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App Sales: Black Thursday 2020

Today's list is the smallest this week, but it has some nice ones in here like FabFilter's apps, and LumaFusion.

Hipster Cred

In an effort to maintain my credibility as a music blogger and journalist, I feel it is important to do a Hipster Flex every year during the Black Week sales. Usually I'd be featuring upcoming new Indie artists... but 2020. This year I'm just featuring music things that I've loved throughout the years that I think need more attention.

When you think of Trip Hop you probably think of Massive Attack and Sneaker Pimps. If you have some deeper familiarity with the genre you may also think of Thievery Corporation or Wax Tailor, and about how much Sneaker Pimps dislikes being on this list. What you probably don't know is who to credit with its origin.

Jonathan Saul Kane, a DJ from the UK, holds that honor. Under the moniker Depth Charge, his first release was in 1989! His style includes some very clever and imaginative sample usage. There is a playful quality to his performance that conveys a pure sense of fun.

If you go back and listen to his Depth Charge work I think you can easily hear how he inspired a whole genre. A good place to start would be Shaolin Buddha Finger, which used samples from Kunk-fu movies long before Wu-Tang or Chemical Brothers. It's rare for music to be this fun, or inspiring, but Depth Charge pulls off both!

Reader Comments 2

for more hipster cred / interesting old beats .

renegade soundwave
meat beat manifesto.
November 26, 2020  | person Re5etuk
This is not before Wu Tang and he did not invent sampling kung fu!

Enter 36 Chambers -1993
Shaolin Buddha Finger - 1994
December 04, 2020  | person_outline MB

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