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BLEASS Saturator AUv3 Plugin by BLEASS

The next BLEASS app, BLEASS Saturator AUv3 Plugin, is now available for pre-order and is already getting some great buzz from folks with early access! As with other BLEASS effects, it's a bit more than just a Saturator. This is a Saturator suite, with a bunch of other sound design utilities baked into the design.

BLEASS Saturator's signal chain starts with a 3-band EQ on the input. This is followed by a waveshaper with 9 algorithms to choose from, which can be affected Pre or Post by a BitCrusher stage. The final output stage includes a built-in ear-protection limiter. There's even a bunch of modulations options with an LFO.

You can pre-order BLEASS Saturator today for $4, and it will be available for download on Saturday.

BLEASS Saturator AUv3 Plugin

The BLEASS Saturator AUv3 Effect Plugin features a semi-parametric gain drive, 9 different WaveShaper algorithms, a Pre/Post Bitcrusher, and a LFO to bring motion to your saturation!
This versatile saturation effect processor comes packed with 40 Factory Presets, from classic stereo Drive to crazy metallic bitcrushed Saturations. A clear User Interface guides you through the different stages of sound saturation while offering you a crispy sound design experience through a mesmerizing dynamic WaveShaper Visualizer.

Finally, like all BLEASS Software, this effect has very low CPU usage and highly optimized DSP, is compatible with all Hosts and also available as Standalone Audio Processor.

BLEASS Saturator is composed of 5 stages:

The Input Stage allows you to set the Drive up to 60db. Activate the EQ mode and set the range of the Low and High Band Frequency parameters.
Move the 3 sliders to set Low, Mid & High EQ Gains up to 60db as well.

The WaveShaper Stage allows you to choose between 9 different Algorithms, from classic “Hard” and “Soft” Clip up to “Polynomial Order 5”.
A high definition WaveShaper displays the different waveform Algorithms: view in real-time the effects of the Offset, Depth, Period and Strength parameters, which you can set with the four dedicated controls.

The Bit Crusher Stage can be set to Off, Pre & Post the WaveShaper stage, which gives a high versatility to your sound waveshaping. Set the Depth and rate amounts of bit reduction, which can be modulated by the LFO.

The LFO Stage offers 6 different waveforms, Beat and Sync Free modes, Rate, Offset, Stereo Phase and Amount which you can visualize thanks to the LFO Stereo Meter.
The 12 Modulation targets are: Drive, High Frequency, Low Frequency, Low Gain, Mid Gain, High Gain, Offset, Depth, Period and Strength, Bit Depth and Bit Rate.

Finally, the Output Stage protects your ears against high output gains and offers a clear view of Output and Dry/Wet parameters

DJ Puzzle used the new effect on Argon in a jam. YMNK used a bunch of BLEASS effects in a hardware jam with BLEASS Saturator on the MicroFreak and PO-32. Embedded here is a demo from The Sound Test Room!

Reader Comments 6

Looks and sounds like an awesome plugin!

Jamie Mallender did a very nice demo video of this one as well:
November 27, 2020  | person Ed B
I pre ordered this, got an email that it’s ready to download, but the link isn’t working. Anybody else have a problem downloading their pre order? Tried to contact Apple, but you know how that can go... bummed. Really wanted to check out this app today.
November 28, 2020  | person Baseboardmatt
On November 28, 2020 - @Baseboardmatt said:
I pre ordered this, got an email that it’s ready to download, but the link isn’t working. Anybody else have a problem downloading their pre order? Tried to contact Apple, but you know how that can go... bummed. Really wanted to check out this app today.

Have you tried to see if you can download it from your Purchased Apps? From the main App Store screen on your device, click on the person silhouette in the top right, you'll see your App Store/iTunes account and below that is Purchased.
I had the preorder as well, but once I got the email and went to the app, it just showed the "new" (release) price of $7.99 with no download option. It wasn't in my purchased list either.
November 30, 2020  | person fauxfreshness
i ran into the same issue... if you hit the button - like you're going to buy it - in my case it kicked off the download, so my pre-order worked but it was quirky. That's an apple thing though, nothing that the Bleass people could control.
November 30, 2020  | person_outline Joe Carter
Wasn’t in my purchased app list, but i got it to work doing what Joe said. Thx guys!
November 30, 2020  | person Baseboardmatt

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