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Trump Phoned Down To Georgia (Parody by Adam Tobit)

YouTuber Adam Tobit has been featured here in the past for his original GarageBand work. His latest track is the perfect parody of both Charlie Daniels and reality in general. Please do not view this as an opportunity to start arguing about politics in the comments. A police officer has now died as a result of injuries sustained during this week's embarrassing tantrum by right-wingers who very recently told us all that, "Blue Lives Matter."

Their actions are indefensible, and politics on the Internet are a waste of time. Just enjoy the song or skip it.

Video Description:

This is a parody video for entertainment purposes only.
About the events that have unfolded in America over the last few weeks.

Original Song Devil Went Down To Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band.
I wrote a parody for Trump Phoned Down To Georgia.

This is meant for a laugh do not get offended.

Trump Phoned down to Georgia
He was looking for some votes to Steal
He was in a bind, and he was way behind
As he lost all of his appeals

When he came across his VP
counting votes and counting hot
So Trump jumped up on a campaign stump
And said Pence let me tell you what

I guess you didnt know it
But this election's full of Fraud
I won the vote you better take note
Cos my followers think I'm God.
Now you play a pretty good villain boy
but give the POTUS his due
I've been around
all over town
since 1962.

Pence said Trump I assure you all legal votes will count
You can scream and shout, piss and pout
but January 20 you're out.

Trump tweet out to the proud boys
invite them to DC
Cos hell broke out in Washington
For all the world to see
And if you win you get to keep your shiny throne of gold
But now you've lost and Biden gets your home!!!

Trump fired up his base when he said he's never concede
And cheers roared amongst the crowd as they marched on down the street
If you ever hear the name Sleepy Joe you hear an evil hiss
And a band of Proud Boys join in and it sounded something like this.

As they marched up on Congress
there were objections to the vote
So hide on under your desks right now
let me tell you what I know

There's people in the building
Run Mike Run
Violence in the house
Lockdowns begun
Sitting in the White House
Trump don't know
The Chances of a second term
No Trump, no.

Trump addressed the crowd
Because denied that he'd been beat
Now he cant post videos
And now he can not tweet.

Biden says
Donald come back again if you ever wanna second term
Cos I told you once you son of a bitch
but I guess you'll never learn

There's people in the building
Run Mike Run
Violence in the house
Lockdowns begun
Sitting in the White House
Trump don't know
The Chances of a second term
No Trump, no.

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Reader Comments 1

Dump Trump, or Ridem’ Biden
Either way, the US has a long road ahead to win back it’s former glory and redibility.
Luckily there are good folk like Tim who give us hope!
January 08, 2021  | person nreyes

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