iOS and make it respond to velocity. Then we show how to connect it to our own Velocity Keyboard and configure the two apps to work together nicely.

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