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BeatCutter Update

BeatCutter, from Igor Vasiliev, was updated with a feedback mode that changes over time. This is perfect for the evolution that is found in BeatCutter's workflow. It sounds fantastic in the demo too.

What's new in BeatCutter v1.3:

The most important addition in this update is the feedback mode. This is not like analog feedback when positive loop gain occurs at some more or less stable resonant frequency. It looks more like fractals when the next level is similar to the whole structure, but in this case with constantly changes. We can say that it works like a sound structure that evolves and changes itself. This is an incredible ability to create perfect sound abstractions, unrelated to any external samples or signals and it opens up a huge potential for experimentation and inspiration.

All changes:

New feedback option sends the sum of the output buses signals back to the input.
Added option to fade out the output and reset cells in the sample matrix.
Additional output for channels C3,C4 for standalone mode and Audio unit.
Added option to send direct signals of the input buses to the additional output.
The direct signal of the input buses is now taken from the source signal.
Added option to send the output buses signals for internal reverb to the additional output.
App description has been updated and improved (also available as PDF).
Added new datasets for templates.
Some improvements of audio engine.
Fixed problem with output to Bluetooth device.
Minor bugs were fixed.

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