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Spire: Music Recording Studio Update

Something strange is going on with iZotope. I'm hesitant to even post this because I have a lot of respect for iZotope as a company, and as a sponsor for some of my favorite sites and podcasts. But I'm beginning to suspect some fuckery is afoot. Their hardware Spire Studio recorder is now conspicuously absent from retailer's sites. A link I posted here in 2017 to Sweetwater's page now redirects to an RME interface instead! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SpireStudio

The only people selling these on Amazon are just gouging. $800 for a used one, while a new unit is listed at $1,100. They originally released for $350. Now I can only find new ones on eBay for $500!

iZotope haven't abandoned the Spire: Music Recording Studio though. The companion app has received continuous updates since its launch. This includes new features being added this month! Unfortunately they come at an additional price. While the base hardware itself costs around $500, if you can find them, the new "Spire Pro" exclusive features require an additional subscription fee! It seems odd to me to introduce a $48/year subscription to a companion app for hardware you aren't even actively distributing.

Update: I received a reply via Twitter that they are currently building more Spires, they're just sold out right now!

What's new in Spire: Music Recording Studio v2.46.0:

• SPIRE PRO EXCLUSIVE: Automatically reduce background noise from your recordings and unwanted reverb, pops, and plosives from your vocal tracks* with Spire Pro. Featuring iZotope RX's award-winning audio repair technology—the same tech used on your favorite albums, movies, and TV shows—you can record release-ready tracks with Spire easier than ever.
• SPIRE PRO EXCLUSIVE: Tap Inspire Me on the Mix screen to add unique, randomized effects to your tracks and jump-start your creativity! This mix effect generator randomly combines effects like static EQ, plate reverb, iZotope Trash distortion, echo, chorus, tremolo, phaser, and more with a roll of the dice!
• Tap PRO in the top right of your projects to open a hub where you can access and learn more about all the exclusive features and content available when you join Spire Pro.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

*WiFi connection with internet required for Spire Pro to render audio cleanup

Subscribing to Spire Pro unlocks full access to exclusive features and content as soon as they're released. Tap Upgrade to Spire Pro in the settings to start your free trial or visit izotope.com/spirepro for more info.

Reader Comments 7

Prior to the subscription service you needed the Spire hardware to unlock the virtual studio effects but no longer. The Spire Pro effects are available on iPhone for $4.99 a month. I quite like Spire and the app does an amazing job on vocals. I'd gladly buy the pro effects a la carte. But my commitment to the app doesn't extend to $5.00 a month because I have so many other companies vying for my subscription dollars.
February 19, 2021  | person_outline Kate

I bought spire, ... it wasn't good. Its not a true audio interface , doesnt integrate with an actual studio. very overrated. stay away.
February 19, 2021  | person_outline Hodari
The Spire page on the izotope website said they sold out, but they're coming back in stock this year. Spire Pro doesn't need the hardware if you're on apple. it works standalone just fine.
February 19, 2021  | person_outline Dan
Such an odd piece of kit. No idea who the target audience would be. Their newer plug-ins have gotten kind of strange, too. I absolutely love RX and Ozone.
February 20, 2021  | person nottooloud
Im trying to only say nice things but subscriptions, they make me not have happy thoughts. They make me think of the land hoards I have paid for the past lifetime and have nothing to show. No, no no nonononono!

I get that devs are running on a treadmill with apples ever changing requirements but NO.
February 21, 2021  | person_outline Cyp3

Though I agree and feel the mostly the same way; I've softened my stance a little bit.

If the subscription price is considerably cheaper than a permanent license-- over an extended amount of time, that seems like a reasonable trade-off. If the developer also offers a full-permanent license option, I like that even more-- especially where the subscription option can double as a kind of project-based use, or as a more extended demo.

That said, I don't have any subscription software. If it all goes that way, well, I'll have some thinking to do.
February 22, 2021  | favorite_border stub
I personally am very miffed about this "new" subscription bs
My husband spent over 350 to get me the Spire studio for our 32nd wedding anniversary last July.
I did feel that the quality of my recordings ( for use with hardware ie my ukuleles and vocals) were really great. It was a noticeable improvement over my current set up HOWEVER, I got the same crap being dished to me about it not being discontinued. The reason I had to call them was because a friend wanted to buy the spire and she was told by Sweetwater *where my husband purchased it that it was discontinued BUT when I call Izotope they insist it's not. THEN all of a sudden the free app isn't free for better features. I don't know. I think they should have done something for the folks who shelled out the $ for the hardware. I'm still using it and have gotten very good recordings as it works very easily and perfectly but I"m still a bit confused and annoyed.
March 08, 2021  | person_outline Maria

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