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WT1 Wavetable Groovebox Synth by DesignByPaul

DesignByPaul released WT1 Wavetable Groovebox Synth. Then Paul updated it to be useful!

WT1 Wavetable Groovebox Synth

The WT1 Wavetable Groovebox is a groovebox synthesizer designed to make sound and music quickly and easily. Taking inspiration from modular synth layouts; WT1's user interface is laid out like a sound easel with all controls on screen at once for immediate sonic tweaking and instant music-making.

WT1 s sports three synths with their own synthesis types: super saw, wavetable and vector. Each synthesizer includes a step sequencer for sequencing notes and amplitude, and includes independent effects; reverb, chorus and delay.

For the price of coffee, why not make some melodic sounds with WT1 Wavetable Groovebox!

3x synthesizer
3x step sequencers
3x reverb, chorus, delay
Scale locking (great for routing step sequencers to particular scales)
6x LFOs

What's new in WT1 Wavetable Groovebox Synth v1.0.1:

Audiobus 3 support
IAA (Inter App Audio)
iPad 11 inch GUI fix
Knob sensitivity adjusted for some parameters
GUI Improvements  

Despite the flippancy of this post, and my general attitude towards Paul's apps, I have to give Paul credit for the way this one sounds. Which is Fantastic! These are the sounds you want when you're doing weird shit in a weird wavetable app!

Reader Comments 4

yeah, nah. I haven't forgiven Paul for FM 304 which he just released and abandoned, ditto AN1. He makes some very fine apps, DrumSynth Kick and DrumSynth Pads for instance, and this one does sound good.. but I am sulking now, so there.
I had very inspiring 1-hour first-exploration jam couple of days ago with FM 304, while traveling on the train. About 20 presets was made in a meanwhile. It seems if I would like to share some music using them (and I would!) my only option is screen recording ))) it's so awkward that I'm even like it. All controls on one screen, that fuzzy feeling of old complex hardware in hands. Hauntology.
December 02, 2020  | favorite_border eVr
Yea, that's weird that his kick drum is syncable and I thought had ablenton link too, I may be wrong tho. Honestly his apps like mentions fm b4 are so good I just he put the hard work into it so maybe someone can help. I don't know I just friggin love his apps and need the analog one next, but all I want is midi sync or abelton link that's all. I bow to thee.
December 03, 2020  | person Oceans in space
Just bought it. I thought 304 was great but no connectivity. I just spent an hour with this one and dig it. Very intuitive. Didn’t have to watch a tutorial or read a single description. All pretty much makes sense. Easy. Complexity possible. Sounds great. Connectivity. $3. Sold! :)
December 03, 2020  | person skiphunt

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