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midiDREAMs by Arthur Kerns

Arthur Kerns released midiDREAMs, an analog sequencer for AUv3. This is a rare treat for fans of classic analog sequencers. We just don't see a lot of this on iOS. midiDREAMs may even be the first AUv3 analog sequencer. Frankly, I can't keep track of all the apps anymore! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Christ, it has been 3 weeks and I still need nicotine! Let's be positive and assume that this is in fact the very first analog sequencer for AUv3.

As an added bonus, you also get midiDRUMs, an AUv3 x0x-style drum sequencer!


midiDREAMs is a MIDI AUv3 sequencer plugin designed to work like a classic analog-style modular sequencer with 16 virtual sliders and up to 64 steps per pattern. It requires a music app host that supports MIDI AUv3 plugins such as AUM, Audiobus, Cubasis, ApeMatrix, etc, and runs within those host apps. You can use it to sequence synth apps running on your iPad or external hardware synthesizers connected with MIDI.

Also included is midiDRUMs, a second MIDI AUv3 that is an x0x-grid style drum sequencer. This plugin should be used in host apps such as AUM, AudioBus, etc to sequence drum plugins and external drum machines.

midiDREAMs features:
MIDI AUv3 sequencer plugin that sends MIDI notes to your favorite app or hardware synth
Works with AudioBus, AUM, ApeMatrix, Cubasis and other MIDI AUv3 host apps
Up to 64 steps per pattern, with 16 patterns
16 virtual sliders control pitch, velocity, note length, probability
16 buttons each for gate on/off, skip step, last step, pattern
Control note speed, sequence direction, set maj/min key and octave, re-sync
Ratcheting with 2, 3 or 4 sub-steps per step, also probability based ratcheting per step
Unlock pitch / vel / len / prob sequencers to run independently
Extensive AU parameter control

midiDRUMs features:
MIDI AUv3 drum sequencer plugin that sends MIDI notes to your favorite drum app or hardware drum machine
Works with AudioBus, AUM, ApeMatrix, Cubasis and other MIDI AUv3 host apps
Up to 64 steps per pattern, with 16 patterns
8 parts, set triggers with a 16x8 grid
Set velocity and probability per part, per step with 16 virtual sliders
Customize kit to send different MIDI note numbers, and even on different MIDI channels
AU parameter control

Reader Comments 3

The 3rd day, the 3rd week, the 3rd month, are the toughest when stopping smoking! I feel you, I've stopped in 2004, and I still feel for a smoke sometimes. Be strong, it is worth it! Take care :)
February 22, 2021  | person_outline louis brochu
It's great to hear thar you are on the way to healthier life, Tim!

On the app: it's a lot like StepBud, but it's iPad only :( And Cem Olcay's app amazes me with individual length setting for each step. Drum sequencer though is very Elastic Drums – like.

I guess it could be worthwhile to "stack" apps together if they have almost identical functions, to remind them easily together ;) In your mind, or maybe create some "stacks" to be shown here on site? It's like categories, but with more strict filter.
February 23, 2021  | favorite_border eVr
Does this have a way of automating pattern switches?
February 23, 2021  | person_outline Aaron

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