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LE05: Digitalism 2000 + AUv3 by AudioKit Pro

AudioKit Pro released LE05: Digitalism 2000. This AUv3, or standalone, app features over 1,000 samples from early 2000's digital synths. This is the 5th Limited Edition app from AudioKit, so grab it while you can!

LE05: Digitalism 2000 + AUv3

"Sounds Really Awesome!" - The Sound Test Room

DIGITALISM 2000 is a new vintage synth module featuring exclusive sounds recorded from Digital Synths from the early 2000s. Retro and modern.

These sounds were custom created for this app by the sound designers behind hit-making producers. Over 1,000+ individual samples were recorded from hardware synths and processed to perfection to make this expressive instrument for you!

+ Digital Synth Sounds: Pads, EPs, Synth, Bass, and more
+ Over 1,000+ individual samples custom recorded for this app
+ Over 60+ exclusive multi-sampled PCM sound sources
+ Compressed to under 200mb for save space
+ Over 100+ inspiring and creative presets
+ Easy-to-use controls

+ Universal: iPad & iPhone included
+ Standalone and AUv3 Modes

Lightweight & powerful. Tweak the presets to make them your own.
Run multiple instances of this AUv3 plugin effortlessly.

+ New powerful AUv3 code. Works great as an AU plugin in GarageBand, Cubasis 3, BM3, NS2, AUM, Auria Pro, and more
+ AUv3 Automation

If you liked the sounds of Digital D1 & FM Player, this app builds on that and takes you on a journey to the next decade, from the 80s & 90s to the 2000s!

For more information and to hear it:

Requires iPhone 6s size or above! (Will not work on 1st gen SE models)

What happens if I get a new iPhone or iPad?

The limited edition apps you have already acquired will remain in the app store so that you’ll always be able to download them as long as you have the same iTunes account.

What happens after the "app drop" release time is over?

The apps will remain in the App Store so that you may download updates. After the “app drop”, the price in the app store will go to the maximum price tier. As long as you keep the same iTunes account, you may download updates and copies to new devices for free!

Will the apps still be updated?

The apps will be updated for new iOS versions, to ensure that your limited edition apps continue to work as iOS technology progresses.

Doug Woods live-streamed his exploration of the app. Gavinski did a detailed Digitalism walkthrough.

Reader Comments 9

I recently re-acquired an XP-30 that I owned and used back in the early 2000's. It is an interesting and quirky digital synth from that era. In contains a massive variety of sounds.

The main characteristic is that the samples were all designed with small memory footprints in mind, so there are fewer key-ranges, velocity-ranges, short samples, and sometimes criminally bad loops. I think this is one of the defining characteristics of this type of ROMpler/synth.

The sample developers often seemed to not know anything about the instruments they were sampling so they didn't represent them with the appropriate respect or any "goal of authenticity".

The result is pretty funny; unusable at worst, and pretty charming at best.

When Roland released their sound canvas app, or Korg released its M1 app, it was a similar kind of odd nostalgia that makes me think-- "Why would I use this in a track? Am I making a soundtrack for a spoof 90's cop show?" For synth enthusiasts of a certain "vintage" these are pretty nice to just improvise with.
January 16, 2021  | favorite_border stub
a rompler that samples pcm from other synths is treading on some shaky legal ground, no wonder they dont specify which classic early 2000s instruments were used (an oxymoron anyway)
January 16, 2021  | person_outline profitv
There is no reason for anyone to ever PREORDER software. Also: I’m with the comment above about the legality issue of sampling samples from ROMplers. There’s this troublesome thing called copyright law...
January 18, 2021  | person dysamoria
It's an interesting point. We're quite used to samples being pulled from out-of-production items like Mellotrons. And there are quite a few samples floating around from the D-50 ROM. It's definitely a questionable practice. I suppose if the item is out-of-production, and the company no longer exists, its not an issue.

For legacy products where the company still exists and is trying to sell current models (like Roland or Korg) then it would seem that permission or some kind of licensing agreement should be made. But perhaps in this realm there is some different standard.
January 18, 2021  | favorite_border stub
Ahh Yes! At AudioKit we are big on respecting copyrights.

These sounds are not sampled from ROMplers. It uses synths to recreate some of the vibe along with the processing. For those listening to the demos, you'll notice they're mostly "Synth-y" sounds and not ROMpler type sounds. No Roland, Korg, etc sample based synths were sampled.

For example, one of the many 60+ PCMS we created for this app, layers a growling DX7II, with bleeps and bloops from an original Nord Lead mixed into each wave. The sounds were combined together, brightened up, degraded a bit. And thats a unique layer of just one of the PCMs you can use in the app... It was a really fun app to make and it sounds great!

Thanks for bringing that up 👍
January 19, 2021  | touch_app analogmatt
Thanks for jumping on and giving us that background. That sounds like quite a cool approach to creating something new and different with a "vibe" of something familiar. Well done!
January 19, 2021  | favorite_border stub
hi matt, $3 is a good price for what the app is, but i would pay $50 for an iOS app that could do something like the transwave synthesis of the Fizmo, really the only synth of that era besides maybe the Neuron that was interesting.
January 20, 2021  | person_outline profitV
While the sounds may not be sampled from ROMplers, I definitely get a vibe from some of the sounds that remind me of some synths I owned in the past, like a Yamaha SY35 and a Roland XP-50. And to me that's a good thing!
January 20, 2021  | person jblock
On January 20, 2021 - @profitV said:
hi matt, $3 is a good price for what the app is, but i would pay $50 for an iOS app that could do something like the transwave synthesis of the Fizmo, really the only synth of that era besides maybe the Neuron that was interesting.

I'm curious how you think Animoog compares sonically to the Transwave sound. Not apples to apples, obviously, but it seems like Transwave is kind of similar to wavetables in a way.
January 21, 2021  | favorite_border stub

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