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Gavinski’s Tutorials: Pure Piano - Comparison Review

Pure Piano has gotten a ton of interest since its release and YouTuber Gavinski shares the enthusiasm! In the video he even compares the new app against a couple of long-favored grand piano apps on iOS.

Video Description:

Pure Piano is an excellent grand piano with a unique morph pad allowing experimental sounds such as pad sounds, reverse, percussive styles and intimate sounds somewhat similar to a Felt Piano. In this video I walk you through all the features, and give you a detailed comparison of how this sounds with some of the other best iOS Pianos: Ravenscroft 275 and the Korg Module Ivory American D. This video will be very helpful in letting you decide whether if you still have one or both of those, Pure Piano is still worth buying or not. I want to give my huge thanks to Michael Levy for providing the beautiful jazzy improv midi I use for this comparison, Some of you may know him as LinearLineman from the Audiobus Forum. Michael is not only very talented but also extremely prolific. You can check out hundreds of his improvisations at https://soundcloud.com/michael-levy-387395070

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00:00 Intro & Giveaway Details
01:59 First Listen using midi from Piano Motifs app, How the Morph Pad Works, presets with custom reverb
05:51 The FX Section, ‘Control by Morph Pad’ setting, the EQ section
07:27 The Reverb Section, Morph Pad with auto-reverb
08:26 The Delay Section
11:48 Velocity Response Curves, are parameters automated?, liquid morph, tuning, transpose
15:47 Comparison of Pure Piano, Ravenscroft 275 and Korg Module American D. Big thanks to Michael Levi (LinearLineman) for providing this beautiful improv midi
30:25 Outro & Overall Review

Reader Comments 1

I think a "felt" piano can be gotten with a combination of EQ and a bit of a ramped envelope. I wonder if that can be gotten in Pure Piano.

My humble piano happens to have a felt rail and I really love that sound.

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