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MidiMixer for AUM Auv3 Plugin Update

4Pockets updated MidiMixer for AUM with a MIDI Remote Control option in MIDI settings that must be active if you trigger snapshots using MIDI. The number of possible Mixer Snapshots has doubled from 8 to 16. The update also allows for MIDI control over faders, pan, solo, and mute knobs if MIDI Remote Control is enabled.

The update still hasn't fixed the fucking name. That lower-case "u" in "Auv3" has been driving my inner-copy editor crazy since the app's release. For reasons known only to 4Pockets, this odd styling is only featured on MidiMixer for AUM and NuRack Auv3 FX Processor, while their many other AUv3s are correctly denominated.

What's new in MidiMixer for AUM Auv3 Plugin:

Increased the number of Mixer Snapshots from 8 to 16 (TAP and HOLD the snapshot button to change banks).
Added a new MIDI Remote Control option which can be enabled in MIDI Settings. If you were previously triggering snapshots using MIDI then you need to enable this option.
You can now remotely control the faders, pan, solo, mute and user 1-3 knobs using external MIDI so long as Remote Control is enabled and your hardware is configured correctly.
Added the options 0.5s and 0.25s to the 'Fader Speed' menu as well as common beat intervals.
Fixed an issue which occasionally prevented input into the editor until the component was selected.
Updated Help.

Added the ability to trigger snapshots remotely by sending notes 0-7 on MIDI channel 16.
Updated help.

Added the ability to set loop points for automation.
Added a 'Mixer Layout' menu allowing long fader and User 1-3 views (tap and hold menu).
We now have 3 User definable CC lanes.
Added a 'MIDI settings' dialog to configure CC/Note settings.
Added the ability to label the user 1-3 settings as you wish.
Added the ability to send MIDI data when a channel label is tapped.
You can now set fade speeds up to 14sec in length.
Added 24 track AUM session template.

Developer Paul the MusicMan shows off this update, along with the recent NuRack update.

Reader Comments 1

As a card carrying obsessive, I can totally relate to the Auv3 issue!

It even bugs me to see midi or Midi.

Don't even get me started on referring to any adapter as a dongle. Now get off my lawn!!
January 07, 2021  | favorite_border stub

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