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WWDC 2021: Apple Made Henny Sad

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference started off life as a way for Apple's most faithful servants to pay homage, and to lick their wounds. The first was held in 1983, and things didn't go great for Apple for the next 25 years. During Steve Jobs' return to the throne, the keynote for WWDC was co-opted as another opportunity to promote Apple products to the press.

Some folks are kind of annoyed by yesterday's return to a keynote that was largely targeted at developers. It makes sense for the WWDC Keynote to be as developer focused as it was. It should have always been this way. I was initially planning on not covering this year's event at all. This is an event developers care the most about, so I'd like to let them have it without my bitching.

Unfortunately this has not gone over well with the community. I've never seen Henny in this kind of a mood. He is explicitly directing his subscribers to avoid the 2021 M1 iPad Pro until Apple make it worthwhile. He does not feel like his purchase has met that bar, and yesterday's WWDC keynote didn't change that feeling.

Video Description:

Here’s my thoughts on WWDC21 as it relates to purchasing a new iPadPro 2021 …

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I relate to Henny a lot on this one. I bought into M1 iPad, got caught up in the hype train. Feeling a little annoyed that there's no real push to actually use the power.
June 08, 2021  | person_outline Dylan Paris
went from a 2017 10.5 pro to a 12.9 M1 2tb and (almost) couldnt be happier. i realize everyone wanted ports of final cut and ableton and a whole new os delivered via unicorn with the purchase of their new pros but im just happy to be able to run as many synths and auv3 in aum I want without crackling and dropouts. moving files is still a pain but either its getting better or I'm just getting used to the process and now that in theory there is enough power to run pro level apps im hoping the developers will just take the initiative and start giving even better apps to utilize. basically i wasn't expecting anything more than a major upgrade in power and stability so i'm pretty stoked. everything above that will just be icing for me.
On June 08, 2021 - @Dylan Paris said:
I relate to Henny a lot on this one. I bought into M1 iPad, got caught up in the hype train. Feeling a little annoyed that there's no real push to actually use the power.

Yeah, this is exactly how Apple gets everyone. And Apple eventually gets everyone if you stick around long enough.
Dumb question: Is this a matter of the hardware being capable but the OS version and software just need to catch up, or is it one of those lateral move kinds of innovations.

After Apple purged the headphone jack.... well, let's just say that one never gets easy to swallow.
Well, headphone jack is a sorely missing. But anybody who using iPad for a live performance will find a way to utilize all that power easily. For example, myself together with developer Andrea Angelini recently found a “bug feature” in iOS: if you’re using buffer larger than 512 in the host, some if not the all of the sequencer apps starts to behave pretty unstable, and some even won’t sync with AUv3 host at all! And live FX used by guitarists, for example, needs as small buffer as possible to feel alive. Then imagine that you are using both live FX and some synths in background, and some live instruments like Samplr, and some sequencers, all together. Here we are!

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