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DrQx: iWavestation-MidiMixer-BLEASS Granulizer-Gauss

Reader Adam Hardyman brings us some truly experimental music; not just some sloppy shit that's labeled as, "experimental." This is probably the weirdest thing you'll hear in all of 2021 that also sounds good!

Video Description:

The first track of 2021 and its Gauss led again - this app really has been good for me with it’s loop based simplicity. A game changer?
Using Korg’s iWaveStation as my main sound source - it has some distinctly Korg sounds which are all very good - it’s easy to build layers of interesting loops.
MidiMixer - I’m basically using it for ‘snapshots’ - a really useful feature when trying to juggle lots of different elements. I wish AUM had something like this built in as MidiMixer can take up a lot of valuable screen space. It’s a bit fiddly but I’m hopeful for some good updates in the future.
BLEASS Granulizer is great for texturising sounds, very user friendly.

After finishing Play-Beat-Mute (https://adamhardyman.bandcamp.com/album/play-beat-mu
I’m more aware of how things are sounding (things can become more visual when focusing on videos) - releasing an album is a good experience in many ways - I recommend it! Get it out there!
It’s still free to download 😊

As always I appreciate any feedback - I love to hear what you think!
Please ‘like’ if you do and ‘subscribe’ if you want more.

Thanks for watching and listening

Reader Comments 4

I Love your description Tim, wonderful - so good it made me smile 😊
January 13, 2021  | favorite_border DrAds
On January 13, 2021 - @DrAds said:
I love your description Tim, wonderful - so good it made me smile 😊

Happy to hear it! I wanted to emphasize the weirdness, without scaring people away. This is a very fun kind of weird that is worth hearing!

it's far from the strangest music I've heard this year, or even this month. That's probably the reason why my neighbors are all shouting at me...
January 13, 2021  | person Cyril
That’s cool. :)
January 13, 2021  | person skiphunt

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