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discchord Status Update: The Clusterfuckening

Astute readers will have noticed that the site's updates, and myself, have been quite odd lately. There was some serious consistency to my posts for years, so a lot of people have mentioned the differences. Despite these changes, I hope that I have been maintaining a reasonable level of quality in the posts.

I care about discchord, I care about this community, and I love that I somehow accidently became a journalist.

August will be discchord's 10th anniversary! For the first 3 years the only time anyone would call me a journalist was when they were angry at me. I mean it. In the beginning I was ranting at so many things that I was hitting a lot of nerves. The only time anyone would call me a journalist was when they wanted me to tone myself down, or play some softball bullshit.

I remember early on testing my boundaries. I'd take a measurement of all my social media followers, and then I'd do something that was socially-risky. It was never "Shockjock" levels of immature outrage, but real social experimenting. I could measure how my behavior affected my social network followers! The results were conclusive. While there were some behaviors that would lose followers, I could get away with anything I actually wanted to do. So I stopped testing those boundaries and grew up.

I was a blogger when I started discchord 10 years ago, in my early 30's. I grew to respect my own work, and in doing so, I became able to respect similar works of others. From an understanding of respect, came an understanding of responsibility. With self-respect, an a sense of responsibility, I have been proud to do all of the things that you see here at discchord.

But I just wanted to have a platform to make people listen to my music!

That's really all this ever was. You guys know how it is. As a bedroom producer, trying to be heard, when there are hundreds of thousands of other bedroom producers out there trying to be heard over you. So I started doing YouTube content related to music making. The word discchord, was originally disc-chord, from when I was self-aware enough as a DJ to know I really wanted to be a producer; with chords instead of discs.

So somehow that became this. Now I've got all of you guys here! The whole time though it has felt too crass to exploit you guys to make you listen to my nonsense. Because I'm also self-aware enough to know that most people would rightfully regard my Hard Psy style as nonsense. While discchord might be my musical moniker, you aren't coming to discchord to hear my music, and I have always tried to respect that.

I focused instead on journalism, and you guys rewarded me for this choice. As similar sites covering mobile apps began to fade, I've been proudly on here as the last man standing. Though privately I've known this is a farce. Just like the apps I report on, the economy of discchord is not sustainable. No one would or could survive on reporting for the small music app community. This is a niche of a niche. Synthtopia gets my total monthly traffic in a single day. Generous sponsors and patrons have been what has really kept discchord afloat all of these years, but it was also me being in a unique position.

You know how some Middle class housewives will take up a small business as a hobby? Like selling some crafty shit, or walking dogs. Not because they necessarily need the money, but it is nice to be doing things and a little extra cash is always welcome. That's been me for most of my adult life. I have a great work ethic, so my many silly little side hustles have kept me busy over the years. I ran a dog walking business for almost 10 years, and retired that to focus on discchord. But none of these enterprises have been sustainable, and were entirely subsidized by my husband. I've been a 21st century Househusband. discchord makes less than $1,000 a month now, after Apple ended the App Store affiliate program. Previously I was making around $30,000 a year. Now, I feel like I'm having a good year if I make half that. That unfortunately represents my entire personal income, because my other recent projects have both flopped. My work on Gnubesoft and AppKaiju over the last 5 years has failed to find any additional income for me. I would have to move to Thailand to live on what I'm making now. Then I wouldn't be able to afford an iPad, so discchord would still be screwed!

None of this would have been possible if it weren't for my best friend, Allen Crosby, who has been keeping a roof over our heads for many years. Monday was our 15th, and final, wedding anniversary. Allen is still my best friend, but I can't rely on him to keep me in a position to explore my bullshit businesses.

This is likely to become a big problem for me in the not-too-distant future. I'm nearly 42, and have been self-employed since I was 26. There are going to be a lot of changes in my life, and a lot of stress as I navigate economic reality on my own. I don't know what this means for discchord in the long-run. I know in the short-run I'm a mess of stress. I'm trying to destress in a motel room, while I began to consider my options.

I know that my drama, like my music, is something you don't come to discchord for. I'll try to keep the drama here to a minimum. If something needs to be said, then I'll try to say it in interesting and contemplative essays. In case it is unclear by the tone of this post, this is not a solicitation for donations or even new Patrons, because that is not going to cover it this time.

Update (Friday, 2nd of July): That site's SSL certificate broke, so I had to fix it. Usually SSL cert stuff is a simple automated process, and the hardest thing you need to do is type "certbot renew" into a command line prompt. This was not a simple problem, and it occurred when I was already half-asleep. I couldn't fix it before passing out last night, so the site was offline for 925 minutes. I think I should post something to indicate that I am still alive and well. I'm not taking the site down or anything else. I'm still just trying to figure my shit out.

Thank you so much to everyone for all of the comments and support. There is now a problem here where there are just so many people to thank that I'm worried if I try thank anyone I will offend everyone. I promise you I do read every single one of them, in their entirety. It is difficult to read them though. I'm taking them at a leisurely pace throughout the days and nights.

I feel like any effort to express my thanks would be a blasphemy, because I could never express it fully and accurately. There's no way for me to convey to you all individually how much you have impacted me on an individual basis.

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Thank you for all you’ve given to this community. I think you should do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself and those you care about! Good luck thanks again
June 30, 2021  | person_outline Hodari Clarke
I wish you the best of luck in all ya future endeavors. I’ll continue to check in on this site for all the latest IOS app news as long as you choose to keep it goin. Thanks homie. Appreciate your efforts.
aw man, I hope things work out for you one way or another, you have been a permanent fixture in my life since I bought my first ipad music app er... nine years and seven months ago.. and your site is my first tab when I open my browser. Thanks for everything and stay in touch x
Sounds like lots of changes going on, Tim. We all think the world of you and appreciate all you do. I've learned about cool apps, cool music, and even had a little place to soapbox about tuplets and other theory musings.

It is in my calendar to send you my annual non-patreon infusion, and I still shall-- and will continue to as long as you keep this thing going. I hope if you move to other stuff you'll keep us posted about what/where your next stuff is.
good luck
June 30, 2021  | person_outline profitV
What I read is that your marriage if 15 years is coming to an end. I am sorry for your loss. Work will always be there but good people and love are rare and hard to come by
June 30, 2021  | person Ralis
Hey Tim, sorry to hear about your relationship ending. I seem to be in the downward spiral stage of my own relationship with someone and it’s painful, even when the choice to end it seems to be the right one.

I subsist on disability and occasional charity in the way of grocery store gift cards, so I haven’t had a job since just before Xmas 2006 (yeah the bastards ditched me literally the day before the holiday break). I panic every time I look at jobs and I never know when disability will be taken away by asshole legislators who will never need it themselves.

I enjoy your site, I enjoy your no-BS, no eggshell-walking style, and I hope you can find a path forward for your personal life, your financial needs, and this site. Best wishes to you 🤗
June 30, 2021  | person dysamoria
Damn dude that is disappointing to hear..on the personal side and business side. This site is the best of it's kind and it's clearly stood the test of time as other inferior sites have come and gone. It's not a good sign when something that people rely on every day can't get support from the community it serves.
I'm sure you've considered these things but maybe there's a way to move it to YouTube or somewhere that gets better monetization. Definitely keep us posted on whats going on.
June 30, 2021  | person BitterGums
Hey Tim, i’m very sorry to read that. Your marriage, and everything related.. I read discchord since the beginning, daily. So all that sounds very sad to me.
I just finished reading a report about how Twitch is becoming a great source of income for artists and music biz insiders. Most of the time all they have done is live streaming their daily routines (rehearsing, composing, mixing,...), cost opportunity equal to zero and a new income source available. Maybe you can try that, streaming your discchord activities, interviewing developers, playing music,... it would require some time to take off but it could be useful. Wish you all the best mate, sincerely
June 30, 2021  | person belibat
Sorry to hear of your troubles. Dischord is an amazing resource and we are lucky to have it, however long it may last.
June 30, 2021  | person_outline Da
Apple’s removal of affiliate links and stuff really decimated the entire app-website ecosystem and kinda made the vast majority of mobile apps infinitely less likely to be bought cause no one goes in there looking for hidden gems. It was a boneheaded greedy decision that can’t possibly have ended well for the app store. I buy stuff I find on this site exclusively. I don’t have facebook, will never bother leafing through the nightmare that is the App Store and that’s that. The app store’s ONLY exposure outwards was literally sites like this and those that looked similar to touch arcade but are long since gone. Toucharcade is running on a skeleton crew as well, and is mostly a forum now...

Shitfest all around. Hang in there dude. We’re all in some shit these days, not sure solidarity of that kind helps much, but we’re sticking with you like you’ve stuck with us.
June 30, 2021  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
I completely agree with VGA Port Authority’s comments about the App Store. I recently spent time trying to browse the App Store and it’s a piece of shit. I immediately realized that everything I know about the updates to, or even and existence of apps comes from news here.
June 30, 2021  | person dysamoria
Dear Tim, I'm sorry to hear all that. I really want to thank you for all your Work. You Made and make the musician Heart Beat. I Wish you the best luck for getting through that time, as I know that this Pulls all Power. Take the time you Need and I think that all of us understand that you Need your time . I would Like to Help, but unfortunately I'm in similar situations/circumstances. But, WE hear you!
Last but not least, sorry for the Bad English.
June 30, 2021  | person bazebuster
Damn Tim! Sorry to hear. Obviously I don’t know u personally or ur situation, but having separated from my wife twice over 18 years I do know how much it can hurt. I’d say do everything u can to save ur marriage. Again I don’t know the situation but fight for what u want and love.

As far as the site goes, it’s a daily staple for me even though I’ve been out of radio (as a real job) for nearly four years. I hardly do any audio production from home like I used to, so this site keeps me in the know. This site keeps my passion alive for making loops/beats and the occasional production for some radio friends. This site keeps us, niche of a niche group, together. A place to congregate. Not to forget ur awesome writing style.

I know it’s late but hopefully not too late for me and others to help u out. I tried to be a paetron at one point but my financial situation over the last few years has been shaky, but now I’m in a much better place and I’d love to help out monthly, to keep ur interest in this site going, and of course because u gotta get paid for ur work!. Or like others mentioned maybe incorporate or move to another platform? I don’t use twitch or have a clue about it but if u took ur show there, I’d follow as I’m sure many others would too.

I wish u the best Tim
Hey Tim

I've written to you in the past (under a different name or email etc) to let you know just how much I appreciate all you've done and all I've learnt because of your videos and your style. I recently found out I have ADD. So keeping my attention and explaining things how you do is actually a big skill. Sorry I'm going somewhere.

You have looked after a lot of folks in this community. You might not realise it but you have. You've taught them and you've helped them, promoted them and nurtured them. You've done so without ever compromising or playing the game. As this community has grown, I've seen some amount of bullshit from personalities who've came along and circle jerked their way to an audience. You haven't ever done that. While the page may not have been your intended life, you approached it with a level of self awareness and professionalism rarely seen in the real world. Whatever you do from here on in I'm sure you will be great at it. You have skills my friend, but also integrity and respect for your audience and subject.

Now (add see) that all said. Now is the time for you to look after you! Take your time. Life's to short to spend time untangling bad decisions. You are young. In ten years you will look back and see it as 10 years of opportunity. So do what you need to do Tim.
And get out that hotel room and walk in the sun. It helps with seretonin.
Sending loadsa love from sunny Scotland (it is sunny today!)
June 30, 2021  | person Ohmypeople
Hi Tim, I’ve been a regular reader of Discchord since I bought my first ipad. I don’t even know how many years it has been (many, many). But you are part of my daily routine. And as others said, I wouldn’t know about music apps if you weren’t there for us.

And so after reading about this situation, this post, I had to write. Had to send you all the positive energy that I can. And love. Because you gave us lots of it with your work and passion.
I do hope your situation will improve, that you will find a way to get enough money to live without fear about the next day. Don’t lose hope, keep being you, and heal your heart.

We all hope you will be able to continue Discchord, but hey, everyone here, I think, would understand if you had to stop or take a break from it. Just, please give us news.

Well, it may be the real treasure about the internet. Being able to know you are followed and loved for what you do and no other reason, having people like all those who messaged you, here or privately. Caring as much about the site as your personal life. This is what we can give you back when we cannot help in any other way (as much as we would like to).

Sorry for the long post. Hopefully my non-native english speaker babble will carry what I wanted to sincerely tell you.

Take care my friend (if I may) and keep us in the loop !
June 30, 2021  | person_outline Baptiste Brylak
Hi Tim, it is lovely to see all of the support from the community for what you do and have been doing over the last 10 years. I am so very sorry to hear about your personal issues. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

June 30, 2021  | person PalmSounds
Tim, your site is unique and a blessing to the electronic music community far and wide. It is always good to know and hear the human behind a site. Thoughts for you during this difficult time and you've given enough to the community to deserve a break, however long.
June 30, 2021  | person nottooloud
I really appreciate what you do Tim, it’s an important part of a wonderful community that really needs and relies on you (no pressure! 😂). I wish you well and hope you can continue to do what you love.
Thank you 🙏
Best of luck from here on out!
June 30, 2021  | person_outline Martin
Bummer on the break up friend. Good luck in the future. Disschord has been a daily visit and click through to buy apps for me the whole 10 years. Love what you do and hope you can continue doing it. But find the way that works best for you in these 'interesting times'.
If I can help in anyway, let me know
June 30, 2021  | person iOSTRAKON
Don't for a minute feel responsible for keeping anyone informed about music or music apps. The truth is that if you would decide to close the site, lots of people would feel sad. For a moment. And then they will find new sources for their information needs. That being said, you have done the community a great service in these years. Your site is my only bookmark for music production outside of a folder with many more bookmarks. I think I have never skipped a day of visiting Discchord ever since I got into iPad music production. That could well be 10 years now. For me, if you would decide to stop writing for Discchord, it would mean the end of an era. But I have already said it, you are only responsible for your own well being, and I sincerely hope that you stay well and positive. You have many talents and seem like a very nice and sociable dude. I believe you will come out stronger than ever. So go for it, don't be too harsh on yourself (don't know if you are but most people make this mistake) and do not let them get to you (believe in yourself).
June 30, 2021  | person_outline Erik O
Good luck, Tim. Take all the time you need to think things through. Like many I love the info and humour you bring to Discchord which I have been following for many years now. Hope things turn out well for you.
June 30, 2021  | person nreyes
I’ve recently ended a 15 year marriage myself. It’s really hard to do all by yourself and I know the kind of empty space that is left behind.

I wish you the best and i will always come here first thing every day!

Thank you for all of your efforts. I’m sure you’ll find the things that make you happy and allow you to live. Creative people always find a way!!!
Ahh crap. Sorry to hear this, Tim. I, like so many others, have really appreciated what you've done here. It's been a remarkable resource for the IOS music community; it's my probably the one place I check daily or more.
That said, the business model's gotta work, particularly given the life changes you're facing. So I think we all get that, too. Oof.
Just wanted to let you how much I've appreciated what you've done -- and I've only been watching this site for the last couple of years! There's so much content here....
Sounds like things may be a little dark for a while, but you seem to have some mad skillz.
Fingers crossed something good comes your way soon, business- and personal-life-wise.
There's a bunch of us out here that are hoping for that.
June 30, 2021  | person Digger162
May the road rise to meet you, Tim.
June 30, 2021  | person_outline Nonny M
I turn to this every day. May all the days add up to a great ooomph of liking and energy that helps with, you know... everything :-)
Ohh Tim, I’m sorry to hear that, nothing is worse then loosing someone, only time will fix those things. We will miss Discchord, sure, but you must do what’s best for you right now and what ever that is, you have our support. And I would like to say as others that discchord is my main if not only source of music app news and I’m very grateful for your work. Also the way you write articles sometimes made me laugh ( in good way of course) and thanks to you, I and most like many others managed to save some decent money on app sales.
I’ll continue to support you and hope it will all change back to good for you.
Hi timiboy ... I feel with you ....I love this side and you ....let’s go on ...
June 30, 2021  | person_outline CT
Hi Tim,

Sorry to hear you’re struggling. You’ve become a fixture in the iOS music making community. I hope you’re able to land on your feet and figure out where to go from here. Do whatever you need to do to get through this difficult time. Take care of yourself.
Sorry for propelling an unexpected optimism... But this could be a beginning of something great.
Sometimes you need to take a break and go out of your comfort zone.
All the great journeys are starting like this.
And it looks that I should be a good user (and fan!) again and start to support you on Patreon again ;)
BTW just finished recording an iPad FX session, my friend and colleague, great young pianist Ivan Grebenshchikov asked me to make finishing special effects for his conceptual jazz / academic experimental album with Moscow's finest musicians of the genre (no bragging about). Guess what site I'm going to check what apps I need fast (most of them I'm already bought), to keep the recording session going? ;))

Needless to say, most of the music apps I'm using every day now I know and own only because of Discchord. You made me a better musician & still doing it.
woah, shet
June 30, 2021  | person_outline Obama
Hi Tim
I can’t say I know what you are going through but imagine it must be really tough. But I wanted to say I go onto your site every day as a matter of course to see what you have posted and have always found it a source of inspiration and news about apps. Most of all I love your view on things - when Apple get it wrong; when people on Audiobus forum get too over the top; and when apps are simply great. It’s brilliant. All the very best
July 01, 2021  | person Nickpett
Daily reader and Discchord is really my preferred music stuff blog as I love making music on an IPad. Really hope things work out for you and I would just like to say how much I’ve appreciated your work here.
July 01, 2021  | person jscro
I don’t really know what to say except one day at a time brother.
Thank you for always telling it like it is with no BS everyday. That’s a rare and admirable thing to do.
You have made a huge contribution. Head high.
In your situation it is easy to beat yourself up. Please don’t.
July 01, 2021  | person_outline El Jeffe
You have had a long run. I believe you answered your own questions by providing the financial status of the site. If you were only spending a few hours to make that amount of money great, but that is not the case.

The first several years of the iPad saw me buy many music apps via your site but after awhile apps were repetitive. How many synths and, drum machines and loopers does one need. I spent many hundreds of dollars on iOS music apps but I use only a few. I use to be a daily user of your site years ago but now I just pop in to see whats new (still some new interesting apps but nothing like the beginning years where there was something cool almost daily).

Things change, I used to listen to several podcasts over the years and they seemed to believe that I wanted more content where podcasts keep growing in length but often its just babbling on and on. I believe content consumers are becoming more discerning. I stopped listening to several podcasts that I had listened to for years because my time is precious. Example recently, I listened to one podcast and they said in 15 minutes what another podcast said in one and half hours.

Since you are a programmer then maybe creating an iOS music app would be a possible option.

Thank you for your efforts and best wishes for a better future. When emotions are high it is often wise to proceed with some caution.
July 01, 2021  | person_outline Joey

Disentangling from a web fifteen years in the making! Not an easy process. If you don't get bogged down overthinking it you will come out the more resilient for it. How a brainiac doesn't over-think it is the rub. Reality is one infinitely emergent forking complication that never repeats itself (apologies Nietzsche fanboys, but, the Eternal Reoccurrence won't stand a chance against the Heat-Death of the only verifiably known Universe). Annoying sometimes, but, at least it is unfailingly original and unique from moment to moment, as long as it lasts. We hardly know ourselves much less another's mind and circumstances except superficially. It looks like you find yourself in one of those quagmires where the bigger the brain the harder it can become for some brainiacs to take decisive actions(*). Intelligence loves nothing more than to shine it's light, usually well after the pain starts, upon our unjustified (over-) confidence in believing we "know the truth" concerning most anything in this world. To bad that same intelligence was the one that cooked up, maintained, and consistently failed to accurately update a intricate and deeply persuasive narrative that got us tangled up to begin with. The Past itself is unchangeable, so, not much point dwelling in an unprofitable manner upon it. What little knowable 'truth' it briefly holds is open to increasingly fruitless conjecture as time swiftly removes. From one moment to the next every Past in a mind is twisted out of shape into a pale mis-representation of something it never was to begin with, only then to be discarded for the next self-serving confabulation. Thus, the Past can only attain absolute fidelity by being utterly forgotten! ;) Luckily there is an alternative as bright as the Past is dismal. Just turn the mind's eye around and a dead-end morphs into an open door. The Future! Sure it is deeply Uncertain, but, it can be bent, ever so slightly in each living moment, by our mind. A future on our own terms is worthy of our fullest attenion, as it is often a tricky and dangerous thing, but, that makes it exciting! Makes life an "adventure." On a cosmic level our Life is the ultimate, fantastically improbable, occurance this Universe chanced upon. So what could possibly suck the life out of an insanely improbable opportunity to live a full self-determined Life more than religious metaphorically embellished metaphysical nonsense such as, "All futurities are naked before the All-seeing Eye"? Be Donne with that fatalistic chop-logic. Fate, in our human time frame, is very hackable! A simple helpful actionable heuristic (I know you like those ;)), one of many, that works just as well for bacteria(**) as it does for Homo saps, goes, 'Learn from mistakes quickly and make frequent small adjustments towards that which sustains.' A profitable take on it I employ frequently is, "Cut your losers short, and let your winners run." Hack your fate.

(*) Clearly you have been thinking deeply about 'practical' solutions. I'm just tossing out this 'pep' talk in the off chance you are feeling overwhelmed and thus perhaps a touch paralyzed about what to do next. I'm sensitive to this possibility, for it seems sometimes I'm in a constant struggle to develop 'rules' to work around my own self-induced 'analysis paralysis.' Unfortunately that's about as peppy as I can get, but, I mean well :). I wonder though, it sounds like the stresses in the relationship, as if that weren't enough, might be triggering an early-onset mid-life crisis. Mid-life crisis is a real struggle for some. This I know, it can lead to some goofy-ass decisions. You may well know someone going through it? It has myriad manifestations, which free-time and money often magnify to the detriment of the inflicted. Sounds like you have the to much money part under control ... see, it is true, The Monty Python was right, there really is a sunny-side to everything in Life. To much free time? No problem there either, since you'll need to get bodily occupied and flexing your wits towards making money and won't have time and energy for navel g(r)azing. A win-win. A circle of virtue. If you feel a deep sense of regret coming on don't underestimate it's destructive power. Get busy with the key problems of the Now (probably something to do with not enough money and to much free time is always a good place to start) and nip nascent regrets in the bud. Remember, everything that has ever lived has gone through the same or something worse, so you got this! You were custom built for it! Evolved to solve! ;)

(**) Turns out the simplest bacterium can count (its a 'bio-statistical' process exhibited by insects (ants are well studied in this regard and can outperform humans attempting a similar 'fast and furious' problem-set since our short-term memory 'registers' fill after just three to nine items, whereas, ants appear to be able to keep track of and 'summarize' a 'mean' result after dozens of contacts with accuracy all while dodging anteater tongues and the like...), plants (or at least some of their cells keep a short-term tally on the number of attacks (e.g., from aphids) over varying time frames and then measure out appropriate simple to complex responses, etc), and single celled organisms have the ability to varying extents (it hinges on the problem-set they evolved to solve...)). This abiltiy to "count" is in essence how the simplest life forms maintain memory (not always just short-term either) in their time frame (DNA is their long-term memory...). Of course, considering what a woody you get once you get onto talking AI, you probably know this. But it goes deeper, for example, bacteria 'wars' studied in petri dishes demonstrate strategies, implemented in the service of lifeforms without brains, which Homo saps have not improved on all that much, and likely will give our 'AI' a serious headache for sometime to come. Thucydides could of lifted his battle scenes right off the Sea of Agar instead of the Peloponnesian naval engagements if he had a microscope. But wait! It goes yet deeper! Headline reads, "Fungi embrace fundamental economic theory as they engage in trading", which is much is more helpful for most than the paper's academic title, "Walrasian equilibrium behavior in nature." But before you tell me to GET lost, let me quote, "This paper uses data from biological experiments to demonstrate that the trading behavior of mycorrhizal fungi is consistent with the predictions of GET [general economic equilibrium theory]."

I'll go out on a limb before I leaf off here by proffering Homo saps only stumbled upon GET precisely because it was possible for fungi and plants to work out the proof of concept first hundreds of millions of years ago without taking any upper-level calculus classes. Think about it.... Anyway, the point is, as a rule of thumb, damn good evolutionarily stress-tested heuristics to guide us through our daily trials and tribulations can be found in all things great and small if we just focus on the matter before us. Where there are observable life-forms there is wisdom for the taking.

[Disclaimer: I blame all spelling and grammatical errors on the computer. Apparently that makes me authentically human and probably not all that much craftier than the average nematode: Guess I can't blame Cyberdyne Systems Skynet after all.]
July 01, 2021  | person_outline wormsgottoeattoo
Damn Tim. I wish you all the best!
Been there done that…

Give yourself time, you will float to the surface… but it can be a long ride.

I festered for a while, then took a breath and moved to another place far away. For me that got the wheels turning again… new things, new people. Probably should have taken the leap sooner than I did.

I wish you well.
Sorry to hear about your troubles Tim. You’re easily among the best, most honest, and timely journalists or bloggers, whichever you prefer, on the web. Please hang in. There are many out here who wish you well.
July 01, 2021  | person printer_1
Sorry to hear this Tim… best of luck in future endeavors. Always like reading a good Tim rant! You are loved.
Well anyway ... you know I support you. And thank you for all the information and entertainment over the past many years and for keeping a distraction for us during recent times. I must say my biggest imprint of you is that video you did of a daily life in Discchord land where you shaved your head with shaving cream and a razor. That was a serious artistic statement to me, because although it certainly is common and mundane I have never seen anything like that depicted. You exposed what is common but hidden, and for that you got my respect too for being a great performance artist.

I guess we all need to learn to spell discord correctly now, even though it will look weird to us for a while, but which also shows another great artistic event you enacted through social influence engineering.
I feel for you, Tim. Sometimes life tosses us in a sea of uncertainty. The philosopher Neurath had a quote I heard in college about how we are "rebuilding a ship at sea." I'm thinking of you and sending you some "heart" vibes. And I love your music, too!
Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn…..and if you”re in a pickle, then you know you”re in….
July 01, 2021  | person nreyes
So sorry to hear about all this Tim! I've read discchord for years now and find it an invaluable resource in the community. Your video content as well has always been no nonsense, straightforward, easy to digest and entertaining. I really hope you can work everything out, life always has its ups and downs and I suppose we have no choice but to just keep riding the waves. Wishing you the best of luck and fortune for the future man!
I've went a few rounds on here with you about politics. I've always thought it was tacky and not the right platform. With that said, I am sure you put a ton of work into this place and I'm sorry to hear about your issues. Not sure what you can do in the future but running a place like this should surely put you in a position to be a brand manager or something in the MI industry. Good luck dude
July 02, 2021  | person_outline Dm
My dear Tee Dubya,
Fuck man! Shit definitely sucks.
But Onward. A door shuts and a window opens. Much love from Echo Park. We’ll leave the porch light on…
Hey, Tim.

Sorry to hear about everything you're dealing with. Devs are in high demand in the corporate world right now, and Discchord shows that you're a talented dev. Corporate life can be difficult after being self-employed, but the steady paycheck and benefits make it sting a little less.

I wish the best for both you and Allen.
I like here 我喜歡這裡 我是台灣朋友🇹🇼
July 02, 2021  | person_outline linliang
My english is not good enough to express you all my feelings so I won’t develop here. Be sure that you have all my compassion.
July 02, 2021  | person_outline Goudha
On July 02, 2021 - @Dm said:
I've went a few rounds on here with you about politics. I've always thought it was tacky and not the right platform. With that said, I am sure you put a ton of work into this place and I'm sorry to hear about your issues. Not sure what you can do in the future but running a place like this should surely put you in a position to be a brand manager or something in the MI industry. Good luck dude

You know what’s tacky? Bringing up Tim’s politics and making this post about you. Read the room, bro.
Sounds like things will be tough for a while. You’ll have people with you through that time.
And you’ll bounce back.
What comes out in the end will surely prove beneficial to Allen, to you, and to us.
Whatever happens to this site.

As others have said: thank you and best of luck.
I hope everyone here reads and sees my update. I promise you I have read all of the comments here, or I will read every comment here eventually. I've got to pace myself for these, because they're all hitting on some rough raw nerves for me. I want to thank you all individually, but I just can't. At least right now. That just seems overwhelming and I feel bad about not being able to reach back to so many of you. If I have an email address for you, I will try to pick up a conversation with you from your comment if I have something to share with you that I think will be anything other than more of my whining.

I am sorry I have not tried to respond directly to any one of you.

Except for linliang! If someone in Taiwan is reading me through Google translate, and wants to reach out to me, they definitely deserve a little shout out here. I think I can do that in a way that will be amusing to everyone reading me in English.

In America, and possibly other places where English is common, there's an infamous joke with the punchline, "Hello __________, I'm _______." An example would be, someone says, "I'm stuffed." This idiom is trying to state, "I'm satiated and cannot fit any more food in me." Literally it is saying "I am" a thing, and in this case "I am" could be implying that "I am a stuffed animal" or plush toy. So this conversation would be:

"I am Stuffed."

"Hello Stuffed, I'm Dad."

It's a Dad joke.

English is a very idiomatic language, making it a pain in the ass for everyone else to deal with. It's like a language built on in-jokes and bullshit from Latin, German, and some very angry Frenchmen. I love it! English is the discchord of languages.

Unfortunately this creates a lot of weird relationships with people from other cultures. They say something that we think is funny, but they don't understand why it is funny. Some will assume it is because we're assholes, and we're just laughing at them. For some that may be the case, but in this specific case, linliang said something funny because it reminded me of this common Dad joke.

On July 02, 2021 - @linliang said:
I like here 我喜歡這裡 我是台灣朋友🇹🇼
He is trying to convey that he is a friend of the site from Taiwan. He is literally saying, "I like it here. I'm a Taiwanese Friend.

To which I'm overflowing with some much needed joy to reply with:
"Hello Taiwanese Friend, I'm Tim."

Coincidentally, Taiwan and Tim Webb share TW as our common acronym. The TW at the end of his comment was supposed to be the Taiwanese flag emoji. It is not rendered by most platforms now because Google, Microsoft, and the federal government of the United States, support the One China Policy. Taiwan and Tim Webb share a deep concern for those implications as well. discchord ♥ 🇹🇼
Tim I am incredibly sad to hear of your news. I first met you 10 years ago when I reached out to you about understanding synthesis and you led to me some apps that would help and I eventually got into some hardware. You always treated me kindly and I have so appreciated that you have shared my music and discoveries.
I hope that this is the beginning of a new chapter that will provide you the happiness you deserve both professionally and personally.
Please take care of yourself and I hope that perhaps some form of this wonderful site will still exist in some incarnation in the future.
July 03, 2021  | person_outline Maria Calfa-DePaul
Why don’t you double down on the exposure from this site? As people break out of their COVID shelter you could go on tour. Either live reviews of apps or DJ. Possibly both combined!
July 03, 2021  | person_outline Galaxy
Tim I have being following your site since 4 years ago or more and I really enjoy your acid-sweet writing touch and all your useful info here. I'd like to say "I`m sorry", but I do not, because, according to my self experience and perception you are truly in a transformation time and unfortunately these processes are painful and dark.

I'm damn sure you will solve it! It is a personal, part art, part intuition mixing of stress, relax, construction, destruction, resistance, not resistance, optimism and drama (yes, let it flow) transition. As you know, there are no right manuals, no guru guidance (even my shitty words here). There is you and your direct connection with God, if you believe in one.

You will do it great!! and very bad some times, walking your own path!

How ever if you need help, and you are brave to ask, all here will help!!

A lot of love!!
July 03, 2021  | person abi
Hey Tim,
Please dont respond. Focus on you! Just wanted to send my love. This is one of my biggest fears next to coldwars and global pandemics... I got my gas mask and I know where the bunkers are but I don't wanna lose Discchord and certainly not you. Over the years I think youve been the only consistent thing in my life aside from methadone and bills.

This is reminding me of where I was ten years back when I found Discchord, I had just split paths with the love of my life. Had closed the business we had together. I happened to be 5000miles from home on a separate continent and had just rented a ultra tiny room , my studio space was in a closet, my bed on the top shelf, and the room itself barely had space for clothing and a reading chair. Thats where I started my routine of waking up and checking Discchord when ofcourse ai shoulda been checking for apartment listings and job shit. You have also been a routine every Halloween ( the only time I feel homesick for the usa) I always wait for the video and that is my little halloween trad. Aside from never releasing the material I planned to drop on Halloween.

Ok you have had a lot of reading to do so I keep this short. Just wanted to say you have a friend here in Sweden, and I am certainly not the only one here in Sweden from the ios producers community.

The entire ios community, I would hope any of them would offer you what they could because without you and a small handful of folks we would not have an ios music production community.

-cyp3 / ian / aeon / staticasylum
July 04, 2021  | person_outline Cyp3 666
I check this site daily as well, and have since I got my first iPad 4 years ago. Musically, I was in a slump. I had been using Digital Performer and Reason on a MBPro for over 17 years, and every time I sat down to create, I was just staring at a glaring, blank canvas. It just wasn’t fun any more. So then one day a friend of mine turned me onto your site, and I suddenly realized that maybe, using new tools would help me get my “spark” back. It never even occurred to me that the iPad could completely eliminate the necessity for an expensive laptop, and because of YOUR page, I have been able to slowly build up the collection of tools necessary to eliminate my dependency on laptops. Also,
This problem is not going to go away in a day. It’s a step-by-step process of getting back up on your feet again, and trust me my friend, I am right down in a deep hole myself, trying to pull my life back together. What I am trying to do everyday is look around me and consider what I am grateful for, no matter how ridiculous.
Giving myself a small task like, “clean the stove” makes me feel better about myself after it’s done, and my self esteem goes up a tiny notch. You and I are roughly the same age, we are both facing what I think is called an existential crisis; a crossroad. One of the beautiful things about this though, is that we can never see into the future; it’s like tunnel vision. From out of nowhere a meteor comes crashing into your life, and you are now suddenly spinning into a new orbit. You are in a new world, on a new planet, and your current situation will just be a thing of the past, that doesn’t feel so sharp and cutting.
Be gentle with yourself!
It’s the path of least resistance to blame; look at the happiest moments in your life that were NOT related to your husband, and know that the future is hiding new beautiful moments for you. You just need to live through this shit right now, and prove to the universe that you want it.

Bernie Burnalot
July 04, 2021  | person burnalot
Ey Tim,

Just read this post today. I cannot express my thoughts properly, so I will just say: be strong! you can do it! And if you need help, just ask!

Best luck,
Rodrigo, rrc2soft
July 04, 2021  | person_outline Rodrigo (rrc2soft)
No matter what, please keep us updated so we know you’re ok. And of course, we’re here to help. Sending love and healing!
July 05, 2021  | person dougdi
Best of luck Tim! The ios music world just wouldn't feel the same without you! Take time to focus on yourself. And I truly hope things work out for the best.
Hi Tim,
Thanks so much for this site and all that you have done here. Your site had been a gift in my world. And I have loved how you show up. Thank you.

If you need to move on from this site, I would certainly understand. While it would be sad, it would lead me to something else. I do hope you realize all that running this site has taught you. You have needed skills. I know you can find work that will pay you a good wage with your skills. It is there for you.

I am sorry to hear about the stress, the end of your marriage, and your financial difficulties. After I divorced many years ago, my former wife and I had to raise our son. At times it was quite difficult. What got me through a lot of it is a process called The Work of Byron Katie. What I love about it is that it is simple and you can even do it by yourself. All of the core material is free at her website: You don't need to sign up or take a class. Just click on the menu item: How to do The Work. There are also a bunch of videos. And if you find it interesting and would like some help, I would be happy to spend a couple of hours with you on it. (Don't worry I will not try to sell you anything.) It is just a process that has helped see keep some sanity in my world. And I know it is not for everyone.

I hope you are well.
All the best,
Hey Tim,
Just hang in there, deep breaths,.you can do this.
As for the rest of us: support Tim on Patreon/Timmeon!
Hi Tim
So sorry to hear about this. As a musician your know that life is built from frequencies, right? At the moment you are approaching a trough. It can be pretty rough, I know, but hang in there and you will soon start to rise up again and ride the crest of the next wave. Listen to your intuition and watch out for the little signs showing you the way back up.
Sending (((((positive vibes))))))
July 05, 2021  | person_outline A Multitude of One
Hi Tim,

I am sorry to learn about your break up and your hardships. Discchord was the first iOS blog I ever read and I hope it will survive in one form or another.

Even though you're going through hard times, I am sure something good will come out of it for you, both on a personnal level as well as professionally and musically!

I wish you the best and thank you for your honesty over all these years.
July 06, 2021  | touch_app Zvon
If you’re that messed with the politics out of Chicago
Not to mention blocking old puvk rovkers for being openly open to networking
Maybe you’d be staying in their beach house ;for free ?
Yeah you’re a dick and deserve thus !
Waaa waaa -
I’ve buried nearly everyone I loved before I was forty

I still came here after being banned not for my anarchistic for sounding maybe too conservative or you seeing one of your many flaws- I still gave your shallow privk ass whatever scraps I could -
_you’re probably a wife beating child hating racist whose a muther fucker that deserves to be shot
Whatever -
all the love &!all the hate -

“and so for now I see it clearly
a soldier in time
Knows what He Holds Dearly “

July 07, 2021  | person_outline DADA’samizdata
On July 07, 2021 - @DADA’samizdata said:
If you’re that messed with the politics out of Chicago
Not to mention blocking old puvk rovkers for being openly open to networking
Maybe you’d be staying in their beach house ;for free ?
Yeah you’re a dick and deserve thus !
Waaa waaa -
I’ve buried nearly everyone I loved before I was forty

I still came here after being banned not for my anarchistic for sounding maybe too conservative or you seeing one of your many flaws- I still gave your shallow privk ass whatever scraps I could -
_you’re probably a wife beating child hating racist whose a muther fucker that deserves to be shot
Whatever -
all the love &!all the hate -

“and so for now I see it clearly
a soldier in time
Knows what He Holds Dearly “


Is this some kind of reference or are you just randomizing everything?
July 07, 2021  | person_outline Erik Ooms
On July 07, 2021 - @DADA’samizdata said:
If you’re that messed with the politics out of Chicago
Not to mention blocking old puvk rovkers for being openly open to networking
Maybe you’d be staying in their beach house ;for free ?
Yeah you’re a dick and deserve thus !
Waaa waaa -
I’ve buried nearly everyone I loved before I was forty

I still came here after being banned not for my anarchistic for sounding maybe too conservative or you seeing one of your many flaws- I still gave your shallow privk ass whatever scraps I could -
_you’re probably a wife beating child hating racist whose a muther fucker that deserves to be shot
Whatever -
all the love &!all the hate -

“and so for now I see it clearly
a soldier in time
Knows what He Holds Dearly “


Kids…. Don’t do drugs.
After even these few days of no discchord posts, I'm seeing what an integral part of my iOS experience this site has been. Yea, I'll check to see if there are any updates in the app store...

Maybe Synthtopia will mention some iOS something, sometimes.


But mainly, I think of Tim as creating this little space in a lovely little virtual "park" in cyberland, where we all hang out and talk about nerdy music & tech stuff. Now we're all wandering around aimlessly-- like a bunch of dim-witted zombies. My point is only to express appreciation for what this site was, and how we're all in transition now.
@Stub, he didn’t say that discchord was over.
We all understand that he needs some rest and maybe a hiatus will follow then, but I am pretty sure that he will be back on the track sooner or later.
July 07, 2021  | person_outline MikeFR
On July 07, 2021 - @stub said:
After even these few days of no discchord posts, I'm seeing what an integral part of my iOS experience this site has been. Yea, I'll check to see if there are any updates in the app store...

Maybe Synthtopia will mention some iOS something, sometimes.


Another site I frequent is Synth Anatomy. I don’t even know if they have a community, but they do keep up with ios app news for the most part along with hardware news. They don’t cover a lot of the things that Tim reports on, like YouTube videos, but it’s pretty good!

If Tim is watching this… maybe a change from news blog with comments to a community-based forum with news posts could be the way to move forward with Discchord. I don’t use the forums here because it never occurs to me while I’m reading through Tim’s blog posts.

I enjoy the conversations and the unique insights shared here in the comments. Audiobus has a pretty strong community forum presence. AU3… not so much.
Hi Tim, Hang in there man. Hopefully things will get better soon.
July 08, 2021  | person_outline Shawn McClure
Bro. This site is iOS music haven. Thank YOU. See you soon
July 08, 2021  | person_outline MDJ
wut the dog doin
July 09, 2021  | person_outline Bill Cosby
Just passing by to say hi and stay strong Tim.
Been through this shit too (15yo marriage wreckage) for 9months now.
When deep in the turmoil it is hard to keep hope and visualize better days but... they will come for sure. Just fine the right pace, it can take months or years, but we are all equiped by design to cope with sorrow.
Don’t worry and bon courage.
July 12, 2021  | person_outline MikeFR
hope things are settling down / improving...
July 13, 2021  | person Re5etuk
we need you tim!
July 14, 2021  | person n44m
Hey Tim, we all hope that some things settled or are on its way. best wishes
July 14, 2021  | person bazebuster
Hope you reach a better place soon Tim. As well as having been a site of great interest and useful information, I have found it a comfort and an escape when I’ve been dealing with my own problems. Take care and thanks for the massive effort you’ve put in, I’m sure you agree that success isn’t always measured by monetary gain.
July 14, 2021  | person SimHC

Sorry to hear all your trouble. Thanks a million for your work on discchord all these year… For me it was a daily visit… And I m still doing it by reflex. Home you get well soon !


Brussels - Belgium
July 14, 2021  | person_outline Stefano
Hi Tim. I'm very sorry to hear of these stressful times for you. I hope that you can take a deep breath, relax a bit, and find some peace. I also hope that things will get much better for you both personally and professionally. Thanks for the community you have built and supported with Discchord!!! I always enjoy visiting your site. Even without new posts, there's a ton of info here to investigate. Best wishes for you, and Discchord!!!

Peace, Marc
July 15, 2021  | person_outline Marc
Sad times Tim, thanks for all you’ve done. Hope you feel better soon and recharge those batteries. Much love from the UK.
July 15, 2021  | person Charlie
Finally got around to listening to some of your hard psy nonsense (colony collapse disorder). I love it. Very nicely made. Good tones, well balanced. The stereo of the little voice snippets is very pleasing. Cool work, T-spice.
Will the real, genuine, slim shady, please come back, please come back …

July 16, 2021  | person nreyes
Aight, dedass this kinda do suck irl
July 16, 2021  | person_outline Bing Crosby
Hi Tim. If you like, I can do a guest takeover of the site until you come back. Keep things ticking over, so to speak….
July 18, 2021  | person nreyes
In case people missed this yesterday, Igor Vasiliev (Fieldscaper, Synthscaper, Beatcutter, etc) just released a cool new AU3 effect called Soundsaw. If your a fan of his apps, here’s his whole run down…
Hi Tim,

We're rooting for you. Your blog has been a cornerstone of the iOS app world and you deserve recognition for that. I hope you can continue Dischord and find a way to make a living off of it.

Shame on Apple for taking away their affiliate program.
It's quite a testament that this site which is admittedly more about a person and his interests and views rather than strictly reviewing things from an objective viewpoint, has become a cornerstone of thousands of people's daily lives, including mine for some time.
Much like being a musician in this world, journaling with passion and helping people to explore their creativity doesn't typically pay well. But damn Tim you're so good at it.
Maybe run discchord from Mexico ;)
Cheers mate,
Best of luck
July 21, 2021  | person_outline Xopianoi
Hi Tim!

Sorry to hear that. I wish you all the best!

Greetings from Copenhagen,
July 21, 2021  | person Ornette
I'm still popping in every few days, a combination of muscle memory, and just wanting to see if Tim posts any update as to his situation.

When I think of Apple's removal of the affiliate links thing, I picture Tim Cook, steepling his fingers close to his nose, quietly muttering, "Kill them. Kill them all." I know that's not fair. Maintaining a successful brand is one dumb-fuck move away from total ruin. OTOH, it was an asshole move, even if they were operating that aspect at a loss, couldn't have been costing them THAT much, and it was a community service-- e.g., this community for example.
It’s time to put on makeup. It’s time to dress up right. It’s time to get things started on the Tim Webb show tonight.

Come on you fucking muppets, let’s get this guy back on the road….

Altogether now: Bring back Tim, Bring back Tim!
July 21, 2021  | person nreyes
When he's ready, maybe he'll make some YT vids. In meantime, we should probably be logging some likes, subscribes, views, etc over there on Google's teet.
Hi Tim,
I’m very sorry to hear that you’re going through a hard time in your life...

Just want you to know (for what it’s worth) that you have played a massive role on the way I’m making music on iOS. Most of the apps I bought ,and there are tons, I learned about them on discchord.

Making music, tweaking knobs, sounds, synths is kind of a daily cure for me and the great work you’ve done here is partly responsible for that, so Huge Massive Thanks to YOU !

Wish you the best for whatever’s next.

Take care of yourself and the ones you love and again THANK YOU 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

July 23, 2021  | person Nikoooo23
Hope things are doing ok now a little time has passed. I know I reached a point of burnout at the same time a relationship ended and well thats why I closed all my visual projects and started learning audio when I found you to begin with. A decade later soooooo much has changed , but I never went back to visual work till just this last year.

After you get stable I hope you continue on your music but if you DONT, Most of the folks here I think they are here cuz they dig you. We can get our app news and such on the community you helped build, but we cant get Tim if he stops being Tim, so I hope you come back some day and focus on your music, or whatever new things you be doing. Im so conditioned to click the Discchord shortcut I would still come to this site if you were just posting cat pics.
July 23, 2021  | person_outline Cyp3 666
101 comments! Piggybacking of @Cyp3 666's comment, this forum (as this long comment thread shows) is, in large part, a bunch of Tim Webb fans who get to learn and share info about music, tech, and other concepts.
Dear Tim,

Whatever you do, I hope you will find happiness again. Running this blog and a Youtube channel must have been a fulltime job. At times I wonder if the money I earn is worth all the pressure, stress and sleepless nights. But then I ask myself: is this work making me happy and does it fill my need of fullfillment? That alone makes it worth it in my opinion. When you are struck with a disaster like this, I think what‘s best is to see is as a new opportunity. Whatever comes out of it, we should always do our best to turn it into something positive and amazing, just to show them you are better than this. It would be awesome to have discchord back on track again but that‘s not something we can expect from you. What I hope for you is that you‘ll be able to rise again and make cool shit happen just like before. All the best!

July 24, 2021  | person_outline Robert Jung
Ok, anybody else think it’s weird that Tim hasn’t chimed in at all on this post? I hope he’s ok. Tim, if you’re listening, let us know you’re ok, brother!
July 26, 2021  | person_outline Matt Brown
On July 26, 2021 - @Matt Brown said:
Ok, anybody else think it’s weird that Tim hasn’t chimed in at all on this post? I hope he’s ok. Tim, if you’re listening, let us know you’re ok, brother!

I guess he did comment on July 2nd. Not sure how I missed that. But still, that’s a while ago
July 26, 2021  | person_outline Matt Brown
I'm hoping he'll chime in within the next few days (maybe as a monthly update?) But he may be scrambling.
I really miss your was always a location for inspiration and good fun to read!
July 28, 2021  | person_outline Seppy

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