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michael nervOus: Experiments at 432Hz with Diagnostics

Reader, and most recent Timmeon Patron, michael nervOus is up to some serious experimentation. A lot of musicians will try to lean on "experimental" as a crutch to excuse a poor performance, or as a Band-Aid for their bruised egos. Michael's got a real experiment he wanted to try! If you're interested in experimental sound design you're going to love this video. Michael is able to eloquently explain the hypothesis he started off with, and the exploration that followed, while embracing a happy accident along the way!

Video Description:

A4=432hz Sound Experiments: using a single sine wave with middle A tuned to 432 rather than 440 to see if it feels more natural.

On october 20 2020 I released the experimental concept album "Four Hundred Thirty Two".
The Idea behind it was to test the A=432 hz theory of tuning music for a more natural in tune with the universe feeling of calm. I was under the impression it was music tuned to 432 and not a single sine wave so I got curious.

To further explain my thought process I wanted to have a way to set multiple sound devices around the house producing a single sine wave tone @ A4. To start I downloaded an already tuned sine wave .wav file of about 2 seconds. My intention was to next use an audio generator at that frequency but It sounded good and I just started experimenting with it. Next I took the file to paul's extreme sound stretch and made the sine wave twenty four minutes and 40 seconds long. I was happy with that and did not even think to grab the audio generator. I repeated the process by adding binaural beats to see if that would give me a calmer feeling in headphones. I accidentally played both the clean tone and the binaural beats tone together and thought this should be an album. I went back and started adding octave layers to the tone. I really liked all these tracks in headphones and kept at it for 6 more test songs. I have quite a few test records and have always loved experimental sounds more than conventional recordings but when experimental and conventional popular combine like Spiritualized's Tones for DJs or Zaireeka by the Flaming Lips (see below for links) that is where I get really excited about sound. The spiritualized record is just tones at different HZ and slightly phased and have volume swells to give a space vibe. The flaming lips record gives you 4 separate sound sources syncd only by you pressing play on 4 separate cd players or record players at the same time. When the Flaming Lips record came out there was a listening party at the Empty Bottle in Chicago (woah I'm wearing an EMpty Bottle shirt in the thumbnail...it's the 432hz universe thing lol) . They setup 4 sound sources around the venue and set up couches for everyone to hang out and listen it was so cool and even better when it didn't quite line up and they had to start songs over. Fun fact there was bands playing the flaming lips before and after the listening party and there was supposed to be a person dressed in a bunny costume and dancing on stage. well they did not show up so i'll give you one guess who did it. mind u the costume was for someone about 5'.5" and I'm 6'.3" so yeah I kinda thought no one would no it was me....wrong. Anyway the spiritualized record would be used for the band walking on stage during the pure phase tour and between songs and during a few songs and it just worked. The whole show it felt like you were swirling in and out of the music. So now this leads up to where I got the idea to put out an album that could be played in unison.

The video is me taking all these different frequency recordings and mixing them on the ipad in the wonderful app AUM (audio unit mixer). Aum allows an experimental artist to create their own daw / mixer like environment with channel strips, bussing and routing of fx that is not possible out of the app. I create 9 channel strips, 1 master and multiple instances of fx slots, panning slots and the 9 tracks are bussed into the master. I wanted to just mix and add fx to see if what the oscilloscope showed and if it was still tuned to 432 using the tuner function of the audiokit auto tune app. I also added the frequency analyser app from 4pockets to see the harmonics and what the binaural beats did visually.

I got curious if the upload and export features on Paul stretch and youtube / distrokid would color the sound. Problem with that is I would have to use an external oscilloscope and mine seems to have a blown fuse and why i decided to mix this on ipad.

Corrections of my speaking:
The album 432 is only 9 tracks the 10 track in the video is the master bus.

The album in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsAQeRra2cU&list=OLAK5uy_nDrri9GRcR_vjt3Yjm9D6HOgF0Wy1cnrs
my distrokid album uploads: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKAOiKjVIyAgFZajT8vyHw
Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch: http://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/
Spiritualized tones for djs example: https://youtu.be/auV46kknKu8
Flaming Lips Zaireeka mixed with visual of albums spinning at the same time: https://youtu.be/stEVsNdK-ho

Most Streaming services https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/michaelnervous/four-hundred-thirty-two

All michael nervous sites in one handy link https://linktr.ee/michaelnervous

Bandcamp for michael nervous https://michaelnervous.bandcamp.com/

Reader Comments 2

Thanks for the kind words Tim. Glad to join your Timmeon Patron.
Sounds nice at 420 when I clicked out to comment. 🙀. I really love the video AU app! One of my fav things to do is just sit and sample and chop sample and shop till I have a huge mess then I go through and delete all the junk and title the good stuff with some confusing name I will never be able to decipher.
April 12, 2021  | person_outline Cyp3

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