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Preview: KORG Gadget VR - First Look

KORG have announced a new VR version of Gadget coming this year. They haven't specified the VR platforms that they are going to targeting, but they demonstrate it working in one of the cheaper standalone models.

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Yeah! looks awesome!!
January 21, 2021  | person_outline beehau
Just make hardware controllers for those gadgets KORG.
January 21, 2021  | person Ed Jeffersen
This is awesome, I dont think many other companies are more suited to pull this off. I sorta imagined more complex ui than just a bunch of screens though. I wonder if they have the funds to go as deep as this deserves. I dont know a lot about vr but this looks like a damn good start though.
January 22, 2021  | person_outline Cyp3
Yes, and i second on the hardware controllers for gadgets! ive been waiting for korg to merge gadget with the volcas.. kinda confusing why they dont unless its a business dept sectioning of projects and teams...
January 22, 2021  | person_outline Cyp3
Whaaaat? This is amazing news. I had no idea this was a thing at all. Just gonna mention that the headset it is shown on is their newest high end headset, the quest 2. 300 bucks all in. No PC needed. I have one and it is fucking ace.

I’m just gonna loon out for a second here..

VR is low key where it’s at right now. The games media (whom I have no big quarrel with overall) talks down VR so much cause they’re ignorant as fuck on the matter, but sometimes they have to write something about it, half-life vr or similar can’t be ignored. I reeeeally wish VR got a fair shake instead of going through the gauntlet of ignorance that early gaming went through. Old people who have never touched a game begrudgingly writing about games cause that Mario Super is a big deal with the entertendo release.. Writing the article was randomly assigned to them. The same is happening now, and it sucks ass. Without the influential grumposauruses out there, VR would be much bigger.

If you listen to the enthusiasts on Reddit and wherever, there is inteeeeense love for VR. We all sound like fucking sect members to outsiders, but I swear, if you are a tech geek or a gamer or just someone who thought The Lawnmower Man looked cool as a kid.. It’s time to get into it right now. It’s actually starting to kick off, and to a newcomer there is a LOT of stuff you can play from the past 5 years. A lot.

In terms of lockdowns, no other medium is as social as VR, not even close. It is impossible to explain VR, but in short, our minds can be tricked, it didn’t take as much as we thought it would. Your mind accepts a virtual world through VR goggles as the real world. If you are in a cartoonish VR world, your brain will just go "cool beans, nice theme park, looks like a toonish world" and that’s that. Brain don’t give a shit about low res textures when shit is going down. That’s what’s referred to as "presence" or immersion. If a person is talking to you in there, cartoon face to cartoon face, it is a lot more than the sum of its parts seen from the outside. There is head movement, there is body language in the form of arms and sometimes fingers. Most people learn to use body language differently in there because of the limitations. Larger gestures read better.. we become more theatrical in our gestures. It’s really cool. Reminds me of early internet days. Now you can "be" the smiley.

Worst thing about VR is that it’s pretty much impossible to sell to people without shoving them into a headset.. now due to corona that’s essentially undoable.. Most people think it’s a screen on your face. Too hard to grasp the mind-trickery even for those who expected to love it.

If you know someone who has one and they are cool with showing it off, give it a go. Even if it’s not for you it is well worth seeing.

I can suggest people try out some minigolf or table tennis with people they know who also have VR, alternatively just random folks. Looots of lonely people out there, and those types of games are super chill and have chill people playing, it’s very social and might be a real blessing these darker days.

Anyways.. I love VR so much.. Give it a shot if you have the chance. Google Cardboard and stuff like that doesn’t count. Needs to have hands and freeish motion.
January 25, 2021  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
Thanks for that post, @VGA Port Authority

VR does looks fun, interesting, promising, but it is early days.

I fully expect my VR experience to be similar to my touchscreen experience-- which is to say, a mixed bag. But I am also prepared to have my mind blown, -- and I even look forward to it.

Books use your imagination. Audio engages one of your senses, and your imagination but can be immersive. VR engages two of your senses (?) and while it asks a bit less of your imagination, as you suggest, there's a "presence/immersion" I'm down for that.

As an avid movie enjoyer, I love the idea of a more "interactive movie"-- especially if the content providers are plugged in, creatively.

I'll probably get an OQ2 at some point and dink around.
January 25, 2021  | favorite_border stub
Yeah, it’s definitely early days for VR, but that just makes it even more exciting for me. I’m in it when it’s being figured out, just like early 80s and then again with 3d during the 90s. Such an exciting time, the pace of innovation is just crazy. The difference between right now and 2016 is immense. So many things are figured out already, like online shooters work super well now. Other things work far less well, although they are also improving with every game release.

Reminds me a lot of being in early with the ipad. Every year it just became more and more useful and cleverer and cleverer. It’s a super fun journey :)
January 27, 2021  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
On January 27, 2021 - @VGA Port Authority said:
The difference between right now and 2016 is immense. So many things are figured out already, like online shooters work super well now.

I'm curious about the online shooter experience. That's my primary genre of choice for gaming. I've been playing competitive shooters since Quake 2 98. I was even in some semi-pro teams going all the way from Counter Strike in 99, to Battlefield Vietnam in 2005. I'm 41 and my reflexes are still quick enough to keep up with the kids.

Just last night I got 4th place in COD Warzone's Battle Royale mode for Quads, while I'm playing as a solo. I had 12 kills too! Single-handedly taking out a whole squad of 4 people is an amazing feeling! You get this rush like you're living out some amazing action movie. I did it twice last night in one game!

But for VR it seems like the only place with a large player base is on PlayStation VR. I've played a whole bunch of Firewall, which is like Counter Strike VR, but the graphics aren't great and the developers are lazy.
Firewall is solid.
Thing about playerbases is that the Quest 2 kinda solved it. It’s nuts to me who has grown used to multiplayer vr games maybe lasting a week, but there are always people playing Onward, Contractors, population one and Pavlov at all times.

I came from the psvr to quest 2 and I love it for shooters. Contractors is so playable, like CoD. Just hella fun all day.
January 28, 2021  | person_outline VGA Port Authority

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