Jazz Drummer by Lumbeat

Lumbeat released Jazz Drummer today as their 9th specialized drum app! The app gives you three different drummers with unique styles; Swing, Be Bop, and Modern Bop. These will affect the improvisations and fills. Owners of Jazz Drummer will find a new Jazz Bank unlocked in iBassist.

Jazz Drummer App Store Description:

Jazz Drums for iPad and iPhone with new approach to improvisation and swing pulse.

- Three drummers in one. Jo, Max and Roy : Swing, Be Bop and Modern Bop drums. Regardless of the selected rhythm, the choice of drummer will affect all improvisations, jams and fills style.

- New 2d Slider to control jam level ( x - horizontal ) and intensity ( y - vertical )

- Save Mixer and Effects for each Sound Bank.

- Toggle Ride / Hats and Corss Stick / Snare

- Adds a new Jazz bank to iBassist with lot of bass lines and chord progressions.

- Humanize Velocity to get more human authentic sound.

- iCloud Backups

- Live Pads with Rhythm, jam and intensity parameter to play live and control by MIDI.

- Song Mode with the new 2D Slider for parts.

- Sound Module Mode

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a live stream exploring the new app!

One Loop by Caelum Audio

Caelum Audio, who brought us the free Tape Cassette last week, just released One Loop! This is the second looper to come out this week! Version 1.0 of One Loop can only be used standalone with hardware inputs, or the iDevice mic, but they've promised AUv3 will be a part of version 1.1, in the near future.

One Loop is free to download, with a $4 unlock In-App Purchase.

One Loop App Store Description:

One Loop is a 10-track loop-station designed for singers, songwriters & instrumentalists. Whether you want a personalised backing track, or need to record an idea for your next big hit, One Loop brings performance and recording straight to your phone.

• Simple, easy to use looping.
• Built-in studio quality effects: Noise Gate, EQ, Compression & Reverb.
• Advanced layer control and grouping.
• Metronome selection with a variety of backing percussion.
• MIDI support and mappable control for hands free performance.
• Supports external audio interfaces; up to 8 channels of audio input.


Whether you choose your device’s built-in microphone for quick and easy use, or an external interface for multiple routing options, One Loop encourages portable creativity. Don’t be restricted by the limitations of a computer when all you need is your phone… and something to record!

Enjoy the app’s seamless looping and build up to 10 beautiful layers with ease. Save your projects for later reference, you’ll never forget those 3am ideas ever again! Make sure to wear headphones for clean recordings with no feedback issues.

Complete Control

One Loop gives you complete control to form your best ideas. Each layer is mute-able and has an adjustable volume slider to shape your overall sound. Assign each layer to a bank of 4 groups (A to D) for quick variation of instrumentation, or different sections of a song.

Setup your Bluetooth or USB midi devices and assign their parameters to trigger any of One Loop’s functions for greater control and smooth performances.

Manage Your Mix

One Loop gives you the controls to refine your recordings with studio quality effects designed by audio engineers: Noise Gate, EQ, Compression and Reverb.

Wherever you’re recording, either in a quiet room or a busy outdoor environment, you can reduce any unwanted noise by adjusting the Noise Gate’s threshold and envelope, to create cleaner recordings.

Boost or Cut the Input’s EQ frequency bands (Low, Mid and High) with a +/- 15dB range to shape the sound of your loop layers.

Adjust the acoustic environment of your mix, from a small garage to a large cathedral, by changing the size & effect percentage of the Reverb.

Settle a busy, complex layered mix using the Bus Compressor’s threshold and ratio controls.

How GarageBand Sounds Recording as a Full Metal Band

Andrew The Mechanic was impressed with GarageBand, so he set out to test it. He did this by tracking all of the parts for a cover of To Build A Mountain, by Sludge Metal band Crowbar. Music begins at 1:53.

Video Description:

I whipped up a cover of one of my favorite bands CROWBAR of their song “TO BUILD A MOUNTAIN” To demonstrate what the capabilities are of recording a whole band with double guitars and A full drum kit of Mics on GarageBand. I have a ways to go with experience with recording and using the equipment but I’m pretty proud of this! Let me know what you think below.

Keep in mind, this is my first time with recording like this!

Als, check out my thrash band HEX VORTICES on YouTube and on Facebook!

ShockWave Update

Numerical Audio developer Kai Aras just became a father! Somehow in all of the excitement he's also managed to update the new ShockWave with an improved Randomizer and a bunch of fixes.

What's new in ShockWave v1.0.2:

- Added note priority setting
- Improved Randomizer
- Fixed an issue where randomizer pre-select options would not do anything
- Fixed an issue where preset browser categories would get lost when resizing an AUv3 windows
- Fixed an issue where ShockWave would crash when restoring a DAW session in some cases
- Fixed an issue where changing the scope source would crash the app in some cases
- Fixed an issue where MPE glide/slide tracking would occasionally get lost during legato play
- Fixed an issue where Quantizer settings would not restore user scales when re-opening the popover
- Fixed an issue where some LEDs on some buttons where misaligned

Quick Tip: Searching All AUv3 Presets in NanoStudio 2

MobileMusicPro has a tip for finding any preset across all of your AUv3s from inside of NanoStudio 2.

Video Description:

In this video we'll be sharing a quick tip of being able to search across all your AUv3 presets via NanoStudio 2.

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