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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Update

Davy Wentzler updated the iOS version of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio with Evolution One! This is a built-in fully-recreated version of AudioKit's Synth One, from the source code! Evolution One been available on Android since July, and is so similar to the original app that you can manually swap presets. It includes a reworked version of one of my presets that I built originally on an iPad with SynthOne, and remastered on an Android tablet with Audio Evolution Mobile!

The update also brings a high quality pitch-correction effect for vocals.

What's new in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio v3.5.0:

* Added a virtual analog synthesizer 'Evolution One' featuring morphing oscillators, FM, Sub Osc, Noise, Portamento, 2 LFO's that can be routed to 12 targets, Moog type filtering, effects, ARP, sequencer and more!
* Added Vocal Tune PRO effect, a much higher quality pitch correction effect for vocals than the original Vocal Tune. Features the ability to add artificial vibrato and displays pitch deviation. It shares the same in-app purchase as the original Vocal Tune, so if you already own Vocal Tune then Vocal Tune PRO is free.
* Solved issue with parameters from AUv3 effects made by manufacturer DDMF not being saved with the project.
* When two AUv3 effects with the same name were present, loading a project could choose the wrong one. Solved (re-save required).
* When playing a virtual instrument with Loop enabled, notes would cut off at the end of the loop. Solved.

Reader Comments 2

I have purchased audio evolution why don't it have the analog synthetic
And the other goodies?
January 08, 2021  | person ZPOp
On January 08, 2021 - @ZPOp said:
I have purchased audio evolution why don't it have the analog synthetic
And the other goodies?
Did you get the iOS or Android version?

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