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Mela 2.1 Update

Mela 2 – Synth & FX, from Nikolozi Pty Ltd, was updated with several new features including an improved preset selector, preset browser. The update also exposed new parameters to play with!

What's new in Mela 2 – Synth & FX v2.1:

Preset Selector:
- Tapping preset selector now shows / hides the preset browser. This behavior aligns better with the user's expectations.
- The context menu is still available by long pressing the preset selector.
- "Random in Group" is a new mode of preset selection. When enabled, the left/right arrows turn into dice and tapping on them randomly loads a preset from the selected preset group.
- "Import" and "Export All" items have been removed from the context menu. These features are now part of the preset browser.

Preset Browser:
- Added a new action menu with the following items: "Save Preset", "Init", "Default", "Create Group". It's accessible by tapping on the button with the ellipsis icon.
- Added ability to create custom preset groups. Their buttons are double in length when compared to the User or factory preset groups. And unlike them, the custom groups aren't visible to the host.
- Presets can be imported into or exported from the User or a custom group directly. To access these features, long press a preset group button.
- When a preset is changed via the preset selector, the browser now automatically scrolls to the selected preset and selected group.
- A preset or a group can be renamed via the context menu.
- Added the ability to empty the User group.
- The context menu now displays "Factory Preset" or "Factory Group" when the long press gesture is performed on a factory item.
- The preset browser is now visible by default when the audio unit is loaded.
- Preset group contents refresh even when the changes are made in another instance of the audio unit.
- Increased minimum preset row count from 2 to 3.
- Added new presets.

Parameter controls:
- Added the global dry/wet mix parameter to Mela FX. The Dry and Wet parameters can still be adjusted independently and are found in the I/O module.
- The global mix parameter is now also a destination in the Mod Matrix.
- Increased the precision of the intensity parameter controls in the Mod Matrix.
- Double-tap-to-reset now also works on the intensity controls.
- Manually entering parameter values is now possible in Mela 2. Simply select "Number Pad" from the parameter control's context menu.

Other Changes:
- Improved fade animations of controls.
- In the app, the musical keyboard is now visible by default.
- Preset title text size no longer follows the system's text size setting.
- Added a workaround to the iOS bug that prevents the preset importer sheet from being presented.

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