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Seisuke Dohi: Trumpet + FX / Polyend / Moog Sirin /SpaceCraft

So many people have been enthusiastic about the Polyend Tracker, while I remain deeply terrified of the thing. I don't know what tracker did me wrong as a kid, but I've got a tracker sequencer phobia! The idea of a hardware tracker is just too many levels of alien weirdness for my brain to even comprehend.

YouTuber Seisuke Dohi is fortunately better able to comprehend the power of his Polyend gear. I enjoyed it all very much on this contemplative and evolving work of Ambient Beat music. I even loved the trumpet in here!

Video Description:

Gear used:
Polyend Seq (MIDI Step Sequencer)
Polyend Tracker (Sampler, Sequencer, etc.)
Moog Sirin (Analog Synthesizer)
SpaceCraft Granular Synth (iPad App)
Vermona DRM1 MKIII (Analog Drum Synthesizer)


Reader Comments 3

I know what you mean about trackers being intimidating. I really really wanted to like Sunvox. Something about it is so weird and gadgety.

When I've seen artists working with trackers, it seems like it exploits this ratio of imposing limitations to speed of workflow.

The polyend seems to make it possible to make some cool sounds and weird-ass chords and melodies. None of the examples I've heard went beyond standard rhythms and step rates.

But with polyend, I'd expect some of that capability is under the hood.
On April 29, 2021 - @stub said:
I know what you mean about trackers being intimidating. I really really wanted to like Sunvox. Something about it is so weird and gadgety.
YES! God SunVox looks like a wonder to play in! For years and years now I'll randomly jumped at it some day with passion and an idea, but every time I do... I fail to enjoy the experience. I just can't Tracker.
SunVox is kinda hard to get into, especially on a tablet. Trackers work really well with keys imo. I have the Nerdseq for my eurorack, and as a sequencer for a modular rig, there is nothing better out there. The flexibility and capabilities in terms of just making generative music or straight up hella tight tracks, mind blowing. The FX slots in the tracker is where all the magic is done. You can do SO MUCH witht that thing.. ratcheting and glides etc, very basic. ..but you can make one track interact with other tracks, you can make all the fx happen/not happen with a randomness setting. You can set a random jump to any line in the track (or other tracks) etc. etc. Transposing can be done with the fx slot.... There’s just a million fx in there and it lets you make variations on your loops that keep them fresh and interesting.

100% perfect for glitch.

Needless to say, I want the polyend _a lot_.

I also wanted to love SunVox. That’s why I bought the nerdseq. SunVox showed me that modular synths and trackers belong together. Nothing even comes close in the eurorack world.
May 04, 2021  | person_outline VGA Port Authority

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