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App Sales: Black Friday 2020

Even more app sales! SunVox is on a rare sale today, for both iOS and Android. If you've somehow managed to go this long without all of the Kymatica apps; AudioShare, AUM, and SECTOR are all on sale today! AUM hasn't been this deeply discounted since 2019! Don't miss sales from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Reader chellman pointed out in the comments here that NanoStudio 2's IAPs are all 50% off, as is the app!

IAP's for Novation/Ampify's Groovebox, Blocs Wave, and Launchpad are also on sale according to Laarz!

Hipster Cred

In an effort to maintain my credibility as a music blogger and journalist, I feel it is important to do a Hipster Flex every year during the Black Week sales. Usually I'd be featuring upcoming new Indie artists... but 2020. This year I'm just featuring music things that I've loved throughout the years that I think need more attention.

Today's Hipster Flex is more of a Modern Musical History Mystery. This one goes back to the early days of the web. 2004 was well before the first cat video was ever posted to YouTube, and an odd time to be releasing video content. There were rare attempts to produce video for the web back then, but they were few and far between. One of those dedicated few was The Scene.

The 20 episode first season of The Scene was delivered to the world as a dramatized look behind the scenes of Internet piracy. The show focused on a group of movie pirates and is believe by many, including myself, to be anti-piracy propaganda from Sony. For many this belief is fostered by the fact that one of the producers worked for Sony. For others The Scene is dismissed as propaganda because it bares very little resemblance to real movie piracy.

Another reason that Sony is believed to be behind The Scene is the enigmatic title track. Artist Maylynne is featured in a well produced track, called Catch Me. At the time it was revealed that Maylynne was signed to Sony, though I cannot find any evidence to support this. Or anything else about Maylynne. At all. The artist just doesn't seem to exist outside of this beautifully relatable song.

If you try to search the Internet for answers, as I have many times, all you'll find are other seekers. Thousands of people all over the Internet are asking on places like Reddit for any details on this elusive voice. And all of those questions remain unanswered. 16 years later, a lot of people are still searching for more of her music!

Reader Comments 6

NanoStudio's IAPs are also 50% off.
November 27, 2020  | person chellman
On November 27, 2020 - @chellman said:
NanoStudio's IAPs are also 50% off.

Thanks for that tip! I've made sure to mention it in the post!
Groovebox, Blocs Wave and Launchpad IAPs from Ampify Music are also on sale.
November 27, 2020  | favorite_border Laarz
On November 27, 2020 - @Laarz said:
Groovebox, Blocs Wave and Launchpad IAPs from Ampify Music are also on sale.

Nice! Thanks, I've added those to the post!
Maybe she was a product of Sony. As in: an actor who can sing, or an act that they didn't feel like promoting but they offered her a one-off shot that, if people seemed to respond well to the one track, they might've then signed her under that name or something.

I hate corporate propaganda. I hate propaganda, period, but capitalist corporate propaganda is particularly vile because they like to claim that markets are self-regulated and customers determine demand, etc... Which is all fucking bullshit. The piracy propaganda FUD is like the D&D moral outrage TV movies of the 80s, only it's not funny in hindsight because they're still abusing their own customers and acting like they deserve to, while the temporarily embarrassed millionaire libertarians are there rah rah rahing them on.
November 27, 2020  | person dysamoria
MagicDeathEyeStereo compressor is on sale right now, too!
20$ VS 32$
(Yes, the Stereo one).
Thinking to buy it, based on Stub's posts.
November 27, 2020  | favorite_border eVr

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