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Atom | Piano Roll 2 Update

Atom | Piano Roll 2 continues to receive a lot of post-launch support from Victor Porof.

What's new in Atom | Piano Roll 2 v2.0.4:

- A user manual is now available. Find it in an instance's app menu.
- Tapping will now preview notes on the piano roll vertical keyboard.
- Powerful new swing controls: apply negative swing, nudge the timings or control the durations.
- Drag and drop not just MIDI, but also scripts, styles or configurations onto your clips, and they will immediately apply to your session. Want to try out a different skin? Or bring your controller to life? Just drag and drop. Easily import and use code that others wrote!
- Scripts now support message logging. A new directory called "Logs" is created in your Atom folder containing log files. Devices, input and output ports are automatically logged for convenience. Use `console.log(...)` to log a custom message from your script.
- Controller scripts specifying an input and output port can now use either the short name or the longer label for port identification.
- Added new ways of visualizing velocity: with colors, opacity, bar positioning or thickness, or the numerical value itself.
- Added new ways of visualizing pitch: octave colors, highlighting in and out of scale notes and others.
- Added a plethora of additional example styles to get you inspired.
- Fixed an issue where certain controllers (like the Lauchkey Mini) would emit high-pitched sounds when manually routed.
- MIDI clock is now passed-through with Novation controllers when routed through clips.
- CC messages are now passed-through when routed through clips.
- Mutation panel controls are now reset to default after baking non-destructive processing operations.
- The velocity offset slider is now more accurate.

Reader Comments 1

Negative swing is intriguing. If we assume 0% swing is even 8ths, and 100% is 2:1 (triplet-based), then I'd imagine -100% swing would be 1:2 (triplet based). That'll be fun to mess with. It's more common in African rhythms.

As deep as this plug is, the manual is definitely welcome-- and with the way this is all implemented-- it's a worthwhile investment to learn this plugin. I could see it being really powerful for chords, melodies and grooves. I'm in.

Running this along side Skaka-- seems like a really interesting match-- in terms of how much muscle there is. I just wish skaka included a few more drum sounds.

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