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Sweetwater: Pro Co Lil’ RAT Distortion Pedal Demo

Don Carr did a detailed demonstration of the Lil' Rat for Sweetwater. The Lil' Rat has the distinction of being one of very few guitar pedals I'm even aware of. The Lil' Rat is packed with all of the same features found in Pro Co's flagship Rat 2. All Rats end up on Roland TB-303 and their clones, so if you are a guitarist who hates Acid House you need to buy yours (for $70 on Sweetwater) before Acid producers do!

Video Description:

Shop for the Pro Co Lil’ RAT pedal at Sweetwater 👉 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LilRat--pro-co-lil-rat-distortion-fuzz-overdrive-pedal/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=01AdVWbcDCc

A pedal collection just isn’t complete without a RAT distortion pedal. But what if you only have about two inches of breathing room on your pedalboard? No problem. The Pro Co Lil’ RAT packs a full-blown RAT 2 into a micro-sized stompbox. The Lil’ RAT offers all of the tone and functionality of its larger predecessor: the familiar 3-knob layout, the rugged on/off footswitch, and the stylish “A” status LED. The only thing that’s missing is the battery compartment.

0:00 - Intro
1:08 - Pro Co Lil' RAT Controls at a Glance
1:48 - Don's Test Rig
2:37 - Hear the Pro Co Lil' RAT in Action
4:47 - Pro Co Lil' RAT with Single Coils
7:06 - Pro Co Lil' RAT Boosting an Overdriven Amp
7:55 - Thanks for Watching!

Reader Comments 1

roland make a great rat …roland rat ! haha
June 16, 2021  | person n44m

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