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VolcaNiced: MYNTH - A MicroFreak on IOS

YouTuber VolcaNiced compares the new MYNTH from Fingerlab to the popular Arturia MicroFreak.

Video Description:

I don't usually show apps.
The exceptions so far have been:

Quantiloop Pro https://youtu.be/71SJQTz6Tt4
BlocsWave https://youtu.be/BLd-wBLJa3U
ENSO https://youtu.be/MA1ll_YE9EM
Launchpad https://youtu.be/g0b1tE3C7t4
Musyc https://youtu.be/Y6NnAgFPgf4
Loopy HD https://youtu.be/bEjpUMhKT9I

because I think these apps are particularly cool.

And it is the same with Mynth. And since there are no videos from Mynth so far, I thought to myself, I would just introduce Mynth, because the app is cool and because it's from Fingerlabs (Musyc you remember?).
So if I have an Ipad and want to try Mynth, just download it for free. Some functions are then deactivated, but you can still test a lot.

Thanks for your support,
stay healthy and take care of your loved ones.

PS: Lotte is doing great. She is really very, very hungry and keeps and on her toes.

Reader Comments 3

An awesome little synth with "drawable" oscillator and LFO waveforms. Highly recommend the full unlock IAP!
April 14, 2021  | person BDBaker1958
I tried the free version and then went ahead and got the IAP which is reasonably priced. Still just playing around with it but I can already say it is very gratifying. I found it easy and fun to use especially doing simple things like routing the LFOs to the VCOs and “drawing” different waveforms for some wild sounds. You can also go completely the other way and make some chilled or softer sounds, so suitable for many genres. The unlock gets you a bunch of presets and access to the FX and the arpeggiator. but the + and - buttons of the arp don’t seem to work quite as expected (maybe a small bug?] I think this app is worth the price and useful if you want an easy way of delving into synthesis and you want to understand how different parameters affect or build up a sound. In other apps I have previously found it too complicated but here it is easy to follow
April 15, 2021  | person nreyes
I’m very impressed with the apps Fingerlab has produced!
May 03, 2021  | person_outline Ken Pepperman

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