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Gavinski’s Tutorials: Aparillo Synth Deep Dive

Gavinski’s Tutorials did an extensive Aparillo walkthrough that weighs in at over an hour.

Video Description:

This is an hour-long very deep but accessible walkthrough tutorial on Sugar Bytes Aparillo, equally relevant to both the iOS and desktop versions of the app, that will teach you pretty much all you need to know to understand how this wonderful synth works and start designing your own sounds in it. It also includes a short mid-section demoing some of the factory presets. I am completely blown away by this synth, it is totally unique, really powerful and - most importantly - hugely, hugely fun to design sounds in once you wrap your head around it. Copious timestamps have been included to help you find your way around the video! It takes about a week of work to research and make a video like this folks - please give it a thumbs-up, and subscribe for more if you find it useful!

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00:00 Intro, giveaway details
01:41 Brief overview begins
02:13 Audio example: modulating shift and brightness
03:41 Audio example and brief explanation of the Orbit
05:10 LFO Audio examples
06:36 Arpeggiator audio example
07:15 Spacializer audio example
08:19 Modulating Shift audio examples
08:40 Walkthrough begins: synth page, FM operators, algorithms, algorithm quantise, op bal slider, shift
14:35 Form, jitter, brightness, level
17:39 Shift function modulation & scales, important points about modulation sections
21:54 More about modulation options & per-voice modulation
25:13 Selected preset demos
30:55 LFO section explained
41:55 Arpeggiator section explained
49:00 FX section: filter, spacializer, panner, delay, reverb
57:44 Envelope section
01:01:01 Orbiter section
01:07:46 Outro & a gentle reminder

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