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Chris Lody: Wall Wart Music - Pickup Coil with volca Modular

ChrisLody used a pickup coil to get random electrical signals off of the transformers in power supplies. These were then fed into the KORG volca Modular to generate wild results!

Video Description:

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Here's a nice weird experimental jam for a bank holiday Sunday afternoon. I would have liked more time to work on this but despite having 4 whole days to potentially be in the studio it turned into a bank holiday weekend of housework and decorating. Uuuuuughhh.

Never mind, this turned out okay anyway. So the main idea here is the the little black thing I'm holding in my right hand is a coil of wire around a metal core connected up like a microphone. It detects magnetic fields given off by electronic and electrical equipment, something know as circuit sniffing by some people. I connected it to the little Korg Sound on Sound box you can see at the top of the shot which is acting as a preamp and then into the Volca Modular via the CV input. By positioning in various places above the power supplies I have on the desk the Volca Modular hears them as various humming and noise signals that I can then treat like any other sound on the V.Mod, routing them to the output or using them as control signal. Good fun if a bit unpredictable.

The Volca Sample is playing a chopped up recording of me running on gravel I found in my field recordings, the 8Bit Warps is in FM mode playing a sort of choir patch I made. By the way, the whole thing is in 15/16 time as if I needed to add any more weirdness

I'm now also rocking a brand new Focusrite 18i8 audio interface to replace the M-Audio Fasttrack I've had for about 15 years so this was a chance to try recording some multi tracks with that and also to try running an fx send out and back in to my Zoom 1201 which seems to have become my trademark reverb sound or something. It's nice to actually be able to tweak and mix properly after recording again like I use to do back when my Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire was still alive :)

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