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ChordMaps2 Update

Malcolm Mugglin has continued to keep his app ChordMaps2 updated with new features! Originally released in 2016, the app got renewed interest in 2020. That cynosure continues today with an update that adds an arp!

What's new in ChordMaps2 v1.17:

Added a basic arpeggiator -- (1) Set the Tempo. (2) Select 4/4 or 3/4. (3) Select the MIDI channel - "B&C" for the bass and chord channels or "ARP" for the Arpeggio Sound channel (4) Choose B for a bass note pattern, C for a chord note pattern, BC1 or BC2 for patterns that use both bass and chord notes. (5) Select a pattern (1 to 24). Enable "PLAY ARP." The next chord location touched will play as an arpeggio. (The pattern can be changed to another pattern while the arpeggio is playing.)

Also fixed a strumming situation (sliding sideways on two strings at the same time was causing notes to be triggered again).

Playing Suggestion: Strumming works well when the Chordmap region is set to play only the bass note, and the strum area is used to strum or fingerpick the chord notes. First, the left hand touches the chord location, triggering the bass note. Then the right hand answers by tapping or sliding on the strum area.

Reader Comments 4

I have installed the new version and now it just doesn’t start...
February 17, 2021  | person_outline Hg
Well, I've learned something new today.

How is this a cynosure? Do you find the app particularly brilliant or interesting?
February 17, 2021  | person_outline Boberto
From the developer: There have been reports that ChordMaps2 is no longer opening (after the 1.17 update). Same thing happened to me... but when I deleted ChordMaps2 from my iPad, and then downloaded it again from the App store... it worked fine. Not sure why, but maybe this will help to get it up and running again.
February 18, 2021  | person_outline Steve Mugglin
@Steve Mugglin : thanks for the tip, it works for me now
February 19, 2021  | person_outline Hg

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